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Some stuff I have posted elsewhere lately:

+ There was a Doctor Who audio post meme going around tumblr, so here's six and a half minutes of me having feelings.

+ Doctor Her is a new Doctor Who feminist/social justice blog that I'm going to be contributing to, and my first post went up the other day: My Dad, John Barrowman and Me: How Captain Jack Helped Me Come Out.

+ I also wrote some twitter-length gen snippets in response to people's prompts on February 14th, archived for posterity below.

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Holly Stuckey, a twelve year old girl living in Wales, died last week. The constant and sometimes homophobic bullying she was subjected to may have been a factor.

There's a huge amount of discussion out there about this terrible subject right now, most of which I am not engaging in because it all hits too much close to home, but I do have a bit to say.

We have to stop policing our kids so that they can stop policing each other )


Sep. 30th, 2010 07:54 pm
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cut for discussion of suicide and homophobic abuse )

+ As a response to the above, the It Gets Better project. I keep watching, and smiling, and crying because I'm a giant sap and I wish I'd seen some of these videos when I was fourteen.

+ In 'I blame [personal profile] glass_icarus' news, I appear to have been sucked into Health Month. I like the format - it's very easy to personalise and focus on your own health needs, including mental health, sleep and adding things to your diet. I've signed up for a little preventative mental health care and a couple of things I've been meaning to do to improve my blood sugar control. Not to mention that I couldn't resist joining Team White Lotus. Sign up for the October round runs for the next twelve hours or so.

+ Article about the casting of Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Undercovers.

+ [personal profile] sasha_feather: on living without a diagnosis.


Aug. 4th, 2010 02:16 pm
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Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage.

Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license. Indeed the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California constitution the notion that opposite sex couples are superior to same sex couples.

Today's a good day to be in California. :D


May. 29th, 2010 06:08 pm
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Excellent news from Malawi: Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga have been pardoned and released. Here's hoping they can return to their lives with the minimum of harassment and additional pain.
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The case of Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza, the couple sentenced to fourteen years' hard labour under Malawi's anti-gay laws, has caused a good deal of outrage worldwide, and quite rightly. But why, when the world's media has been shocked by the Malawi government's sentence, has it followed it so meekly in regarding Tiwonge Chimbalanga as a gay man, when their own reports make it clear that she is either intersex or a trans woman?

- [ profile] steepholm in [ profile] transgender here.

Seems to me to be a pretty important fact of the case that I haven't seen reported anywhere until today. The very least we can do for Chimbalanga is gender her properly.
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Recommended reading for the day - [personal profile] iambickilometer: Five+ Ways Being Transgender in Fandom Really Sucks, and Why I Stick With It Anyway. An excellent privilege check, especially re. 'genderswap' fic.


Totally unrelated, two clips from the next Doctor Who episode (previously tumblr'd) that made me squee!

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... seriously, is it Saturday yet?
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Clearing out the tabs!

+ Moar chromatic casting: The West Wing, Discworld, Lord of the Rings, Friends and Chronicles of Narnia. \o/

+ Fic recs: Connected by [ profile] 51stcenturyfox (Torchwood, CoE AU)
It took almost dying to make him realise what living really meant.

her body a bell (BtVS, Buffy/Faith, NC-17)
written for Porn Battle IX, prompt: bathtub

+ Vid recs: The Railway House by [ profile] greensilver (Torchwood, Jack/Ianto)
This is a house of death.

I can't really talk about this vid properly on account of all the feelings, but oh god it is so sad and beautifully and amazingly edited.

+ Dreams by [ profile] fan_eunice (Marley & Me)
A life well lived. Good dog.

Having never been a pet owner myself, I am a leetle less affected than lots of people, I'm sure, but this still leaves me totally verklempt.


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*facepalm* Okay, look. I am both queer and female, and you know what's not okay? Implying that one of those things is more important than the other and should more strongly dictate my reading and writing habits.

Intersectionality: it's a thing.

Also, can we stop phrasing this whole mess in terms of a gender binary? There are a lot of gender identities represented within fandom, and plenty of them are being erased right now. Stop it, fandom!

In the great sprawling land that is the internet, it makes no sense to say 'there should be more x!' and mean 'there should be less y!'. There is, in fact, room enough for everything. I think there should be more femslash, I think there should be more genfic about female friendships, I think there should be more women-centric vids. That doesn't mean I think there should be less of anything else, because I am not a fan of lecturing a majority-female community about what they can or can't do.

Besides, I don't want there to be less slash anyway - it's about people like me, it's relevant to my interests! (Which is not to say every queer person connects with guyslash in that way.) No type of fanwork is the distinct product of a particular group, and as such you can't dismiss anything as having less value in terms of identity politics - 'straight women write slash and are anti-feminist!' etc. Um, no.

I tell you what there should be less of, though: misogyny and character-bashing and double standards! That's the stuff that makes fandom feel hostile to female characters sometimes, and you see it in guyslash and het and gen and poly and even, depressingly, in femslash. (I read a femslash story this one time that didn't even pass the Bechdel test, it was tragic.) And I think it's overly simplistic to talk about fandom just in terms of fanworks, when people's meta and squee and discussion has just as much impact on the overall environment. LJ/DW/IJ fandom is more than a fic archive!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to the Kahlan/Cara fic I've got open in tabs, whilst listening to the song I'm about to vid Merlin/Arthur to. I never before though that would make me feel ~edgy~.
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+ [ profile] sheafrotherdon: "It's now time to tell." trigger warning for discussion of sexual violence.

+ on Angry Asian Man: ... and Harrison Ford as Dr. Chen, in which a real person's life is getting white-washed.

+ an AfterEllen interview with Jane Espenson, writer of Caprica: "It's Time for Sexuality To Be Incidental">. Given BSG's track record of evil (dead) queers, that interview does not exactly inspire me with confidence, but, maybe it won't be so awful. We will see! And as we know, I will put up with a lot for canon queer and robots, heh.

+ in fannish news, Torchwood/Doctor Who comment!porn battle VI is a go!

+ via [ profile] lazy_daze, Everybody's Free (To Be Fannish) by [ profile] elizah_jane, which is SPN-specific in places but delightful all over.
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+ vid rec: [ profile] obsessive24's Wicked Game (BSG), which is about Dee, omg, I remember why I loved her so much all over again. And it also made me all ragey at 4.5 all over again!

quickly on BSG and gender, with spoilers for the whole series )

+ Relatedly, this post on queer subtext hit me -right here-. Because yes. We have so, so little positive representation in both mainstream and genre TV, and it makes such a difference. All I want are characters who are like me and alive and get to be happy, and -- well, that's not been the case for a while. I am thus both cautiously optimistic and VERY NERVOUS about Skins S4. *clings to Naomi & Emily* I am also looking forward to the new BBC drama, Lip Service, which is about 20-something lesbians in Glasgow. *crosses fingers* (And AfterEllen's article on it made me laugh - oh, The L Word. I loved you, and am still fond of your early seasons, but really.

+ blog carnival: Disability Blog Carnival #63: Relationships (February 2010 edition) is being hosted by [personal profile] avendya at [community profile] disability, with submissions due by February 20th. \o/
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+ Oxfam and Red Cross, amongst many other charities, have launched emergency appeals to help with the crisis in Haiti. [personal profile] musesfool links to more ways you can help.

+ Turns out this became headline news overnight: Google: A New Approach To China.

+ FWD: Disability and Domestic Violence.

+ Questioning Transphobia: is a dream a lie if it don’t come true / or is it something worse [trigger warning: harrowing content discussing forced detransition]

+ There seems to be a debate going around the published m/m novel sphere, which I honestly have neither time or energy to get into - there are many links at [community profile] linkspam for the interested. But this post resonated with me:

Slash works for me, in a way that het doesn't. See, for me, being gay isn't just about how I prefer boobs over penis. It's how I see relationships. It's how I relate to everyone around me, how I lost friends when I was eleven and didn't know what the hell was going on, how I see myself and my future. Someone once wrote in a fic about how when straight kids grow up they know about marriage and expect subconciously to go there someday, but gay kids don't have that. I didn't have that.

That's really fucking important.

So to read slash, to see other gay people come together in relationships portrayed as normal, as good, was invaluable. My knowledge of The Gay as a child was limited. I'd been to San Francisco once when I was nine and heard warnings about all the gays wandering around the wharf, and I heard one kid in Sunday School get called a queer even though I didn't know what it meant. By the time I figured out what it was, and that it was Wrong, I'd figured out about myself.

[ profile] maryaminx: In which I rant. A lot.

There's a lot of stuff I could say on that general subject, admittedly more to do with slash fandom than the profic world, but basically it comes down to wishing that certain areas of slash fandom/some people who talk about slash fandom stopped ignoring or being actively dismissive/hostile towards the queer chicks that hang out in those parts.

+ It's More Joy Day tomorrow, where you challenge is to bring joy to someone else, somewhere, and spread the joy out. This year it means [ profile] festivids amongst other things. \o/!

+ Speaking of, [ profile] fan_eunice has a brilliant post on why all vid-watchers should be excited. To which I say: SET ALL PHASERS TO FLAIL OH MY GOODNESS YAY.

+ [ profile] purimgifts is open for sign-ups. It's a small gift exchange in which works feature characters who are Jewish and/or women and/or persecuted by evil viziers.

+ Rumours of Will Smith playing Captain America have prompted a bunch of picspams of fantasy chromatic casting for Marvel superheroes. The awesome includes John Cho as Tony Stark, Indira Varma as Phoenix and Dulé Hill as Reed Richards. A lot more shiny at the links!
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Rachel Maddow, how so awesome?

This is how the media should discuss trans people – no misgendering, no references to “old names,” no assertions of so-called “biological sex,” no irrelevant digressions into medical history, no positioning of “trans” as more important than “woman” or “man”. Just this:

[via Questioning Transphobia, transcript available at the link]

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+ I didn't get the chance to reply to comments the other day, but thank you to everyone who laid down some science in my last post.

+ My [ profile] rs_small_gifts and [ profile] camelotsolstice gifts have both been posted! I am not allowed to read them until I've finished my own submission for the former, but I can't wait to get to them. Thank you, kind gift-making people! ♥

+ I have to say, everyone's flaily posts about Yuletide are making me feel a little better about dropping out. *g* However, I offer much cheerleading - go fandom go!

+ I have successfully made it home despite the flurries of snow that have started appearing - this is England, after all, where transport is not designed to cope with anything that might be described as a weather condition. I can't quite believe I survived this semester, and I am very, very happy to be home.

+ There have been various recent instances of fail I do have things to say about, but I just don't have the energy. I will say, however, that I am completely horrified at the BBC. Just, oh my god, Not Okay. (And, to pre-empt, please note that I am in no mood to argue about whether there's a problem with legitimising the question of whether queer people ought to be allowed to live. Not to mention that as a response to the current situation in Uganda, it's massively offensive to the people currently facing death threats from their own government. Please don't bring that 'debate' to my journal.)

+ Anyway. I am doing my best to resolutely shake off the above - I have tea, a massive jumper, I am sitting on my parents' sofa and now I am going to write a little fic and finish my Christmas cards. Speaking of, thank you to [ profile] misswinterhill and [personal profile] avendya, your cards were waiting for me when I got home today! ♥


Nov. 11th, 2009 12:23 am
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+ Julie Bindel brings the transphobic fail once again. This link comes with a blood pressure warning, for it is full of offensive vitriol. Get off my team, Bindel, you make us look awful!

+ Via the New York Times, not all groups have felt the recession equally. It's US stats, but i suspect relevant across other countries too. In any case, illuminating and rather dismal.

+ Disability and Asexuality by [personal profile] kaz on FWD/Forward, a really great new-ish feminist disability blog. Highly recommended reading.

+ Also on FWD, [personal profile] avendya posts To Whom It May Concern.

+ [ profile] ressie_noldo writes on the monstrous other; for the asian women blog carnival.

+ Lastly and unrelatedly, who_daily and torchwood_three are looking for new newsletter editors. I'm stepping down from my position as a back-up editor due to time constraints, but I do recommend it unreservedly to anyone who likes being part of the cogs and gears of fandom - things are quiet at the moment, too, so it's a good time to step in and get to grips with things.
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Ahahahaha, oh man. I need to stop this unscheduled three hours napping! I will be awake half the night catching up on all the laundry and email-answering and homework I should have done at a sensible hour. *facepalm*


Further reading for Coming Out Day:
There's no big moment where you scream "By all the gods on Olympus, I'm queer!" or something to that effect, and the whole world hears it and treats you accordingly. Every person you meet is someone else who has absolutely no idea, unless you meet them in the context of being queer in some way. People make assumptions, and coming out is jut as much about correcting assumptions as it is about expressing yourself.

-- National Coming Out Day, [personal profile] iambickilometer

here's my deal: I don't believe in coming out. I don't believe that I should have to. I hate the idea that queerness has to be announced - and therefore that heteronormativity is assumed/default. I hate the idea that being any kind of queer is like giving someone a surprise party, where you jump up out of a darkened space and then they say, wow, I didn't expect that! I hate it. I like to say: I don't believe in coming out - I believe in being out.

-- so, it's national coming out day?, [personal profile] thingswithwings



those isles of yours that wait for me by [ profile] siriaeve [SGA/Firefly fusion, Teyla/Zoe, PG-13]

The world is now a better place because this pairing exists, for real.

Club Wales by [ profile] pocky_slash [Torchwood, Ianto, Gwen, PG-13]

This is long (19k!) and absolutely wonderful. I fell in love with the characters all over again and it's a beautiful look at Gwen and Ianto's friendship.

How Ianto Jones Quits His Job and Decides to Take Over the World (Without the Help of a Kangaroo Army) by [ profile] sparky77 [Torchwood/SPN/Leverage, Dean/Alec/Ianto and combinations, PG]

The crack is strong with this one! It's glorious.


We are laying down some anon love? I'm down with that.


I'm SO WIRED, you guys. I will never sleep again! :D :D :D

... D:
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National Coming Out Day is actually marked in the UK tomorrow, but for most of the world it's today. Besides, it's past midnight, so let's go.

Coming out is complicated, and it's also never-ending, as [ profile] rm talks about here.

I am always reluctant to buy into the idea of coming out as some kind of obligation, because I don't believe it's an absolute good. I have benefited enormously from everyone in my life and everyone in the public eye who has spoken openly about their sexuality, but none of them owed that to me. Being out is important to me in my personal life and in my relationships with my parents and my friends, but it's not like that for everyone.

I'm not just out in my personal life, though, I'm also out in my public life, such as it is. And every single time I come out - in a conversation with an acquaintance, in an introduction at a meeting - it's careful, it's calculated. It's never without risk.

I'm lucky. The risks I take are small ones, when compared to the horrible consequences of being openly queer that continue to face many today. My consequences are the loss of potential friendships, strange looks, insults. Often, I am taken less seriously when it comes to LGBT issues - after all, as a member of the group in question I must be 'over-emotional' and 'lack perspective'. You know how the story goes.

Small risks, small consequences, by and large. But they build and build over time, and it's not okay. I take those risks, it's my choice. I don't believe that makes me better than someone who makes a different choice.

Ultimately, it's about our selves, our truths, and we owe that to no one. Because the truth is that whether we are out or not, we are everywhere. We are your bosses and your doctors and your teachers, your friends, your relatives, your neighbours. And we're not just gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender either - we are queer, androgynous, intersex, pansexual, genderqueer, asexual, poly, kinky, so many things. That list will never be exhaustive. We are more than labels can ever capture. That's our truth, and no one has the power to take that away from any of us.

My name's Amy; I'm gay. I stand up and say that openly, again and again, because I can, because I want to, and because my risks are small. I say it because I hope that sometimes time and place will converge so that my words can help someone else, just like others' words helped me.

I say it because it's my truth. Treat it as such. It's never without risk.
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+ Ugh, I am cranky today after running my uni's LGBT stall this morning. PRO TIP. If you don't know what 'LGBT' stands for and you lean in to peer at the GIANT RAINBOW BANNER to find out, things not to do when you work out the acronym include a) pulling a face, b) looking at us as though we're about to give you cooties, and c) pointing it out to your friends so you can all have a good laugh. Just -- don't do that. Oh, and also, please don't come and seek us out specially so you can give us all on a sermon on how you used to be gay only the Holy Spirit saved your immortal soul and made you straight. Really, don't.

*sigh* I resent people who make my job harder than it has to be!

Anyway - this is going somewhere, I promise - I am thus extra pleased to see that [community profile] queerlygen is open for business. There are already stories in Merlin, SGA, Leverage and more, and if you feel inspired you can see all the prompts gathered to date here.

+ I have SO MUCH WRITING I should be doing, oh dear. *leechblocks self* (Have I mentioned how Leechblock is my new favourite Firefox extension? Because it really is!)

WIP list )
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* From [personal profile] astolat, OTW owns the goddamn servers! Which is very cool to behold.

* Gordon Brown has released a statement in response to the petition for an apology for Alan Turing. It makes for heartening reading.

* Merlin promos/behind-the-scenes pictures continue to induce glee! Here are some pictures of Gwen and Morgana, and here's the whole cast with guest stars (general premise & casting spoilers for the first three episodes). I have to say, casting spoilers )

* Lastly, because this looks amusing (please play so I can spam you with bizarre feedback!): Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.


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