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I've been planning to make this post for ages - given that LJ's being somewhat robust today, now seems like a good time!

A note before I begin: this is not a post that wishes to convince the reluctant. Instead, its target audience is people who are dissatisfied with LJ, who've thought about moving, who've thought about setting up crossposting or centralising comments or whatnot, but aren't sure. I am going to tell you why I am super happy that I moved to Dreamwidth, but if you're perfectly content on LJ, this may not be of interest to you!

I came over to Dreamwidth in the first wave because it was new and shiny and exciting. Initially, I was a little concerned that it would turn out to be a bit of a fad, that participation would dwindle over time. While I think there are a lot of users who got accounts at the beginning have drifted away, overall quantity of content here is going up and up, and it's now not uncommon for there be more entries coming up on my DW reading list than my LJ one (especially in the mornings, for some reason!).

I thought it was a pretty cool site initially, but I've moved from that to wanting to draw little sparkly hearts around it. In a nutshell, by moving to Dreamwidth I've cut out most of the things that drive me crazy about LJ, whilst not having to feel like I've drifted away from LJ-based fandoms and friends.

these are a few of my favourite things about Dreamwidth )

With regards to disabling/not disabling comments over on LJ, which I know is a thing people often feel undecided about - I'm really glad I have consolidated them. I like having everything in one place, and I like that place being Dreamwidth. I am sure that there are people who are less likely to comment because it's over here, which, well, is probably inevitable no matter how easy you make it. However, as a general thing I really haven't found that I get less response now I'm here, whether on fanwork posts, meta, or anything else.

I have four invite codes, if there's anyone around who still hasn't got them. Here they are, under the cut, you don't have to email me or anything. I'll strike through any that get used.

click for codes )

eta: I'm all out, but [personal profile] zvi has 91 more here.
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Ahahahaha, oh man. I need to stop this unscheduled three hours napping! I will be awake half the night catching up on all the laundry and email-answering and homework I should have done at a sensible hour. *facepalm*


Further reading for Coming Out Day:
There's no big moment where you scream "By all the gods on Olympus, I'm queer!" or something to that effect, and the whole world hears it and treats you accordingly. Every person you meet is someone else who has absolutely no idea, unless you meet them in the context of being queer in some way. People make assumptions, and coming out is jut as much about correcting assumptions as it is about expressing yourself.

-- National Coming Out Day, [personal profile] iambickilometer

here's my deal: I don't believe in coming out. I don't believe that I should have to. I hate the idea that queerness has to be announced - and therefore that heteronormativity is assumed/default. I hate the idea that being any kind of queer is like giving someone a surprise party, where you jump up out of a darkened space and then they say, wow, I didn't expect that! I hate it. I like to say: I don't believe in coming out - I believe in being out.

-- so, it's national coming out day?, [personal profile] thingswithwings



those isles of yours that wait for me by [ profile] siriaeve [SGA/Firefly fusion, Teyla/Zoe, PG-13]

The world is now a better place because this pairing exists, for real.

Club Wales by [ profile] pocky_slash [Torchwood, Ianto, Gwen, PG-13]

This is long (19k!) and absolutely wonderful. I fell in love with the characters all over again and it's a beautiful look at Gwen and Ianto's friendship.

How Ianto Jones Quits His Job and Decides to Take Over the World (Without the Help of a Kangaroo Army) by [ profile] sparky77 [Torchwood/SPN/Leverage, Dean/Alec/Ianto and combinations, PG]

The crack is strong with this one! It's glorious.


We are laying down some anon love? I'm down with that.


I'm SO WIRED, you guys. I will never sleep again! :D :D :D

... D:
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Boring admin:

Firstly, I've updated streaming and download links for Begin and The Good Old Days with, uh, files that have the correct aspect ratio. >.>

And second, you may have spotted that I've recently started redirecting comments to Dreamwidth. I'm thinking of it as a trial run for now, because I'm still undecided, but Dreamwidth is my journalling service of choice and I'd prefer to keep discussion together and have a single link for my fanworks, I think. I also think that the crossposting and OpenID compatibility of Dreamwidth should strike a good balance between convenience for me and convenience for any would-be commenter.

Incidentally while I'm on the subject, if anyone is still after a Dreamwidth invite code for any reason, drop me a comment or a PM with your email address and it shall be yours.

/end boring admin.


And now for some recs:

The Secession of Cornwall (soon-to-be officialised) by [ profile] allothi [Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, PG]

:DD I am so pleased by this story, it is hilarious and very charming. I adore Gwen's voice in this so much.

In Search Of Elysium by [ profile] phantomjam [Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, NC-17]

Plotty Gwen/Morgana fic! \o/ It's just the two of them, looking for some hard-won freedom, and the journey the characters go on both geographically and emotionally is beautifully told.

It's All In The Delivery by [ profile] july_july_july [Star Trek Reboot, Spock/Uhura, Kirk, PG-13]

In which there are SPACE PIRATES. I laughed so hard - one line near the end nearly made me fall over.
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I appear to have six five four three two one Dreamwidth invite code right now. If you would like one, let me know your email address and it shall be yours!

All gone!
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Dreamwidth cometh! It moves from Closed Beta to Open Beta tomorrow, and excitement abounds.

A top tip: if you want an account but you don't want to buy one and you're uncertain about getting an invite code, create an OpenID in the next day and 8 hours (and counting). All OpenID accounts without personal accounts will be sent an invite code when Open Beta launches. It's super easy! Also recommended if you've got folks on your flist who are migrating their comments over there. An OpenID account also allows you to make a subscription list and upload a few icons, write a profile, etc. Really, the only thing you can't do is post yourself. eta: Be sure to validate your email address, fyi! /eta

As soon as I have invite codes of my own, you guys will know about it.

For lots of thinky stuff both pro- and anti- Dreamwidth, I recommend [ profile] metafandom and their dreamwidth delicious tag. I'm not going to say anything particularly intelligent on the subject, because I'm not migrating over to Dreamwidth per se. I think that the site is a great idea with a lot of really cool and interesting things going on, and I want to be a part of that. But the majority of my friends are still LJ-only, and there are some things I participate in on LiveJournal that won't migrate fully in the foreseeable future. Thus, I'm not going anywhere, but I am hanging out over on Dreamwidth because I am meeting new people and joining new communities etc. Multi-platform is my way forward! It's nice to start up on a site when I actually know what the hell I'm doing, also.

I am still dithering hugely on cross-posting and importing and a bunch of other stuff, but I shall spare you the flaily details. However, it's worth noting that I will be cross-posting entries like fic, vids, meta, recs, etc, and so if you only want to follow me on one service, please do. I won't be unfriending/un-accessing (or whatever the term is) anyone, so you'll still be able to drop in and see if you've missed things, if you like. I suspect I'll continue to have more LJ-only content than DW-only content, both public bits and the occasional flocked RL whatever.


Every last one of my WIPs, both fic and vid, is amazingly stressful to me right now, I know not why. Oh, right, deadlines. (Seriously, though, making things to submit for this year's VVC is probably the most terrifying fannish thing I've ever done. Especially as I'm still not quite sure about what it is I'm working on to that end, nor the tech specs I'll need to meet. Eeep!)

On that note, I am posting my [ profile] lgbtfest story tomorrow. It is Merlin fandom and it is multi-shippy, the prompt being Any historical fandom, any characters, It's true that their marriage isn't a passionate one; one or both of them prefers the attentions of their own sex. That doesn't mean they're unhappily married. Would anyone be able to look it over quickly when I finish it up later this evening? It also looks like it's going to be R-rated, which I wouldn't warn for except that it's out of the ordinary for me. I appear to be, well, not fading to black. Madness. All extra pairs of eyes much appreciated! eta: all sorted, thank you! /eta


Finally, a rec of the 'yay they wrote my prompt!' variety.

Untitled fic, by [ profile] nohwrah [Torchwood, Jack/Ianto]
*happy sigh* These days, it's very easy for me to forget just how much I ship these two, but [ profile] nohwrah's extract of melanchonic romance captures it perfectly. ♥
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So far, I have:

-- started uploading icons (200! shiny!). This is also exciting because I can redo my keywords without making all my old comments and posts revert to default. I'm still hovering between having general keywords that mean I can switch icons in and out, or what I've got going right now, where the icon maker is included.

-- subscribed to a bunch of people! Hi, new people. If I've subscribed to you, it's because either you subscribed to me first (*waves*) or I already like your fic/vids/meta/stylish use of emoticons, and clicking 'subscribe' over here seems much less intimidating that clicking 'friend' on LJ.

-- created [community profile] torchwood. (The availability of every name ever right now is also pleasing.) [personal profile] tea has already gone ahead with [community profile] the_hub for Torchwood fanworks, but a general discussion community was also required. I am tickled that it already has some members and subscribers without me doing anything to alert the world to its existence.

Soon I intend to:

-- figure out some kind of coherent long-term access/subscription policy and make a post about it, because clearly this is Serious Business. (I'm being particularly slow on access just now because I'm not planning to post locked content in the imminent future.) Also, edit introductory post to actually serve as an introduction.

-- work out whether I want to back up my whole journal, repost fanworks only, or none of the above.
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I am now on Dreamwidth as such_heights, thanks to the very kind [ profile] avendya. I am not sure as yet quite what I am doing with it, but I am finding friends and adding new people and playing. Shiny!

eta: now with working code. Go me.


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