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Hypothesis (the you can go home again remix)
Stargate Atlantis ; John/Rodney, Jennifer/Rodney ; PG-13 ; 2500 words
And the thing is, he's busy, they're all busy and so it's horribly easy for months to pass without Rodney even thinking to drop John a line.

A remix of [ profile] krabapple's Hypothesis. Many thanks to [personal profile] secondsilk for the beta and support, and [personal profile] glass_icarus for being an audience to my flailing.

some author's notes )
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thing one: remix returns! One of my very favourite fannish things.

thing two: my writing mojo appears to be back. \o/ Yesterday I marked this by indulging in a quick [ profile] mcsmooch.

Raindrops Keep Fallin'
Stargate Atlantis ; John/Rodney ; PG ; 600 words
John seems especially thrilled by the rain.

thing three: I found this lurking in a WIP file. [ profile] glass_icarus prompted me a while back with a Merlin OT4 drunken kissfest.

In Wine And Song
Merlin ; Morgana/Gwen/Arthur/Merlin ; PG-13 ; 850 words
Destiny's yet to come.

'Oh no,' says Gwen. 'No, no, bad.' )

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Posted here for posterity: [ profile] hollywoodgrrl found a picture that demanded John!snail fic, and I was happy to provide.

the one where the SGA team are snails | G | 650 words )
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It occurred to me, whilst replying to comments for a flame in two cupped hands the other day, that I have written stories about Sirius at Christmas three years in a row for holiday exchanges, and they all run on something of a theme, namely that Sirius loves his friends, his makeshift family, so very much. That's probably one of the things that makes me fall the very hardest for characters, that complete, fierce love and devotion, even when it's ill-expressed. See also: Jack Harkness, Lyra & Will, Kaylee Frye, John Sheppard, Luna Lovegood, Dean Winchester, etc.

I like seasonal-themed fic, any time of year, and all the wintry and Christmas stories at the moment are delighting me. I have [ profile] teand's A Midnight Clear (Supernatural) open in tabs which looks great already. Also there is [ profile] copperbadge's The Gift Of The Mad Guy (Doctor Who) which is entirely wacky and fun. Should the Christmas special on Thursday not thrill me, I shall simply imagine that this was on my TV instead.

Speaking of the Christmas special, I'm not actually all that excited about it. I mean, I will sit down and watch it on time, obviously, and no doubt enjoy it, but I will miss my companions! And I'm so hugely looking forward to a new regeneration that I'm probably not appreciating Tennant's last hours in the role, heh. Still! Cybermen in the snow, that should be entertaining. (Oh, as a note: I haven't watched any of the preview clips and very few of the trailers, so please don't spoil me!)

Anyway, I now return to working on the charming tale of a very Torchwood Christmas, in which there are in-laws, and Rhys has a run-in with alien tentacles. (Not that sort of run-in, you'll be relieved to hear.) Hopefully that will be posted this evening, timing being of the essence and all that.

Oh, and lastly, for neatness: [ profile] sheafrotherdon had a SGA cold!fest the other day which resulted in the following little comment!fic - That Time When The Team Had To Snuggle For Warmth. Teeeeam! :D

And I didn't even mention Merlin once, I am so proud. Mostly because this entry is garnering enough tags as it is.
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-- Happy, happy birthday to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for yesterday, [ profile] elvenkitty for today and [ profile] nk_aeode for tomorrow! ♥ ♥ ♥ I hope you all celebrate wonderfully.

-- I forgot to mention before, I'm reccing on [ profile] calufrax all this week, a great community that highlights Whoniverse stories hosted on Teaspooon.

-- I'm working on too many things with not enough time, what else is new, and I do wish I could just sit down and take something right the way through the end as opposed to continually tacking small bits onto about half a dozen projects.

-- Said flitting around probably explains why more SGA fic decided to write itself last night:

The Twilight & The Peace
Stargate: Atlantis ; John/Rodney ; 1100 words ; a snippet of the far future for [ profile] mcsmooch
"You're a sentimental old fool, you do know that?"
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Your Last Best Chance
Stargate: Atlantis ; John/Rodney ; PG-13 ; 2800 words ; spoilers through 5x14
Other friends make out drunkenly at parties, they apparently kiss when at death's maw most dire. It's a long time since anyone's accused either of them of being functional, after all.

written for [ profile] mcsmooch and posted at the comm.

Rodney doesn't know when this started.
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The Alien-Fighters' Social Club
Torchwood/Stargate: Atlantis ; Team Torchwood & Team Sheppard ; PG-13 ; 2500 words
Sheppard and his team were to stay based with Torchwood Three until such a time as the Daedalus was in orbit. A chance to improve inter-organisational relations, apparently.

written for [ profile] dw_cross, originally posted here, beta'd by [ profile] multiclassgeek

Rodney blanched. 'Cardiff? Oh, this is worse than I thought.' )


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