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Dorky? Definitely. Hyperbolic? Undoubtedly. Do I care? NOT SO MUCH. This is what I have been listening to today.

oh yes we can: an election '08 mix

now with zip file.

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I put this together around this time last year, re-uploaded by request. Featuring all musical prompts of last year's [ profile] wellymuck and many more springtime gems.

Wellymuck: A Remus/Sirius Spring Fanmix
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Enjoy! Any problems with download, please let me know. Zip file on MediaFire, can re-do individual tracks on request.


A Man In Uniform

1. Lost In Space - Aimee Mann
I'm just pretending to care, like I'm not even there

2. Distance - Editors
I'll leave the murder scene

3. Slow Hands - Interpol
Can't you see what you've done to my heart and soul?

4. Outsiders - Franz Ferdinand
When you saw me sleeping, you thought I was dreaming of you.

5. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson
Must I always be waiting, waiting on you?

6. Underwear - The Magnetic Fields
A pretty boy in his underwear - if there's a better reason to jump for joy, who cares?

7. Vibrate - Rufus Wainwright
Call me any time you like: my phone's on vibrate for you.

8. Delicate - Damien Rice
When nobody's watching, I might take you home.

9. Ageless Beauty - Stars
Oceans won't freeze, so loosen your heart

10. When My Boy Walks Down The Street - The Magnetic Fields
Amazing! He's a whole new form of life. Blue eyes blazing, and he's going to be my wife.

11. I Love A Man In A Uniform - Gang of Four
I need an order!
This is so Ianto. Seriously. =D

Zip file: A Man In Uniform
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Because exams are slaying me, I bring this instead of fic. Featuring all musical prompts of [ profile] wellymuck and many more springtime gems.

1. Antenna - Come On Spring
2. Belle & Sebastian - Another Sunny Day
3. Joe Purdy - I Love The Rain The Most
4. Explosions in the Sky - The Moon Is Down
5. Mirah - Pollen
6. Coldplay - Yellow
7. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Biomusicology
8. The Lucksmiths - Midweek Midmorning
9. Belle & Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo
10. Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla
11. The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
12. The Smiths - Cemetary Gates
13. Doves - Catch The Sun
14. Powderfinger - Waiting For The Sun
15. Something Corporate - Watch The Sky

Download the zip, including a front cover amalgamation of lovely pictures, here (yousendit) or here (megaupload)

ETA 25/9: New zip uploaded on yousendit here - good for 100 downloads & 7 days. Feel free to ask for it after that if you so wish.


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