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Have been belatedly rolling around in all of the fannish excitement coming out of SDCC. Unsurprisingly, this has involved me spending a lot time fixating on the cast of Doctor Who and their stupid, delightful faces.

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Jan. 25th, 2012 10:17 pm
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+ At [community profile] white_lotus we've started posting fanworks for the Lunar New Year exchange - so far there are two fics, one about Ursa and one Katara/Zuko, and a vid about Toph & Azula. All highly recommended!

+ FESTIVIIIIIDS! I got a wonderful vid, Baby Got Going (Bridesmaids), which I looove and need to praise the vidder in much detail about why it's great, but have yet to find the right words. Basically it captures all the stuff I love best about the film (female friendships! ridiculous faces! hilarity!) and is really well-edited with some great timing and eeee. :D I shall have some more festivids recs later when I've had a chance to watch a few more. (I'm putting off some that look wonderful because they'll probably make me cry - so tomorrow when I'm home alone, then!)

+ Here in the UK it is the National Television Awards tonight (decided by public vote), and Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have picked up Best Drama Performance awards, hurray!

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+ Speaking of Karen Gillan, her biopic about Jean Shrimpton, We'll Take Manhattan, is airing on BBC Four tomorrow evening and will presumably be on iPlayer thereafter - I don't know about international airings. From the promo pictures, it's going to be extremely pretty at the very least.

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