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Internets, I am ANNOYED, because there are people out there having Wrong Opinions about Black Widow and it is gross and sexist and damaging my calm.

There seems to be this attitude that Black Widow's entire purpose in the Avengers film is to be a sex object. Now, even if the only thing she did in the film *was* stand around and look pretty, that is still a gross thing to say. People are people, not objects, and when you start reducing them to body parts the way that this comic does or this tumblr post does, you are Doing It Wrong. (That second link starts out with the premise that wouldn't it be great if Rhodey got to be in the film as War Machine, because he's a great character and also it would help further break up the overwhelming whiteness of the film. Which yes, yes it would! But, er, we shouldn't achieve that by getting rid of the only woman, and if you're going to saying something like "Why are our funds more wisely spent on a redhead with D-cups then another invincible robot man?" then that is saying a hell of a lot more about how you see women than it is about Natasha's role in the film.

The less said about that comic in the first link, the better. D:

So as a matter of fact, no, the purpose of all women everywhere is not to stand around daring to have breasts and therefore be sexually distracting (because having breasts in public makes you a sex object) and otherwise pointless, could everyone who thinks that kindly find the nearest exit to your left.

And besides, Natasha Romanov is in fact 100% fabulous, wtf is wrong with people.

Spoilers for the film start here! )

And joy of joys, someone's already made a fantastic Natasha vid from cam footage - In The Bullpen by [personal profile] genusshrike, spoilers for the whole film, absolutely fantastic.
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Note: both posts contain discussion of and graphic examples of threatening online harassment.

+ Skud at Geek Feminism on On being harassed: a little GF history and some current events.

+ s.e. smith at Tiger Beatdown on On Blogging, Threats, and Silence.

I have to admit, I didn't know. I honestly didn't know it was quite so widespread and quite so bad. Both articles are horrifying and eye-opening, and I'm grateful to the authors for sharing their experiences in spite of the risks.


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