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[personal profile] toft asked me to talk about a subject very dear to my heart: Karen Gillan's hair.

Karen Gillan's hair is best known for playing the role of Amy Pond's hair in Doctor Who. It's a very talented performer and in this post I'm going to showcase some of its best work!

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Actors posting goofy pictures of themselves on twitter = my favourite. Here a few recent delights for you!

the ridiculous faces of David Hewlett, Freema Agyeman, Noel Clarke and Patrick Stewart )
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Today seems like a good day for a picspam. Below the cut - cute animals, good faces.

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Karen Gillan had her 25th birthday today. Flimsy excuse for picspam? I think so!

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For the 'vanilla kink' square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card, 13 sets of pictures of the Doctor + domesticity. Whether he scoffs at it, dreams of it, fails at it or embraces it, he's endlessly fascinated by the concept of an ordinary life.

Ninth Doctor: Don't you dare make this place domestic!
Tenth Doctor: Here you are, living your life day after day. The one adventure I can never have.
Eleventh Doctor: Can I stay here, with you and Rory, for a bit. I'll be better at it this time.

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Have been belatedly rolling around in all of the fannish excitement coming out of SDCC. Unsurprisingly, this has involved me spending a lot time fixating on the cast of Doctor Who and their stupid, delightful faces.

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Mar. 30th, 2012 11:11 am
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It's Friday, yay! Not that seems to be making this day go any faster, eesh. I decree happy picspam. Although I can't possibly hope to complete with [personal profile] eruthros's collection of famous people with animals, a few personal favourite do appear below.

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Jan. 25th, 2012 10:17 pm
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+ At [community profile] white_lotus we've started posting fanworks for the Lunar New Year exchange - so far there are two fics, one about Ursa and one Katara/Zuko, and a vid about Toph & Azula. All highly recommended!

+ FESTIVIIIIIDS! I got a wonderful vid, Baby Got Going (Bridesmaids), which I looove and need to praise the vidder in much detail about why it's great, but have yet to find the right words. Basically it captures all the stuff I love best about the film (female friendships! ridiculous faces! hilarity!) and is really well-edited with some great timing and eeee. :D I shall have some more festivids recs later when I've had a chance to watch a few more. (I'm putting off some that look wonderful because they'll probably make me cry - so tomorrow when I'm home alone, then!)

+ Here in the UK it is the National Television Awards tonight (decided by public vote), and Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have picked up Best Drama Performance awards, hurray!

They are both looking rather fab )

+ Speaking of Karen Gillan, her biopic about Jean Shrimpton, We'll Take Manhattan, is airing on BBC Four tomorrow evening and will presumably be on iPlayer thereafter - I don't know about international airings. From the promo pictures, it's going to be extremely pretty at the very least.

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Pretty people and cute animals below the cut. :D

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It is [personal profile] avendya's birthday today. Happy birthday! ♥ For the occasion, I decree KGill spam.

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The theme of this picspam is fluffy people and pretty animals. Or the other way around too, perhaps. Feel free to spam the comments with your own contributions! I shall begin.

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I continue to bring the in-depth and insightful commentary to the interwebs, I know.

So Karen Gillan is 23 today! Which is all the excuse that I need.

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Favourite forever, basically. <33333
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Oh my goodness, I am here with [personal profile] thingswithwings and [personal profile] eruthros and also [personal profile] anatsuno, who is visiting the home of kink bingo too, and they are showing me The Sentinel. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS A REAL SHOW. I mean, seriously? It's kind of the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

I am thoroughly charmed!

Also, here are some more top fives that I got to - I was too lacking in brain to write any kind of explanation for any of these choices, and they were OMG HARD *shakes fist at [personal profile] toft and [personal profile] magic_at_mungos, but, picspam:

Top 5 celebrity crushes )

Top 5 non-white characters )

Top 5 queer characters )
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So, [personal profile] glass_icarus and I went to go see Vienna Teng perform tonight. It was SO AMAZING, a;sldjas;lj.

set list and notes )

Picspam! We were sitting at a table right by the side of the stage where Vienna sat with her piano, which was just perfect. God, she's so beautiful I hardly know what to do with myself, and her voice! *swoon*

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[profile] mundita wanted Amy picspam! As my love for Amelia Pond cannot really be textually rendered, this works out well.

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Okay, so there is this one scene in the episode that made me so happy I had to instantly picspam it.

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eta: SyFy edits the bio and takes out a lot of the worst of it.

I'm sorry, what the fuck is this shit? (SyFy attempts a character bio for Gwen, fails spectacularly.) I mean, it's not just inaccurate, it's also misogynistic and racist! a;lsdkjsa oh god.

Not even the most charitable person could call her beautiful.


What is that I don't even. ANYWAY. Rather than picking apart the fail, let's have some picspam time! Share your favourite shots of Gwen/Angel, folks. I will begin!

au contraire, SyFy, this girl is OFF THE CHARTS. <3333 )
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[ profile] cherrybina made a post of her girlcrushes. I picspammed at her, then I thought I'd post that here. Then I added a few more. Then I forgot to stop. There are, er, 51 images behind the cut. It is apparently picspam central with me this week! :D

the picspam I commented with over at Bina's )

then I went and grabbed a load more pictures of ladies that are awesome )


Jan. 6th, 2010 07:46 pm
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+ A preview of V Magazine's upcoming issue featuring a plus-sized fashion shoot: Curves Ahead (the name's cheesy but the shots are gorgeous). \o/ eta: [personal profile] true_statement says the comments are awful, so, avoid for emotional well-being's sake!

+ FWD/Forward: Backscatter X-ray scanners, security theatre, and marginalised bodies

+ [profile] norahcharles: on the accessibility of fandom fests for people with social anxieties

+ Related to the above, FWD's Ableist Word Profile series is consistently good reading. I hope to have a more thoughtful post on that topic at some point, but today is not that day. I am, however, going back to [personal profile] coffeeandink's post on the subject, and mulling over comments.

+ interviews Zoe Saldana, feminist awesome ensues.

+ [ profile] bluejeanius made an amazing banner for the #biggaybattle. (See AfterElton if lost.

+ I keep going back to these ridiculously great shots of Angel Coulby )

+ Lastly, omg we has a snow )


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