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For my own reference as much as anything.

+ [community profile] tightpresent is a Sarah Connor Chronicles vid exchanges, with signups opening today.

+ Originated on tumblr but now spread across fandom, it has been declared that is Femslash February. There's a lot of activity on tumblr, including this call for seeing more femslash for Black women, but there's also discussion at [community profile] girlgay.

+ [community profile] halfamoon / [ profile] halfamoon has started up again. Two weeks of celebrating female characters, whee!

+ [community profile] purimgifts is open - sign up to make and receive gift baskets of small fanworks about Jewish characters and/or women and/or people on the run from evil viziers.

+ And over at [community profile] white_lotus, the Lunar New Year is approaching and we'll be posting exchange fanworks soon! (If you didn't sign up for the exchange but think you might be able to pinch hit for Avatar:tLA or Legend of Korra, email whitelotusmods at gmail to be added to the mailing list.)

I'm not sure how much of the above I'll be able to participate in due to being super busy*, but I can't wait to see the results!

* I am working away on all of your commissions - thank you again for those, so much - as well what feels like a slightly absurd amount of other things. I think I'm on top of it all! But if I'm supposed to be doing something for you and I've gone suspiciously quiet, it's always okay to get in touch and give me a nudge, I find that v helpful.
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Oh look a meme where I can pretend like I have new content even though I totally don't. (So many things I want to make! Severe lack of time! Woe!)

Via [ profile] pocky_slash:

1. Go to page 77 (or 7) of your current ms.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.

This is from my big ladies in space fusion that I will finish one of these days, honest.

In which River goes to see Teyla )
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Sign ups for [community profile] kink_bingo cards are now open.

I really recommend it, it's one of my favourite challenges. It stretches me creatively, and it's a really good way to think about characters and ideas in new and interesting ways. After all, it's not just about sex, a lot of the stories I loved last year looked at personal identity and expression, and challenging social roles, amongst many other themes. It's also worth pointing out it's not just a fic challenge, too - pretty much any fannish expression is welcome, from rec lists to podfic to icon sets. All the squares have tremendously versatility, as demonstrated by the entries in [community profile] kink_wiki. One of the things I like best about the challenge is the way it makes me push past my initial instincts of 'oh, that kink's not for me', and instead makes me think about how and why it works for people who are into it, which almost always gets me very interested in writing it.

I has a card )
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+ [personal profile] verasteine, thanks so much for the little canine friend sitting on my LJ! *ruffles her pixellated ears*

+ There are some new people around here - hello! Feel free to drop by and introduce yourselves, if that's a thing you're into. If you're more a lurking type, know that you are warmly welcomed also. :D

+ In Epic Fail news, United Airlines apparently have this policy where they treat passengers with disabilities like total shit. [ profile] cleolinda has more. (Warning: rage-inducing!)

+ Dear everybody who has finished/has a draft/is on their way to finishing their Club Vivid vids: omg I hate you all. (Not really.) I -- at least I'm gathering source now?

+ The reason for the above is that I have just failed to meet yet another self-imposed deadline re. my [ profile] help_haiti pieces. Woe! They are all on their way, just unwilling to be finished, apparently. Curse you, uncooperative fanworks!

+ Have a poem. This is the first 'grown-up' poem I ever fell in love with.

The Lake Isle of Innisfree, W. B. Yeats )
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Remix sign-ups close in 12 hours! In particular they're after more Sherlock Holmes writers.

lgbtfest prompt claiming ends tomorrow!

For the latter, I have plumped for the following, on account of how the prevalence of gender essentialism in high fantasy really hacks me off. Also, I have Seeker on the brain.

1778. Legend of the Seeker; any Confessor character or OC; The Confessors are all female, the ritual sees to that. So what happens when one of them is trans? (Does he come out? How do other people take it? How does he deal with other people's assumptions? and so on.)
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+ Ugh, I am cranky today after running my uni's LGBT stall this morning. PRO TIP. If you don't know what 'LGBT' stands for and you lean in to peer at the GIANT RAINBOW BANNER to find out, things not to do when you work out the acronym include a) pulling a face, b) looking at us as though we're about to give you cooties, and c) pointing it out to your friends so you can all have a good laugh. Just -- don't do that. Oh, and also, please don't come and seek us out specially so you can give us all on a sermon on how you used to be gay only the Holy Spirit saved your immortal soul and made you straight. Really, don't.

*sigh* I resent people who make my job harder than it has to be!

Anyway - this is going somewhere, I promise - I am thus extra pleased to see that [community profile] queerlygen is open for business. There are already stories in Merlin, SGA, Leverage and more, and if you feel inspired you can see all the prompts gathered to date here.

+ I have SO MUCH WRITING I should be doing, oh dear. *leechblocks self* (Have I mentioned how Leechblock is my new favourite Firefox extension? Because it really is!)

WIP list )
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So, it's my personal opinion that Valentine's Day is by and large a crass commercialisation of romance. (I mean, how anti-romantic is it to feel obligated to pull the stops out in order to validate your feelings on some arbitrary day?) But you can either feel angry about it, or you can co-opt it.

I always enjoy a good co-opting*.

Therefore! As I am fan of telling people that you like and appreciate and love them any time, and this Saturday is supposedly about just that? I'm there.

[ profile] svmadelyn has a Valentine's Day Game, open until 6pm GMT tomorrow - you go, you email her up to fourteen valentines for eljay people you like, she posts them on the 14th!

So I'm going to go take a break from the bodyswap story I'm writing** and do that.

* Speaking of co-opting. I've never seen an episode of Smallville in my life, but I've got to tell you: [ profile] bop_radar's vid I Kissed A Girl is my new favourite. Every time that bloody song comes on the radio now, I shall smile loftily, sit back, and think that secretly it is all about Clark Kent and his experiments with heterosexuality. (he kissed a girl! he liked it! he hopes his boyfriend don't mind it! \o/) Also, hilarious editing is hilarious.

** This is the year in which I write all the fic cliches, apparently? I bet a million of your finest internet pounds that nobody will guess who's getting swapped, though. It's not crack or anything (ha, okay, that's a clue, it is not at all cracky in this particular fandom), but still. You won't guess. Sekrit characters are sekrit, and also remain platonic throughout, is that very odd?
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-- Happy, happy birthday to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for yesterday, [ profile] elvenkitty for today and [ profile] nk_aeode for tomorrow! ♥ ♥ ♥ I hope you all celebrate wonderfully.

-- I forgot to mention before, I'm reccing on [ profile] calufrax all this week, a great community that highlights Whoniverse stories hosted on Teaspooon.

-- I'm working on too many things with not enough time, what else is new, and I do wish I could just sit down and take something right the way through the end as opposed to continually tacking small bits onto about half a dozen projects.

-- Said flitting around probably explains why more SGA fic decided to write itself last night:

The Twilight & The Peace
Stargate: Atlantis ; John/Rodney ; 1100 words ; a snippet of the far future for [ profile] mcsmooch
"You're a sentimental old fool, you do know that?"
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Posted In September:

Late Bloom
Harry Potter ; Remus/Sirius ; PG-13 ; 10,000 words ; AU
Sirius, the dutiful eldest son of the mighty Black family, has almost entirely lost his own hopes and dreams. An unexpected meeting with a long-forgotten friend might just change everything.

I Heard A Whisper (The Way I Might Have Been)
Torchwood (& Doctor Who) ; Jack/Ianto ; PG-13 ; 10,000 words ; spoilers through 'Journey's End'
The whole world's in danger, if Ianto's to believe the bloke who's showed up claiming to be his time-travelling parallel universe boyfriend. It's the start of a funny old week.

The Alien-Fighters' Social Club
Torchwood/Stargate: Atlantis ; Team Torchwood & Team Sheppard ; PG-13 ; 2500 words
Sheppard and his team were to stay based with Torchwood Three until such a time as the Daedalus was in orbit. A chance to improve inter-organisational relations, apparently.

The Light In My Eyes Is Strange
Doctor Who ; Rose, Jack ; PG ; 1000 words ; 'Journey's End' missing scene
Rose knows the answer and it makes it hard to ask. "What have I done to you?"

Tristan, a Jack vid


I didn't get as many things finished off this month as I would have liked, which leaves me with a lot to attempt to rattle off before I am engulfed by NaNo. Top of the list are the sequel to 'Late Bloom' and the Ianto inna TARDIS (working title) story for [ profile] cherryfeather.


And now, some recs. Because I always get excited when I find interesting or unusual Torchwood fic. (One of these days, when I've decided I definitely have the time, I want to look into starting up a sort of Torchwood version of [ profile] quibbler_report.)

Call Me On Your Wedding Day, We'll Grow Flowers In The Morgue, by [ profile] paperclipbitch
Torchwood, PG-13, Owen/Katie, Ianto/Lisa, Katie/Lisa
“We’re aftershocks.”

This is so perfectly Torchwood - odd, morbid, a little unsettling, and just very tragic. In which Owen and Ianto are left behind, and Jack is distant, and Katie and Lisa are just... elsewhere.

The Five Greatest Deaths of Jack Harkness' Life (Sort Of), by [ profile] shadowsaine
Torchwood, PG-13, Jack/Ianto, Jack/others
Jack has done this dozens of times, every one different, every one the same. Except this time.

In which Jack tells stories. It's Jack/Ianto as a framing device, but really this is about Jack, his life and his many, many deaths, from the absurd to the heroic. It's also desperately sad by the end, you have been warned.

Flowers For His Mother, by [ profile] happi_feet
Torchwood, G, Jack
"A stranger rolls into a small town on the Boeshane peninsula, and while his clothing and accent are strange he knows things most offworlders don't know, like how to perform the intricate tea ritual and all the old songs..."

In which Jack goes home. The writing of this is beautiful.

The Sins Of Adam, part one and part two, by [ profile] neadods
Doctor Who, PG-13, Nine, Jack, Rose
So - what would the Doctor make of having Captain Jack running around his TARDIS, especially so soon after what happened with Adam in The Long Game?

The Doctor is perfect in this -- Nine! I miss you! -- and it's exactly the kind of thing glossed over by canon but perfect for fanfic. It's clever and funny and says an awful lot about the developing dynamic of the original OT3. [ profile] neadods has got me pretty much convinced this must have happened.
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Jack & gang save the world in a minute! Whee, new Torchwood audio, how excited am I?


What in the hell, I am suffering from a continuing attack of plot in my stories. This does not usually happen to me! It was bad enough with the quick-fire round of [ profile] rs_games that prompted the 10k first installment of an epic AU arc, rapidly followed by my brain deciding to churn out another long plotty thing for [ profile] thestopwatch. I was hoping that would be the end of it, but no. I am very belatedly working on a story from prompts [ profile] cherryfeather gave me, namely Jack & Ianto & the Doctor & the TARDIS. Which, you know, I was thinking along of the lines of 'yay alien planet' and possibly some Ianto snark and the Doctor trying really hard to impress him after the whole bigger on the inside shtick fails, because hi, Torchwood London, and Jack would be amused and then make out with Ianto a little bit, etc etc. THERE IS NO PLOT THERE. And yet! Suddenly I find myself a couple of thousand words into a story about Weevil liberation, which apparently must play out first before I can get to any of that. *facepalm* I do not even know.

Which is not to mention all the other WIPs I'm trying to get done just now [the sequel to 'Late Bloom', the epic Jack fic of epicness] that did have plot to start with. and really I did so want to get most of this finished and out the way in the next month, because then I'm into coursework and NaNo which will probably kill me.

In short, writing hard, in a breaking newsflash, heh.

First Lines

Sep. 2nd, 2008 02:51 pm
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That 25 first lines meme that's been floating around.

taking me all the way back to February )


In other news, mostly I am continuing adventures in vidding at the moment. I have two things fully on the boil right now, one of which is a genre-bending, slightly spoofy Torchwood vid, and the other is a multi-fandom extravaganza. Both, I fear, require skills I do not currently possess, but I'm trying. Aspect ratios, you are no match for me!

I'm also really looking forward to reposting my exchange stories, [ profile] rs_games particularly as it feels like I've been waiting forever to answer comments and talk about it, nnnargh. I am done, done, done with exchanges for the rest of the year, if you catch even a whiff of me signing up for one you are to thwap me instantly.
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There is an Impromptu Pep Talk Meme going round! Cheerlead the writers and artists and designers of fandom as they soldier on with projects. You can find me here as I boggle at all the different things I'm trying to write just at the moment. [eta: now, err, with working links]

Here, have some snippets from some of the non-exchange WiPs that are at least semi-currently being written. All Doctor Who, no spoilers past 4x05.

A UNIT-ish Martha/Tom story, or, how exactly did that happen, then? )

Horrifically belated Rose/Martha fic for [ profile] churchontime: our heroes have found themselves in a strange land, beset by cats wielding pitchforks! )

And then there's this one (5000 words and counting) which has been eating my brain for a good while now, a somewhat epic intergalactic Jack/Doctor story: )
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Firstly, Whofen! May I point you in the direction of [ profile] churchontime, a fic and graphics fest entirely devoted to cracktastic Doctor Who weddings, which is quite possibly the best idea I've seen in a while. :D Prompts are currently being collected here. I am excited, and ooh, the limitless possibilities of slightly insane things to write!

On a writing note, terribly belated birthday fic (so sorry, [ profile] secondsilk, I fail!), is now drafted and ready to be prodded into shape for posting sometime soon. Also, mostly because I keep forgetting and that's not helpful, a list of current time-sensitive WIPs:

-- Remix, April 12th (status: begun, mostly plotted, probably needs additional thought.)
-- [ profile] lgbtfest, April 27th (status: conceived, shouldn't be too hard to draft out, but needs time to get right, probably.)
-- [ profile] rs_games, May 6th (status: vaguely conceived, but as it needs to fit into a specific genre, needs plenty of time to get right. Don't forget this one, self!)

Plus there's the epic HP fic I've been mentioning on and off since DH came out and which I am still determined to finish before the end of this decade, Jack Harkness' long-winded adventures in the Firefly 'verse, and the Torchwood story where Gwen wakes up in a mental hospital. Which, all in all, should keep me busy for a good long while, so if any further ideas could keep themselves in check unless I specifically ask for them, that would be just great.
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[ profile] lgbtfest's prompts are now available for claiming, from now until March 15th. With 901 prompts to choose from in a huge variety of fandoms covering all kinds of different subject matter centered around the experience of being queer in some way or other, this looks like it's going to produce some fascinating stories. Peruse prompts here, the calendar of posting dates here, and claim your prompt and date here!

I've snagged this, which is a story I've been meaning to write for ages anyway: Luna has always had as open, untroubled, and inquisitive an attitude toward sexuality as toward everything else, but other people aren't quite so accepting.

Exciting stuff!
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* o.O Holy multiplying comments, Batman! Torchwood fandom is evidently buzzing at the moment. Cool! And hello there to the new people joining the fun, too. *waves*

* There will be Doctor fic, either tonight or sometime tomorrow.

* Good Lord iPlayer loathes me and does not stream very smoothly at the moment (and no d/l support for Macs, grumble grumble). Watching 'Adam' like that last week was a nightmare, especially as it cut out completely in the last ten minutes! So shall probably save Torchwood watching for tomorrow when I can make it sort itself out better.

* Also, yay for new Supernatural tomorrow, which looks like it is going to be amazing, which will probably once again result in my being completely useless for most of the weekend as a result of combined yay!show! flail.

* But most importantly, because I am thick and completely did not get around to posting this yesterday:

♥ Happy birthday, [ profile] secondsilk! ♥

You write the most wonderful, intelligent stories and are always an excellent source of interesting conversation. I'm very glad indeed to know you. Hope you had a good one! There was going to be fic for you, but I got horribly indecisive about what to write, so if you'd like to decide for me, please do so. :)

Remix '08!

Feb. 18th, 2008 07:47 pm
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Whee! To join in the squee appearing on the flist, it is that time again, when possibly the mother of all multi-fandom exchanges descends upon us. All hail [ profile] remixredux08!

The basic premise of Remix, for those unfamiliar, is fairly simple: take someone else's story, rework it, e.g. by changing the POV or the tone. The way it works gets a little more complicated than that, but there's full instructions and a link to the sign up post here.

You need five 500 word stories to qualify to be remixed in a given fandom, and I'm only one story off in Doctor Who, so I shall probably rattle something off before the deadline (February 23rd). Considering I also have one Torchwood fic in the works, I am contemplating whether it would be very crazy to attempt two more ficlets there as well over the course of the week to qualify. (This raises the question of why on earth I haven't written more in either of these fandoms before, to which I have no good answer.) We shall see!

But yay, because I enjoyed this so much last year, from writing my own submission, (It goes like this (the slowing heartbeat remix), adapted from [ profile] glass_icarus), to receiving a reworking of The Shores of the Sea (The Edge of the River (The Hudson Palisades Remix) by [ profile] cedarlibrarian), to reading all of the really quite exceptional fic that appeared in the archive. So I am stoked this time around!
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All right, new thing I'm trying, we'll see if it sticks.

Posted in January:
(some of these were written as early as November, but such is the nature of exchanges I suppose.)

Harry Potter:

All Ye Faithful
HP, Neville, others
PG-13, 5700 words
Neville can't bear to leave Hogwarts in the holidays, but a happy Christmas may be hard to find.
-- I'm pleased I wrote this. One of the nice things about exchanges is how they often push me to try something new, and this was certainly that. Also, Neville. ♥

HP, Padma/Luna
PG-13, 3500 words
The first time Padma noticed Luna Lovegood, really noticed her, she was standing outside in the pouring rain.
-- I remain very fond of this one. If possible, I do believe it made me like Luna even more.

These Bright Lights Calling
HP, Remus/Sirius
PG-13, 1500 words
Seven times Remus thought he was invincible.
-- I've written these two so many times now that it's sometimes a bit tricky to find anything new worth saying. But I got there in the end - when in doubt, write vignettes, apparently! This let me remind myself about lots of little things I love about the Marauders.

Other Fandoms:

Make Believe
Skins, Cassie
PG, 1500 words
Queen Cassie would like to present herself to her royal court
-- Ah, Yuletide. This reminds me, actually, I'm really rather excited for Skins starting back up again!

Four Midsummers
His Dark Materials, Will
PG, 1500 words
Four of Will's Midsummer days.
-- A small sample of things I would still love to write about this lot, and yet manage to fail to get around to. One day, one day!

The Night Shift
Firefly, Kaylee, Wash, Zoe
PG, 1000 words
The stars shine bright when you can't sleep.
-- I love the language of this universe so, so much, and intend on further practice in manipulating it for my own devices. And the friendship between Kaylee and Wash is one of my favourite little things about the programme.

World Enough and Time
Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, team
PG-13, 900 words
Jack has never been more grateful for the here and now.
-- Or, basically, some of my personal canon for the Year That Never Was. With added Ianto, just because. :)


Coming up: I have my three (!) stories from [ profile] hp_quotathon to post; also, I have an idea floating around from the latest episode of Torchwood that I haven't really had time to work out the specifics of yet, but I'm hoping that will pop up soon.
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1. I've had a sudden urge today to write something more for [ profile] nest_of_spiders, so there may or may not be James/Lily fic coming up later tonight depending on whether James co-operates or not, otherwise it'll show up next week.

2. Christmas exchange season is beginning to be upon us, hurrah! We'll see in time how many I end up signing up for, but sign-ups for [ profile] fem_exchange are now on, which I am very, very tempted by.

3. I'm offline until Monday, just in case anyone needs to get hold of me in the interim, but I think I'm up to speed on everything except one beta, who I must email, actually. *makes mental note*

4. So I finished watching Firefly recently, and am wholly infatuated with it all and shall be acquiring a Serenity DVD forthwith. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone had any fic recs? Actually, I'm curious, anyone who's passed through that fandom, what ships etc do people write, anyway? There are, after all, a fair few to choose from. I've found that I've ended up shipping Kaylee with just about everybody, so if anyone knew of some good Kaylee fic of any flavour, that would be fab - or anything else, for that matter!

5. The postwar fic I'm working on is now a little less embryonic, but I sense I'm going to run into all sorts of problems, because this is rapidly turning into the sort of thing I don't usually write.

See, I have so many interlinking ideas on things I want to write about set in the first couple of years after Deathly Hallows that it seems logical to merge them all. But this takes me into hitherto uncharted territory, namely a longer story that probably won't turn out as a one-shot. However. Knowing me, I'm a bit worried about to best work that, because I know that a) I am not very good at plotting in advance, and will often get to end of a story and have to go back and tweak all that's come before, but also that b) I probably do not have the stamina to work on something that long all by myself, and would probably be better motivated if I posted it as a WIP.

So, hmm. People who have gone down the WIP route, fancy telling me a bit about that? How do you find that works for you, what keeps you going in a timely fashion, etc? In the meantime I shall be plodding along, although how I've ended up with Minerva as the POV character for the first scene when I didn't even realise she was going to be in this story much is a bit of a mystery.


Jun. 27th, 2007 01:15 am
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Two fics I read today I simply have to pass on, because they're both wonderful.

Dear Alastor, posted today at [ profile] hp_summergen - G, Remus, Alastor Moody. “I’ve had a letter from Professor Lupin about this class,” says Moody in GoF. This is the letter.

A fantastic take on the letter Remus wrote after his year teaching, serving to remind me once again why Remus as a professor is pretty much my favourite thing in canon. There's a lot of wonderful details about his former students, and the tone of it is spot on. I really enjoyed it immensely, highly recommended!

And I was going to post that alone, but then the following cropped up on my flist, which I'm delighted to add!

End of Days by [ profile] magnetic_pole - Good Omens, G, Crowley, Aziraphale. Harry Potter hadn't seemed a likely vehicle for promoting chaos in the earthly realm.

So, those two discussing Harry Potter is made of win in any case, and this is a wonderfully funny story, but when you add on top of that Maggie's patented depth and layers, it's just fantastic. Hugely enjoyable, note-perfect in both fandoms, and I'm more than a little thrilled to have it connected to me!


Yesterday, there was Jack gen, Long Time Coming, which sort of took me by surprise and came out of nowhere. I return to regularly scheduled writing plans now - Marauders fic for [ profile] trowicia is coming along nicely, as is [ profile] dw_cross - when I've got where that's going a bit more concrete, I'll no doubt do some beta pleading. And all the time, Deathly Hallows continues to sneak up on us, eep!


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