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+ My [community profile] fandom_stocking is now up - this year I've asked for Doctor Who, Star Trek DS9, MCU, Hamilton, Parks and Rec, Mass Effect, Harry Potter, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Star Wars TFA.

+ Some incredibly kind soul has sent me a mini Christmas tree in the post! It's a real one, with a mini soil pot and battery-powered lights and baubles and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. If you're reading this - THANK YOU! I can't tell how much it is making my day. And thank you to everyone who has sent cards, they've cheered me up massively. <3

eta: picture of my baby Christmas tree )

+ I keep coming back to this article:

99 Reasons Why 2016 Was a Good Year
Our media feeds are echo chambers. And those echo chambers don’t just reflect our political beliefs; they reflect our feelings about human progress. Bad news can be a bubble too

Here’s what also happened in 2016.

It doesn't make up for all the horrors of this year, but in the words of Doctor Who, the bad things don't always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.
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+ Thank you to [personal profile] oxoniensis for the v-gift and [personal profile] liseuse and [ profile] amand_r for the holidays cards! ♥

+ Have now finished rewatching All The Avatar. THIS SHOW, I DON'T EVEN. Obviously this was all super serious research for my [community profile] white_lotus assignment and not at all so I could make cooing noises about how much I love everyone and get slightly teary when there are hugs. (Given how frequently there are hugs in this show -- yeah. I have a lot of feelings, okay!) And once again people on the reading list are starting to get into it which makes me gleeful. *smiles winningly at the rest of you*

A question: if you were going to show a few episodes to someone who's never seen it before, what would they be? I'm reluctant to just do early S1 because the show gets so much better after that, but I don't want to pick anything that might be too confusing.

+ So Advent always brings out my latent Catholicism (I know, I know, really it should be Easter that does that, but it's been a while since I was a good Catholic) and I am on the hunt for some choral versions of carols. In particular, could anyone hit me up with a choral version of O Holy Night? I have lovely versions by people like Sufjan Stevens and Josh Groban but would love a more traditional copy.

+ Another request! I am looking for some more baking recipes to add to my repertoire. I do not have any fancy cooking equipment - I pretty much run to some bowls and wooden spoons and a cake tin, and I can't really afford a bunch of expensive ingredients. I am looking for things that are relatively low-carb or can be made so. I swap out sugar for sweetener anyway*, but things like cheesecakes and flourless cakes are awesome, or small things like cookies.

here is the recipe for a flourless chocolate almond cake I make )

* Because I'm diabetic, as lots of you know. But here, have a side rant about trying to get low-carb/sugar-free stuff without being subjected to really skeevy marketing. I just want some Tango without it being totally awful for my health, okay, not because I'm on a diet and "it's tastier than liposuction". D: SO MUCH DNW. There are plenty of reasons people avoid sugar, and all of them are equally valid - I'm pretty sure nobody needs that kind of advertising in their face. /o\ (I guess this is 'hipster advertising' or something.)

+ And lastly, I have a thread in the anonymous holiday love meme.


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