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Two things this evening!

Thing one, I have a new post up at Doctor Her:

I think there’s enormous potential for companions with all kinds of different disabilities, whether they would be a wheelchair user like the woman at the convention or something else. I’d love to see the universe through the eyes of a companion on the autistic spectrum, for instance. I’d also get a huge kick out of there being a companion who, like me, had an invisible illness or two, and had to juggle taking different medications at different times and trying to figure out how on earth you assess the nutritional value of food on alien planets and so on.

-- Just How Accessible Is The TARDIS Anyway?


Thing two, my friends and acquaintances over at the magnificent Queer feminist burlesque collective Lashings of Ginger Beer Time are in the final days of fundraising to take their Alternative Sex Education show to the Edinburgh Festival this summer. They are 95% of the way there and have 2 days and 3 hours to go!

If you have a little spare money for supporting awesome art projects, I highly recommend considering the Lashings crowd - they're hilarious, absurdly multi-talented, and have a great progressive political backbone. Supporters can get cool merchandise as well as recordings of their songs and a DVD of the pantomime they did this year, which I was in the audience for and nearly laughed my way out of my chair.

You can see some of their previous performances at their youtube channel, and I'm going to embed one of my favourites below.

You're the Top - the kink version )

For more info, and to sponsor them, here's their profile at WeFund here.


Mar. 30th, 2011 11:16 pm
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Final reminder: [ profile] help_japan's auction ends tomorrow, and my vid offer can be found here.
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My vidding services are up for grabs, with bidding running until the end of the month. The highest bid is currently $30.

Thanks so much to those who have bid so far! And of course, it's well worth browsing the [ profile] help_japan and [community profile] help_japan lists in general, there's a lot of really great stuff going.
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I'm offering one vid at [ profile] help_japan.

Fandoms on offer: Avatar: the Last Airbender, Doctor Who (2005), Firefly, Fringe, Legend of the Seeker, Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, White Collar.

As I say in that post, this isn't going to be the speediest delivery as I have some other outstanding fannish obligations to get to first, but hopefully I can work something out with the winning bidder.
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Memory and Time
Doctor Who ; Ten/Rose/Jack ; PG-13 ; 3000 words ; no content notes ; beta'd by [personal profile] lyras and [personal profile] wanderlight ; also at the AO3
In which Rose gets sick, Jack comes back, and the Doctor doesn't know what to do about either of them. AU.

Written for [ profile] wendymr for the [ profile] help_haiti auction, many moons ago. Many thanks to her for her generosity and infinite patience!


Mostly, Rose is really bloody annoyed. )
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[community profile] ao3vidders is hosting an auction to raise funds for the AO3 to help them create a more permanent home for vidders online. More information and a masterlist here, and my thread here.

I'm offering:

Doctor Who (2005), Torchwood, Legend of the Seeker, Firefly, Merlin, Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Harry Potter, Star Trek XI, Battlestar Galactica, White Collar. I'd also be happy to try to vid a film whether I've seen it or not, or anything else you think I'm familiar with - email to check.
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+ While an LJ meme may not exactly be the best venue, I am all for encouraging people to feel able to speak up if there's a problem, so. My thread on the 'I've always wanted to tell you' meme.

+ With BAM Vid Vault about to go under, the need for a vid archive of our own becomes ever-more pressing! [community profile] ao3vidders/[ profile] ao3vidders is starting up to encourage donations/other assistance for an AO3 vid service, with an auction fundraiser to come.

+ [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw starts up on Monday, and [personal profile] torachan is hosting a transfic mini fest. Go, leave prompts, start writing fic!

+ [ profile] obsessive24 made Mama, a vid of the BBC production of Hamlet starring David Tennant. It's fabulous.

+ [personal profile] glass_icarus is proclaiming a week of win, which I think is an excellent idea. I therefore finish this post with a kitten! ) (I'm sensing this may become a theme.)
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+ Thank you hugely to everyone who bid on my offers at [ profile] help_haiti, especially to auction winners [ profile] melandry, [ profile] lindenharp and [ profile] wendymr, who are donating an incredible and somewhat mind-boggling $445 between them. (I feel under no pressure whatsoever ... *g*)

+ [ profile] halfamoon is starting up again on the first of February! Yaaay! It's a two-week multi-fandom celebration of female characters and it's awesome - it's the comm I made Glorious for last year. Sadly, I am already over-committed and will not be participating myself except in squee. ♥ female characters ftw! ♥

+ In celebration of the above, [personal profile] heathershaped was MEAN and asked her flist to name their top five female characters of all time. I inflict this punishment upon you all also! I flailed and ultimately went with five off the top of my head - I'm sorry, Kara and Teyla and Guinevere and Toshiko and Donna and Uhura and everyone else! :(

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+ In department of 'omg this had better be a totally unfounded rumour': Fox to commission a RTD-penned US remake of Torchwood? WHAT. And I am just not thinking about how I would feel if it did turn out that RTD did indeed blow up his old show then go and make a brand new shiny one. May this never come to pass!

+ In happier news, [ profile] queerlit50 is starting up, similar to [ profile] 50books_poc. Read some queer authors! Tell me about them! :D My reading list for the next few weeks includes Sarah Waters' Fingersmith, Mary Renault's The Persian Boy, and Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint, so I will probably chat about those over there.

+ Also, [personal profile] oxoniensis's ninth porn battle is taking prompts.

+ eta: Also! The [ profile] help_haiti auction closes in just over 24 hours. There's a lot of things still available over there very reasonably, and everything's all listed and indexed so it's easy to find something you might like.
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+ Huge thanks to everyone so far who's bid on the items I'm offering at [ profile] help_haiti. Totals currently stand at $20 for fic, $35 for a vid and $40 for podfic. The auction closes on the 20th.

+ It's More Joy Day! [personal profile] charmax has a wonderful, joyous picspam - so cute!

+ I put a little joy music mix together this morning (that I may or may not have danced my room to, just a little *g*) that I offer up for you all. You can download either tracks or the full mix, which has been made into a compilation and ordered for a nice flow, at this mediafire folder (.zip file may take a moment to appear).

tracklist )

+ ALSO (goodness, fandom's busy at the moment!), I had another tripped and fell moment earlier this week during the conversations in Merlin fandom about kink, and thus have ended up co-modding [ profile] kinkelot. It's operating as a flashfic comm and the first prompt will be going up tomorrow. I'm working on some resources and some guidelines on how this is going to operate kink-inclusive space, but I'll definitely be hoping for advice and pointers along the way. All tastes welcome!

Join [ profile] kinkelot! A monthly kink-themed challenge community.
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[ profile] help_haiti is letting people offer a whole plethora of goods in exchange for donations to various emergency funds dedicated to helping Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. There's a number of ways to get involved and a lot of very talented people offering up their skills; see the comm for more details.

I have three items up for auction: a fic, a vid, and a podfic. There are more specifics about what I'm offering at the links.


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