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First, see my last post for new and additional flail, for post arrived for me today from my wonderful sender, [ profile] morebliss, to accompany the emails of Thursday. I am all a-squee!

I was assigned [ profile] opheliet, who listed James/Lily and Remus/Sirius in her requests, so I thought I'd do both! You can see her post, with pictures and such, here, but now I shall rework those into a more digital form.

James/Lily, Remus/Sirius, PG
Love sent and received. 14th February, 1980.

Happy Valentine's Day )
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Progress? What Progress? Or, where I mock the status of the things I'm currently working on. Witness my woe! )

And now, for completeness, four drabbles I wrote for [ profile] faeriemaiden's birthday a few days ago:

Autumn | Sirius )

Fairy Tales | Ted & Nymphadora )

Cathedrals | Remus )

Daydreams | Marauders, and a bit of a Doctor Who crossover )

eta: And, err, LJ hates me? Now edited so that three of those don't all end with the same last line, because, you know, that makes no sense and I'm not quite sure how that happened anyway. Grr.
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*clutches heart* Oh my. OotP trailer now online - for a split second, you can see Remus holding back a screaming Harry. Gah. *sniffs* Sirius!

Fandom! Stop having so many fun things! I really have done nothing all weekend, oh dear. And I see [ profile] remix_redux is in the process of going live right now. Damn.

eta: Oh, and drabble just up for the Drabblethon here, featuring McGonagall & Lockhart.
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Merry Christmas, f-list! I probably won't be around again until the 29th, as I head off to the cold, cold land of Lancashire tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday &hearts Review of the year coming when I get back, and my [ profile] rs_small_gifts will doubtless appear too, though it really is a small gift compared to some of the fabulous stuff that's been appearing on there.

Now, a multi-fandom extravaganza! 5 drabble-ish Christmas things, starring Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Rose Tyler, Crowley, Aziraphale, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, James and Lily Potter. 900 words, PG-13. Warning for a bit of a fluff overload.

Merry Christmas to all )
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Soo, I'm getting quite stuck into this James fic now, except that I can't for the life of me make the boy do something now he's made a decision. At the rate this is going he'll never get it together with Lily, and then where will we be? Doing far more productive things with our time than pontificating about some wizard books, I suspect.

Anyway, in lieu of that I drabbled on a couple of far more malleable types:

Summer's End
PG, 160 words

A last day of stillness )
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Well, if I didn't end up writing 100 words of esoteric mysterious femmeslash for [ profile] mctabby's Drabblethon. I sort of like the way it came out, in the end. Viewable here, and if you're bored, that thread provides literally hours of entertainment, there's some really fantastic stuff there.

Ack, I have so many different half-baked ideas whizzing around my brain at the moment, I wish they would put themselves on hold and actually let me get on with the things I'm already doing. The Project of Doom is beginning to come together a little, but oh! how I long for a proper title.


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