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+ A recap of 2x04, Allison from Palmdale as part of the Sarah Connor Chronicles rewatch. (Note: post is image heavy.)

+ A squee post at [community profile] doctorwho to discuss aspects of S6 you're enjoying so far - spoilers through 6x03.
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The characters were:

1. River Song
2. Ginny Weasley
3. Martha Jones
4. Diana Barrigan
5. Katara
6. Hermione Granger
7. Amy Pond
8. Zoe Alleyne
9. Guinevere
10. Olivia Dunham
11. Cara Mason
12. Gwen Cooper
13. Astrid Farnsworth
14. Toph Bei Fong
15. Sarah Connor

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There are a bunch of rewatches going on for shows I love just now!

[community profile] donebykorra is rewatching Avatar: the Last Airbender, and is currently up to the mid-season S1 two-parter. (AKA WHEN THINGS GOT AWESOME.)

[ profile] ds9_rewatch has been going for a couple of weeks now, the post's just gone up for 1x03.

Over at [ profile] scchronicles_tv, a Sarah Connor Chronicles rewatch is being organised. There's a sign-up post here if you'd like to recap an episode.

I need to dig out my DVDs and get on this, for I love all three shows very, very much. The DS9 comm is the only one with spoiler policies in place, so I don't recommend the other two if you're new to the shows in question. Ah, plotty ensemble shows with complex characters and rewarding arcs and awesome ladies, you are my favourite.
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Yuletide reveals! I can now own up to the following, both written during Yuletide Madness:

Out of the Void
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ; Sarah, John ; PG ; 1100 words ; written for [personal profile] rheanna
Sarah writes John letters.

Liquid Heat
Imagine Me & You ; Luce/Rachel ; adult ; 800 words ; written for [ profile] 24_centuries
Luce is already awake when Rachel gets back, sitting up and sleep-ruffled.


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