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So another batch of my friends have got into Avatar TLA lately which is always a source of enormous joy. And now that Korra has finally started, eeeeee, I'm hoping this fandom will only continue to grow!

(People who still haven't seen this show, I really can't recommend it enough. It's just. So good. Hilarious and compelling and full of heart with fantastic characters from the main team to recurring to standalone, and it fulfils so many of my hopes and dreams re. representation, with an entirely Asian culture-based fantasy world, a huge range of different kinds of female characters as well as one of my favourite disabled characters ever, and it's all about a team of adorable dorks who love each other and save the day and a;lsdasja;lskd. It makes me so, so happy in my heart.)

Anyway. Here are some links to Avatar fandom hangouts and fanworks I like etc. Please feel free to add links in the comments - self-reccing encouraged!

This list has been written for people who've caught up on the show, so assume spoilers for everything including aired episodes of Korra.

So on Dreamwidth I co-mod [community profile] white_lotus, which runs a yearly fanwork exchange as well as being a general repository for fanwork posts and news about the show. Now that Korra's airing we're having weekly discussion posts. The quality of the things people post there is so high, there's so much good stuff and it's a great place to go and find icons etc. That's how I saw a fantastic and comprehensive batch for the first two episodes of Korra by [personal profile] piconz, for instance.

If you're into Tumblr, I don't follow that many Avatar blogs but I do enjoy the following. (Potential spoilers for today's episode of Korra below.)

[ profile] bryankonietzko (co-creator of Avatar & Korra)
[ profile] effyeahmaizuko
[ profile] avataraang
[ profile] appasbossdays (I dream of this updating again one day!)
[ profile] tftfn (for all your Texts From Last Night needs)
[ profile] oma_shu

Fanwork recs - I have some delicious bookmarks and this is the recs tag on my journal.

some personal favourites below the cut )
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Some Doctor Who recs:

Vid: What I Like About You by [ profile] humansrsuperior (Doctor Who RPF, Matt, Karen & Arthur)
MADE. OF. SQUEE. omg stupid faces and bouncy behind the scenes fun and eeeee.


when I come to terms with this by [personal profile] wishfulaces (Amy/Rory, River, Eleven)
It’s a sort of fairy tale, if you squint right.

This breaks my heart a little then puts it back together in the best way.

Time and Company by anonymous at [community profile] 3_ships (Amy/Eleven/Rory)
A simple night out is never simple.

*_* This story brings me great joy.

that ring, sitting under the bench in the hall by [ profile] bendingwind (Amy/Rory)
Rory proposes to Amy three times.

This is SUPER CUTE and probably pretty much how it went.

The Many-Worlds of Amelia Pond by [ profile] snowdarkred (Amy gen)
There’s only so much about Amelia Pond that can be explained by a tear in time and space.

Thoughtful, lovely character study about how Amy's life doesn't make any sense and that's okay. <3

Playing Gods by [ profile] miscellanny (Doctor Who/Good Omens crossover, Eleven & The Them)
He smiled one of his very best smiles at the girl - Pepper, that was it. He found himself liking her in spite of her scowl; there was something vaguely Pondish in the way she folded her arms.

This is a really lovely scene set after 6x12 with excellent merging of the two canons.

Art: little versions of the girl who waited, the boy who waited, and their raggedy doctor. by [ profile] lisavillella


part two: picspam of joy, forthcoming.
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Ack, okay, I am totally failing on this meme owing in part to modding and in part to offline things. Alas! I will try and write maybe a post or two in the next week or so.

But in lieu of a proper post tonight, let me say that a) Toph is made of joy, and b) this is aptly demonstrated in my [community profile] white_lotus gift!

120 Faces by anonymous. 120 Toph-centric icons.

SO COOL. So I will now be communicating entirely via Toph-based graphics, just fyi.


TOPH! Please make up for my lack and leave love and recs and such for her in the comments. :D
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It is time for fic! I mean, don't get me wrong, I will totally be thrilled with plotty gen season codas and introspective character and relationship pieces and all the other things fandom does that make the show sound much smarter than it is! But let's be honest, here's a list of the things I really want:

some finale spoilers )

Also all the awesome things people brainstormed for this month's [ profile] kinkelot. (Penetration kink: object penetration, fisting, double penetration, etc.)

Speaking of, did you all see [personal profile] zephre's awesome art, Courage, Strength and Magic? (Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine, explicit) So gorgeous!
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+ [ profile] zahrawithaz has some interesting analysis of Merlin 3x01. Lots of food for thought!

+ [profile] festivid nominations are open! \o/!

+ [community profile] ladiesbigbang is posting, with a multimedia extravaganza. Here are a few things I've particularly enjoyed:

+ Imagine the Ocean by [ profile] damkianna (A:TLA, Katara, Sokka, Aang, Suki, Zuko, Iroh)

This is a wonderfully compelling AU where Aang didn't make it out of the iceberg and Katara is the Avatar instead. It's not complete, but the 50,000 words up there so far make for great reading, and I hope to see more of Katara & co's adventures soon!

+ Let It Grow by [personal profile] blueflamingo (SGA, Keller/Vega, Cadman/Brown)

This is an entirely charming S5 AU that fleshes out all four characters nicely and has a lovely, understated look at queer life on Atlantis, with a background pairing that made me clap my hands with glee.

+ 300 icons by [personal profile] hermitsoul, featuring 12 awesome women.

+ [personal profile] kuwdora has recs from [community profile] eid_ka_chand and [ profile] daysofawesome.
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+ The Eleventy Project is back! [personal profile] fan_eunice made Break The Night With Colour for Vincent and the Doctor and it's utterly gorgeous.

+ [ profile] neilife7 is gathering interest for a Whoverse meetup at Dragon*Con.

+ I am keeping an eye on this page of guests dropping out of D*C and sadfacing.

+ [personal profile] glass_icarus made Vienna Teng icons.

+ [community profile] wiscon_vidparty is soliciting vid premieres for next year! Go forth and make feminist sci-fi vids, hurrah.

+ I am still deeply amused by [personal profile] lizbee's Avatar/Doctor Who crossover art. Toph ftw!

+ Oh my god adorable baby otters.


Aug. 24th, 2010 08:43 pm
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+ So [personal profile] frigg wrote a fabulous tentacle porn manifesto.

I've heard a few people say they never understood the attraction of tentacles. Personally, what I like about them is their versatility and possible range of kinks, along with inherent and/or common tropes and kinks with them. They basically plays on a lot of kinks at once, and can enhance and go well with any other kinks!

+ Then [personal profile] xenakis made this gorgeous piece of tentacle!Arthur not!porn, which is really great.

+ And thus, I feel it is appropriate to issue a reminder at this time that [ profile] kinkelot's tentacles challenge is running until the end of the month. Possibly that will give me enough time to finish up this story so I can submit something to my own comm for once!
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As seen everywhere already, a follow-up series to A:TLA has been announced! The Legend of Korra. eeee! And here is an interview with the creators. Here is a hi-res promo shot that is now my desktop background. So pretty!

I am also entirely charmed by this piece of fanart (Korra, Aang) :D


(previous days)

Day 10 - A vid that makes you laugh

Another Sunday by [ profile] jescaflowne (Stargate Atlantis)

Haha, oh, I love this so so much. :D Sparkly Ronon! John's ridiculous faces! Teyla is made of epic! Rodney's a dork! ALL WITH GLORIOUS EIGHTIES MUSIC AND CHEESY EFFECTS. My adoration is boundless like the ocean.

art rec

Jun. 12th, 2010 10:06 am
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omg, look at the Gwen/Morgana art [personal profile] frigg drew for me! So pretty! ♥_♥


Jan. 6th, 2010 07:46 pm
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+ A preview of V Magazine's upcoming issue featuring a plus-sized fashion shoot: Curves Ahead (the name's cheesy but the shots are gorgeous). \o/ eta: [personal profile] true_statement says the comments are awful, so, avoid for emotional well-being's sake!

+ FWD/Forward: Backscatter X-ray scanners, security theatre, and marginalised bodies

+ [profile] norahcharles: on the accessibility of fandom fests for people with social anxieties

+ Related to the above, FWD's Ableist Word Profile series is consistently good reading. I hope to have a more thoughtful post on that topic at some point, but today is not that day. I am, however, going back to [personal profile] coffeeandink's post on the subject, and mulling over comments.

+ interviews Zoe Saldana, feminist awesome ensues.

+ [ profile] bluejeanius made an amazing banner for the #biggaybattle. (See AfterElton if lost.

+ I keep going back to these ridiculously great shots of Angel Coulby )

+ Lastly, omg we has a snow )


Dec. 8th, 2009 11:56 am
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+ Thanks to everyone who sent me cookies in yesterday's Great Snowflake Deluge on LJ! My profile looks very cheery now. Many thanks also to [ profile] verasteine and [ profile] lefaym for your cards! ♥

+ [ profile] camelotsolstice has started posting! Already I must rec the following:

ART: Knight (Gwen/Morgana, G)

a;lskdjas this is gorgeous and wonderful. It is full of brilliant details and I love the composition.

FIC: gang aft agley (Gwen, Morgana, Merlin, Arthur, PG)
Arthur and Merlin are Not Talking; Morgana stages an intervention with help from Gwen.

This is entirely charming, featuring truth-or-dare and confessions and dungeons. :D
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The Fall Fandom Free-For-All is still going strong and I have seriously lucked out already. :D

+ [ profile] attempt_unique has made a BEAUTIFUL fanart journal header based on my Merlin story Remember Me As A Time Of Day, which you can see here. It is currently prettifying my Dreamwidth ([personal profile] such_heights, though I need to get the rest of my layout in shape). ♥_♥

+ [ profile] ladyyueh wrote three crossover drabbles for me, in which Rose & Teyla, Rose & Uhura, and Rose & Inara respectively hang out and are awesome. They are marvellous!

+ [ profile] azarsuerte made wallpapers for my Doctor Who story In An Interstellar Burst, and they are so so sparkly, bringing much cheer to my desktop.
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Eee! I am a very lucky duck and [ profile] spacefragments has drawn me art! :D

There is Complementary [Lily/James, R], and Surprise Visit [James, Sirius, G], and they are both here and I have much reignited HP fanart love.

Also, HP folk, did you read [ profile] minnow_53's latest, Baby Dear? [Lily, James, baby, PG, AU] It is SO good, yes.

Also also, I was reading an article about the HBP film coming out in less than a month, and I felt yet another sudden frisson of Potter excitement! Aw. I am looking forward to going to see it with friends and things, and London fen, plans should be afoot, y/y?


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