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things I wrote in April, and March because I forgot )


How it is May, what? Excuse me while I rock quietly in a corner, muttering to myself about Big Bang and VVC. *whimper*


Lots of exciting fannish things continue apace! Your input is requested in many areas:

[personal profile] oxoniensis is polling about when to hold the next Porn Battle
The good souls of Remix have some questions about possible changes to qualifying stories and inclusion of RPF. (Also, though I warn you this will suck you into a timedrain of constant refreshing, [ profile] remixredux09 has the BEST HEADER EVER, omg. Hot people with guns! <3)
[ profile] femslash09 wants votes on which fandoms to include as listed fandoms in this year's round 1


1 I am glad to see lots of fandoms making good showings there. (Merlin! Leverage! Pushing Daisies!) but especially so to see Skins. This leads me to believe there may be some decent stories out there. Emily/Naomi recs, anyone? I am inherently lazy, and if no one points me in any other direction I'll just end up watching [ profile] obsessive24's Soil, Soil over and over. Oh, that's right, I do that anyway. :D Drive-by rec - it is some seriously gorgeous editing and also ADORABLE, and led me to check out the rest of Skins S3, having not bothered previously. I feel like I could say something or other about how startlingly well they wrote Emily and Naomi's storylines, considering the epic soap opera that is Skins, but mostly I just want to draw big hearts around them. Much like the show itself does!


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