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2016-11-09 03:11 pm
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what a bleak day

Friends in the US, I'm so sorry. This is awful.

I'm completely in shock. Brexit and now Trump's victory make it feel like everything that I believe in and advocate and work for is being rejected. This has been a year of feeling utterly powerless in the face of catastrophe, both political and personal, and it just keeps getting worse.

I love you all. We have to look after ourselves and look after each other. And there will be work we can do, ways we can help. I know I'm not alone in just needing to retreat and process this for a bit, but there will be action we can take to mitigate this disaster and support each other.
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2016-05-06 10:13 pm

Brief Notes on 'That Meta'

There's been a lot of conversation over the past few days in various parts of fandom over this 16k meta (AO3 registered users only) by Franzeska. It's a long, racist piece of nonsense with the summary Bullying and the Co-opting of Social Justice Activism in Fandom: A discussion of bias in fannish meta, m/m vs. other pairings, shipping of POC, vidding characters of color, what it means to ship, and problems in Stormpilot fandom. I don't recommend reading it, but it has sparked some good conversations.

As an aside, reading through the comments on my phone proved to be hazardous as I landed on the kudos button by mistake, which has been quite embarrassing over the last two days. Totally an accident, I do not like that post and I would un-kudos it if I could. /o\

Actually Recommended Reading:
+ [ profile] rukminipande has a storified series of tweets: Fans Of Colour Are Not To Blame For Fandom's Erasures: A response to That Meta.
+ This tumblr discussion topped and tailed by good commentary from [ profile] snarlfurillo


In better news, in spite of his Conservative opponent's bigoted and underhand smear campaign tactics, Sadiq Khan looks set to be London's next mayor. He's a human rights lawyer, the most prominent Muslim politician we've had in the UK to date, and the son of working class Pakistani immigrants. He's a social democrat with policies on affordable housing, air pollution and transport fare freezes. I am hopeful that he can do good things for my city.
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2015-05-09 12:54 am

FIC: The Devolution of Muggle-Magical Relations (Harry Potter, UK Politics RPF)

So it turns out political despair is what will finally get me writing again? I've got nothing.

The Devolution of Muggle-Magical Relations
Harry Potter/UK Politics RPF ; Hermione Granger, Nicola Sturgeon ; G, gen, 800 words ; also at the AO3

An unofficial sequel to [personal profile] raven's a historic and seismic shift.

Hermione can feel herself physically bristling over the morning papers )
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2015-05-07 10:55 pm
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Election Night

Okay, here we go! Who else is staying up to watch the UK general election? Exit polls look worrying and suggest another Conservative government is likely, but it's not over yet, and in the meantime I'm looking forward to hearing from Sheffield Hallam and South Thanet, and the fates of Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage especially.

Here's the BBC livetext feed.

eta: tumblr is bringing the lulz in this time of strife, reblogging the good stuff.

eta2: welp, it's 3am, the Lib Dems are being annihilated, Labour are underperforming, meanwhile Scotland have collectively decided 'fuck this shit' and are doing the electoral equivalent of sawing through the boundary and setting out to sea, not that I blame them. *starts drinking*
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2011-05-05 01:26 pm
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British politics round up

+ There's been a story picking up momentum recently that David Cameron is supporting a commission that's looking into banning same-sex kisses on British TV before 9pm. As far as I can tell, this isn't actually true and is a result of the Daily Mail and The Sun doing some stirring, and the queer press taking it and running with it.

What I think is actually happening is that: there is a report being put together by Reg Bailey and the Mothers' Union (more on them in a minute) about whether high street advertising and pre-watershed television in general is too sexualised and inappropriate for children. Cameron appears to have made a general remark saying that he is concerned about the issue.

I have general concerns about this report - for one thing, it seems to be lumping together really different issues, like the marketing of things like padded bras and stationary with the Playboy logo on to 10-year-old girls, to sexualised musical performances on talent shows, to sexual content in TV dramas. Also, Mothers' Union is a religious organisation, which concerns me in this context. And as you know, Bob, queer content is often automatically perceived as 'higher-rated' than equivalent het content, so there's definitely a worry that depending on whether this report comes to anything, programming with queer content could be under pressure to 'tone it down'. So, watch this space, but the headline going round that Cameron wants to ban same-sex kisses is, well, somewhat unfounded so far as I can see.

Sources: BBC, Daily Mail, Mothers' Union statement.

+ Of more pressing concern: Tory MP Nadine Dorries. She's trying to put a couple of amendments through Parliament at the moment, both of which disturb me.

One: enforced abstinence-only sex education specifically for girls. To quote:

That leave be given to bring in a Bill to require schools to provide certain additional sex education to girls aged between 13 and 16; to provide that such education must include information and advice on the benefits of abstinence from sexual activity; and for connected purposes.

(Official source.)

Two: abortion access restrictions.

cut for length )

And lastly, a quote for Dorries herself:

“The problem is the churches have withdrawn. Where I grew up the priest was king. We were scared of priests – the same with the vicars. The Church played a very important role. The Church set boundaries. So did schools, doctors, district nurses. But the Church withdrew, the state became anonymous and society went into freefall. One of the things about the Big Society is to try to put those boundaries back. But the Church has to step up to the plate….I’m talking about priests working with communities and admitting to a level of authority they used to.”

No. Get your personal religious convictions out of my secular government, please and thank you.