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Sign-ups are open for [ profile] rs_small_gifts until October 30th! The one fest that keeps dragging me back to HP.

But folks, can we quickly chat about exchange requests and boundary policing? I know, because I used to do it myself, that it's frequently standard fandom practice to put in a list of kinks that you don't like - 'the usual squicks like scat, bloodplay, watersports', 'none of that icky body fluid stuff' - etc etc.

Let's talk about a couple of the reasons why that's a problem:

1. It relies on a ridiculous premise, namely that there are all these kinky types waiting in the wings to spring on your request and write you watersports fic unless you specifically state otherwise. People want to write things that you'll like! Therefore, they are likely to work based on the things you've listed that you like, rather than assuming that anything you haven't specifically listed in your request is fair game.

Trying to make a complete list of things you dislike would be absurd, we'd be here all week. Keep it simple, specific, and mostly based on things that people genuinely might think to write for you unless you mention it, and it's all be fine. For instance, I've mentioned 'drunkenness' as a thing in my sign-up because it's a common story device in Remus/Sirius fic and one I don't personally like. Giving a long list of kinks you don't like, using derogatory language, being vague (what do you mean by 'the usual squicks' or 'kink' anyway?) or naming rare-in-fandom kinks is unnecessary and unhelpful.

2. And the reason that the above is a particular problem is because the continuous reinforcement of certain kinks as 'gross', 'icky', 'weird' etc is a method of boundary policing and holding up some pretty crappy fandom norms. It shames people who might otherwise want to request and write those things, and it shames people for whom whatever kink in question isn't just a fictional like but a real life practice or interest. By participating in that kind of behaviour you contribute to a culture in which some things are acceptable and others are not, and really we could all do without that.


Aug. 24th, 2010 08:43 pm
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+ So [personal profile] frigg wrote a fabulous tentacle porn manifesto.

I've heard a few people say they never understood the attraction of tentacles. Personally, what I like about them is their versatility and possible range of kinks, along with inherent and/or common tropes and kinks with them. They basically plays on a lot of kinks at once, and can enhance and go well with any other kinks!

+ Then [personal profile] xenakis made this gorgeous piece of tentacle!Arthur not!porn, which is really great.

+ And thus, I feel it is appropriate to issue a reminder at this time that [ profile] kinkelot's tentacles challenge is running until the end of the month. Possibly that will give me enough time to finish up this story so I can submit something to my own comm for once!
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Okay, there is a conversation going on in a part of fandom that is upsetting me enormously. (Not helped by the fact that the argument's all centred around something I've been anxious about for months now.) But, this is not a post where I'm going to talk about that! Instead, here are some links to cool stuff.

+ I have been watching lots of Avatar: The Last Airbender lately. GUYS. THIS SHOW. IT IS GREAT. The characters are adorable and there are awesome girls and characters with disabilities and a really enjoyable plot and cute animals and I love it. Just about to start season 3! Anyway, [personal profile] eruthros made loads of great icons.

+ [ profile] kinkelot is having an amnesty challenge, where you can go and make things for any of the previous nine themes. It'll be running for the rest of the month. \o/

+ Doctor Who post-finale recs! spoiler cut )
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Jeez, internet, what is with you today? *considers becoming a hermit*

Here, have some happy things:

+ [personal profile] crysothemis's Vancouver con report on Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett's panels (separate and joint), which made me laugh so hard. <3 There are also many delightful pictures!

+ [personal profile] fan_eunice has embarked on a project to vid each episode of Who S5. So far there is Walking on Sunshine (5x01) and See Who I Am (5x02), and they are both fantastic.

+ Over at [ profile] kinkelot the bladeplay challenge is still running, and our newest theme is costumes! Go and write stories about dressing up and knives - together or separately as the mood takes you. *g*

+ casting spoilers for SJA )

+ and finally, my guaranteed happy place - kittens!

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+ [ profile] kinkelot's Hands challenge ends on Sunday. I am looking forward to getting stuck into the four delicious-looking entries already posted, but, guys, if you really loved me ... *winning smile* Rimming/felching is also running until the end of the month. \o/

+ New favourite game: Echo Bazaar. I am currently seducing a jewel thief. :D

+ Lots of you have seen this already, but this video is adorable. Small child thinks gay marriage through and thinks it's a-okay! N'aww.

+ And lastly, because there's never been a good bandwagon I didn't jump on: here is a formspring account I just made. Ask me anything.


Feb. 15th, 2010 08:54 pm
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[ profile] kinkelot's spanking challenge has now closed, and there is a delicious-looking masterlist right here. The anonymity challenge is running for another two weeks, and challenge #3: hands is now up. (You guys didn't even need to click to know that's my challenge, did you? *g*) \o/

(I totally need some more hand icons. *eyes Photoshop*)
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+ You have two weeks left to get your spanking fanworks in over at [ profile] kinkelot - and please do, there is awesome stuff there already and I desire moar! - and thus the time has come to set off our second challenge. (The plan is that there'll be a month-long challenge set every two weeks.) The anonymous challenge is a go! As [personal profile] woldy puts it: Magical disguises, sex with strangers, glory holes, masquerades, invisibility, costumes, use of a blindfold, sex in the dark - whatever kind of anonymity you like. \o/

+ [ profile] vividcon is looking for song suggestions for this year's Club Vivid. (To which I say, omg, both my excitement and my terror are boundless.)

+ [ profile] halfamoon is live! There is an incredible amount of awesome there already, vids and fic and picspams and banners and meta and icons and love. Go see!
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Doctor Who ; Jack/Rose/Nine ; explicit ; 600 words ; contains double penetration and telepathy and references other kinks ; for the Torchwood/Doctor Who comment!porn battle
"We've got you, sweetheart, we've got you."
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There is a whole treasure trove of wonderful vids waiting for everyone - here is the masterlist.

I have vids! Two vids! Just for meeeee! But here, I am feeling charitable, I will share them with all of you as well.

Just A Girl (Much Ado About Nothing - 1993)

I like to think of this as an ode to Emma Thompson and her faaaace, omg. I just love the idea of a Beatrice character study set to No Doubt, unspeakably so. This is so, so charming and happy-making!

Your Song (Much Ado About Nothing - 1993)

More Beatrice good times, now with added Benedict! Okay, guys, listen. This is a vid where Kenneth Brannagh lip-syncs to Moulin Rouge, that's seriously all you need to know. But also it is melodramatic and hilarious and very sweet, and filled with Beatrice/Benedict OTP joy!

*covers both vids in hearts and sparkles*

some recs!

Samson (Roswell, Michael/Isabel)

I used to adore this show way back when, for all its cheesiness, but here it looks all grown up and epic and absolutely gorgeous.

Here It Goes Back Again (Back to the Future)

I have not seen the films - now, I really want to! This is hilarious and full of motion and energy.

Body and Soul (Legend of the Seeker)

OMG. This is perfect - I'm really glad someone ran with this request because the song choice is fantastic, and the editing even more so. Hot, edgy, kick-ass, delightful!

Mr Blue Sky (WALL-E)

I have not seen this film - clearly this is an oversight, because this is SO CUTE YOU GUYS OMG ADORABLE ROBOTS YAY. <33333

Contra Mundum? (Withnail & I)

Richard E Grant/Paul McGann/The Clash OT3! This is wonderful and perfect, yay. :D


Also, [ profile] kinkelot is now open for business! *\o/* Our first challenge is ... spanking! Jeez, I just wrote that, now I have to come up with something else - life, it is hard.
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+ Huge thanks to everyone so far who's bid on the items I'm offering at [ profile] help_haiti. Totals currently stand at $20 for fic, $35 for a vid and $40 for podfic. The auction closes on the 20th.

+ It's More Joy Day! [personal profile] charmax has a wonderful, joyous picspam - so cute!

+ I put a little joy music mix together this morning (that I may or may not have danced my room to, just a little *g*) that I offer up for you all. You can download either tracks or the full mix, which has been made into a compilation and ordered for a nice flow, at this mediafire folder (.zip file may take a moment to appear).

tracklist )

+ ALSO (goodness, fandom's busy at the moment!), I had another tripped and fell moment earlier this week during the conversations in Merlin fandom about kink, and thus have ended up co-modding [ profile] kinkelot. It's operating as a flashfic comm and the first prompt will be going up tomorrow. I'm working on some resources and some guidelines on how this is going to operate kink-inclusive space, but I'll definitely be hoping for advice and pointers along the way. All tastes welcome!

Join [ profile] kinkelot! A monthly kink-themed challenge community.


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