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Within The Lapping Waves
PG, 500 words
His Dark Materials; Mary, Mary/Alfredo
Summary: "So that was how I stopped being a nun."
Notes: Ages ago, I snapped up a prompt of [ profile] glass_icarus' to write something about Mary Malone. Here is a snippet, for the occasion of her birthday - happy birthday, sweetie, and have a good one! Summary from The Amber Spyglass, text within from Matthew Arnold's 'Dover Beach'.

The sea is calm tonight. )
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Yuletiiide! I never did get around to doing any recs posts pre-reveal, alas, but I've still got such a backlog of fic to read that I guess I might as well get through all of that first.

Firstly, thank you so so much to my two delightful authors, [ profile] firstgold and [ profile] vivien529, you are both wonderful!

Second, reveals. My main story was in Skins fandom for [ profile] mturtle, which I've backdated, because seriously, does anybody even watch this? It only got a response from my recipient on the site (and she was delighted with it, it sounded like, so that's more than good enough for me), so hmm. Anyway, if you're interested:

Make Believe
Cassie, PG-13, 1500 words
Queen Cassie would like to present herself to her royal court.

My other story was a pinch-hit for [ profile] lyras! I was pleased with how this turned out, but I really wish I could have had more time on it - there's all sorts of middle scenes with Will and bits with Lyra that I realised I just wasn't going to have time to write. Another time, then.

Four Midsummers
His Dark Materials
Will, PG, 1500 words
Summary: Four of Will's Midsummer days.
Notes: Written for [ profile] lyras in the 2007 Yuletide exchange.

Summer was bursting with warmth and colour, and Will was beginning to feel as though he had a pattern of life again. )
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His Dark Materials: A Pimping Post

This post attempts to address three areas: one, to encourage those that are unfamiliar with the series to give it a try; two, to remind those who have read and enjoyed the trilogy of its merits, and to suggest it deserves greater fannish attention than it receives; and three, to propose that the forthcoming cinematic adaptation of The Golden Compass is likely to provide an excellent opportunity for the fandom to grow, and wouldn't you like to be ahead of the game?

Read the rest at [ profile] smallfandomfest here.

There shall be HDM fic, too, but that'll have to wait until the weekend in all likelihood, as I'm about to disappear for a couple of days.
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There really isn't a His Dark Materials fandom as such, is there? In terms of fanfic, anyway - the only community I could find on LJ was decidedly dead. This strikes me as a great tragedy, especially after I got such a kick out of writing this.

Lord Asriel/Mrs Coulter, 300 words, PG-13. For [ profile] expositionary.

Five things Asriel regrets not having done. )


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