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2011-11-27 04:45 pm

FIC: These Dreams Are Forever (ArchAndroid-verse, for Kaleidoscope)

These Dreams Are Forever (1392 words) by faviconsuch_heights
Fandom: Janelle Monae - Works
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Cindi Mayweather
Summary: She'd heard stories before of people for whom music and magic were one and the same, people who could create songs of enchantment and dances to raise the dead. Nothing like that could really happen, of course.

Written for [personal profile] starlady as part of [community profile] dark_agenda's Kaleidoscope exchange. Many thanks to [personal profile] glass_icarus and [personal profile] avendya for betaing and [personal profile] were_duck for help and cheerleading!