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Two things this evening!

Thing one, I have a new post up at Doctor Her:

I think there’s enormous potential for companions with all kinds of different disabilities, whether they would be a wheelchair user like the woman at the convention or something else. I’d love to see the universe through the eyes of a companion on the autistic spectrum, for instance. I’d also get a huge kick out of there being a companion who, like me, had an invisible illness or two, and had to juggle taking different medications at different times and trying to figure out how on earth you assess the nutritional value of food on alien planets and so on.

-- Just How Accessible Is The TARDIS Anyway?


Thing two, my friends and acquaintances over at the magnificent Queer feminist burlesque collective Lashings of Ginger Beer Time are in the final days of fundraising to take their Alternative Sex Education show to the Edinburgh Festival this summer. They are 95% of the way there and have 2 days and 3 hours to go!

If you have a little spare money for supporting awesome art projects, I highly recommend considering the Lashings crowd - they're hilarious, absurdly multi-talented, and have a great progressive political backbone. Supporters can get cool merchandise as well as recordings of their songs and a DVD of the pantomime they did this year, which I was in the audience for and nearly laughed my way out of my chair.

You can see some of their previous performances at their youtube channel, and I'm going to embed one of my favourites below.

You're the Top - the kink version )

For more info, and to sponsor them, here's their profile at WeFund here.


Sep. 30th, 2010 07:54 pm
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cut for discussion of suicide and homophobic abuse )

+ As a response to the above, the It Gets Better project. I keep watching, and smiling, and crying because I'm a giant sap and I wish I'd seen some of these videos when I was fourteen.

+ In 'I blame [personal profile] glass_icarus' news, I appear to have been sucked into Health Month. I like the format - it's very easy to personalise and focus on your own health needs, including mental health, sleep and adding things to your diet. I've signed up for a little preventative mental health care and a couple of things I've been meaning to do to improve my blood sugar control. Not to mention that I couldn't resist joining Team White Lotus. Sign up for the October round runs for the next twelve hours or so.

+ Article about the casting of Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Undercovers.

+ [personal profile] sasha_feather: on living without a diagnosis.
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[community profile] access_fandom is hosting Festibility, a fanworks fest to celebrate disabled characters (whether canonically disabled or not). There is a prompt post here which already has loads of great ideas featured. Prompts are open for fills from next week and then through the next two months.


Also, [personal profile] thingswithwings has some great recs for fic with disability themes.
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Things that are rubbish: being too ill to meet [personal profile] woldy as planned today. *shakes fist at unexpected bout of hypoglycaemia*

Things are are win: Contest: towards an accessible future

What does a world, or space station, or whatever look like when it has been designed to be accessible to everyone and how would people live together there?

What would your fully accessible world look like? I find it both tricky and amazing to imagine. A world where everyone's access needs are catered for, from a world that's fully accessible to wheelchair users to a work ethic that accommodates those with mental health difficulties, to shops and restaurants that are able to cater to every dietary requirement - the list goes on.
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+ [personal profile] megwrites on sci-fi and ablism:

It seems as though when science fiction envisions a better, or at least more advanced, version of humanity it is one without disability, and thus one without disabled people. When you imagine a future without disability, it is a future in which you imagine that there are no disabled people.

+ [community profile] dark_agenda is hosting the Racebending Revenge Ficathon:

Re-write one or more white characters in the fandom(s) of your choice as chromatic/non-white/PoC, in a story of at least 500 words, with some acknowledgment of how the racial difference would make a difference to the story being told.

+ [personal profile] damned_colonial is writing a great Holmes/Watson series for [community profile] kink_bingo - the first two installments are Hypothesis (obedience) and The Imperative Voice (verbal humiliation).

+ [personal profile] chaila made Bad Romance, a Sarah Connor Chronicles Weaver/Ellison/Sarah vid. *toddler fists of glee* SO GOOD OMG.
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+ [personal profile] verasteine, thanks so much for the little canine friend sitting on my LJ! *ruffles her pixellated ears*

+ There are some new people around here - hello! Feel free to drop by and introduce yourselves, if that's a thing you're into. If you're more a lurking type, know that you are warmly welcomed also. :D

+ In Epic Fail news, United Airlines apparently have this policy where they treat passengers with disabilities like total shit. [ profile] cleolinda has more. (Warning: rage-inducing!)

+ Dear everybody who has finished/has a draft/is on their way to finishing their Club Vivid vids: omg I hate you all. (Not really.) I -- at least I'm gathering source now?

+ The reason for the above is that I have just failed to meet yet another self-imposed deadline re. my [ profile] help_haiti pieces. Woe! They are all on their way, just unwilling to be finished, apparently. Curse you, uncooperative fanworks!

+ Have a poem. This is the first 'grown-up' poem I ever fell in love with.

The Lake Isle of Innisfree, W. B. Yeats )
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+ vid rec: [ profile] obsessive24's Wicked Game (BSG), which is about Dee, omg, I remember why I loved her so much all over again. And it also made me all ragey at 4.5 all over again!

quickly on BSG and gender, with spoilers for the whole series )

+ Relatedly, this post on queer subtext hit me -right here-. Because yes. We have so, so little positive representation in both mainstream and genre TV, and it makes such a difference. All I want are characters who are like me and alive and get to be happy, and -- well, that's not been the case for a while. I am thus both cautiously optimistic and VERY NERVOUS about Skins S4. *clings to Naomi & Emily* I am also looking forward to the new BBC drama, Lip Service, which is about 20-something lesbians in Glasgow. *crosses fingers* (And AfterEllen's article on it made me laugh - oh, The L Word. I loved you, and am still fond of your early seasons, but really.

+ blog carnival: Disability Blog Carnival #63: Relationships (February 2010 edition) is being hosted by [personal profile] avendya at [community profile] disability, with submissions due by February 20th. \o/
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+ Oxfam and Red Cross, amongst many other charities, have launched emergency appeals to help with the crisis in Haiti. [personal profile] musesfool links to more ways you can help.

+ Turns out this became headline news overnight: Google: A New Approach To China.

+ FWD: Disability and Domestic Violence.

+ Questioning Transphobia: is a dream a lie if it don’t come true / or is it something worse [trigger warning: harrowing content discussing forced detransition]

+ There seems to be a debate going around the published m/m novel sphere, which I honestly have neither time or energy to get into - there are many links at [community profile] linkspam for the interested. But this post resonated with me:

Slash works for me, in a way that het doesn't. See, for me, being gay isn't just about how I prefer boobs over penis. It's how I see relationships. It's how I relate to everyone around me, how I lost friends when I was eleven and didn't know what the hell was going on, how I see myself and my future. Someone once wrote in a fic about how when straight kids grow up they know about marriage and expect subconciously to go there someday, but gay kids don't have that. I didn't have that.

That's really fucking important.

So to read slash, to see other gay people come together in relationships portrayed as normal, as good, was invaluable. My knowledge of The Gay as a child was limited. I'd been to San Francisco once when I was nine and heard warnings about all the gays wandering around the wharf, and I heard one kid in Sunday School get called a queer even though I didn't know what it meant. By the time I figured out what it was, and that it was Wrong, I'd figured out about myself.

[ profile] maryaminx: In which I rant. A lot.

There's a lot of stuff I could say on that general subject, admittedly more to do with slash fandom than the profic world, but basically it comes down to wishing that certain areas of slash fandom/some people who talk about slash fandom stopped ignoring or being actively dismissive/hostile towards the queer chicks that hang out in those parts.

+ It's More Joy Day tomorrow, where you challenge is to bring joy to someone else, somewhere, and spread the joy out. This year it means [ profile] festivids amongst other things. \o/!

+ Speaking of, [ profile] fan_eunice has a brilliant post on why all vid-watchers should be excited. To which I say: SET ALL PHASERS TO FLAIL OH MY GOODNESS YAY.

+ [ profile] purimgifts is open for sign-ups. It's a small gift exchange in which works feature characters who are Jewish and/or women and/or persecuted by evil viziers.

+ Rumours of Will Smith playing Captain America have prompted a bunch of picspams of fantasy chromatic casting for Marvel superheroes. The awesome includes John Cho as Tony Stark, Indira Varma as Phoenix and Dulé Hill as Reed Richards. A lot more shiny at the links!


Jan. 6th, 2010 07:46 pm
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+ A preview of V Magazine's upcoming issue featuring a plus-sized fashion shoot: Curves Ahead (the name's cheesy but the shots are gorgeous). \o/ eta: [personal profile] true_statement says the comments are awful, so, avoid for emotional well-being's sake!

+ FWD/Forward: Backscatter X-ray scanners, security theatre, and marginalised bodies

+ [profile] norahcharles: on the accessibility of fandom fests for people with social anxieties

+ Related to the above, FWD's Ableist Word Profile series is consistently good reading. I hope to have a more thoughtful post on that topic at some point, but today is not that day. I am, however, going back to [personal profile] coffeeandink's post on the subject, and mulling over comments.

+ interviews Zoe Saldana, feminist awesome ensues.

+ [ profile] bluejeanius made an amazing banner for the #biggaybattle. (See AfterElton if lost.

+ I keep going back to these ridiculously great shots of Angel Coulby )

+ Lastly, omg we has a snow )


Nov. 11th, 2009 12:23 am
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+ Julie Bindel brings the transphobic fail once again. This link comes with a blood pressure warning, for it is full of offensive vitriol. Get off my team, Bindel, you make us look awful!

+ Via the New York Times, not all groups have felt the recession equally. It's US stats, but i suspect relevant across other countries too. In any case, illuminating and rather dismal.

+ Disability and Asexuality by [personal profile] kaz on FWD/Forward, a really great new-ish feminist disability blog. Highly recommended reading.

+ Also on FWD, [personal profile] avendya posts To Whom It May Concern.

+ [ profile] ressie_noldo writes on the monstrous other; for the asian women blog carnival.

+ Lastly and unrelatedly, who_daily and torchwood_three are looking for new newsletter editors. I'm stepping down from my position as a back-up editor due to time constraints, but I do recommend it unreservedly to anyone who likes being part of the cogs and gears of fandom - things are quiet at the moment, too, so it's a good time to step in and get to grips with things.


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