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Hello! I'm SO excited that you're going to make a vid in one of my very favourite fandoms, and you really can't go wrong. Doctor Who and Star Trek are all-time shows of my heart and I've been super into Mass Effect lately, so this is all very thrilling. Some details below but please prioritise what will be fun for you to vid over matching very specifically what I've suggested, they're just some ideas if you'd like them.


Doctor Who | Mass Effect | DS9 | Star Trek IV )
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(Ahhhhh I can do this I can do this I think I can do this??)

Hello, creator! I hope you enjoy the exchange, and I'm really excited to see your art or read your fic. <3

I like friendship, chosen family, romance, adventure, wacky hijinx, ridiculous AUs, character studies, backstory, fannish tropes, and people being kind to each other and themselves. I'm thrilled with slice of life vignettes and big ambitious plots.

I'm very happy with any rating and any kind of romantic/sexual/kink content -- or none -- whatever you most like to write. My two general requests would be a happy ending, and nothing where any of the characters are too drunk to know what they're doing.

my signup )
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Hurray, have finally written my letters for yuletide and festivids.

Yuletide letter (Requests: Ulysses Dies At Dawn, As You Like It, Elementary, Brave)

Festivids letter (Requests: Bomb Girls, Brave, Cloud Atlas, Hercules, Lego Star Wars, London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Pacific Rim, Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Meanwhile, I am clapping my hands in glee over my yuletide assignment on account of how it's perfect and I'm going to have the best time ever writing it. :D :D :D
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Well, with the exception of a couple of last minute treats that might show up, posting is done over at [community profile] eleventyfest! I'm super delighted at the range in subject matter and media - over 40 fanworks with over 20 characters in vid, podfic, art, icon and fic format. Yay!

Everything stays anonymous for another week - you can browse at the comm via the tag or see many of the gifts as the AO3 collection.

I feel that is unmodly to pick favourites especially when I haven't had a chance to look at most of it yet, but everything I've seen so far has been totally wonderful.

I only got the chance to make one thing for the exchange, but I think it's pretty obvious, so guess away in comments! Your prize will be a glow of satisfaction at seeing through my not very successfully anonymity. *g*
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+ Yesterday I had the great pleasure of going to the wedding of [personal profile] carawj and [personal profile] cosmic_llin. It was completely wonderful - the brides were radiant, everyone had a fantastic time, and I'm so thrilled for both of them. <3

+ In the hope that this will somehow kick my writing ability back into gear (I used to be able to do this I swear! I don't know what happened! *sob*) I have signed up for [community profile] fan_byproducts, a Welcome to Night Vale fic + art exchange. I believe sign ups close today, so get on that if you would like to join in!

+ I really, really enjoy Welcome to Night Vale, by the by. And Jasika Nicole's guest turn on the most recent episode was everything I've ever wanted. *_*

+ There are so many wonderful things being posted up at [community profile] eleventyfest. I haven't had a chance to sit down properly with them all yet, but I am a very happy mod. In particular, I got a story especially for me and I LOVE IT:

Ordinary Human Days (4035 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who, Doctor Who (2005), Doctor Who & Related Fandoms
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eleventh Doctor/Amy Pond/Rory Williams, Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song
Additional Tags: Recreational Drug Use

This time with Amy and Rory was going to be different.

POOOOOONDS! Set during The Power of Three, this is suitably ridiculous and delightful OT3 wonderfulness with bonus River, and oh gosh it is everything I want for these idiots. <3
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You have around 48 hours left to sign up for [community profile] eleventyfest, so if you've been meaning to, now's a good time! :D
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[community profile] eleventyfest is now open for signups, if you would like to make any kind of fanwork about any aspect of Doctor Who s5 - 7 over the summer! Sign ups are open until June 28th.

Yay! And passing this on to any interested parties would be much appreciated. :D


Jun. 10th, 2013 05:44 pm
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[community profile] eleventyfest will open for signups on Friday. Timeline in the community profile page. More info to come!

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I would like to organise some kind of Doctor Who fanwork exchange focusing on the Eleventy era. My motivation, as ever, being that I want more things to read/watch/see/listen to! There could be things about the Ponds, Clara, the Paternoster Gang, Canton, Liz X, anything you like. If I built it, would you come?

Poll #13647 eleventy fest?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 46

If there was an Eleventh Doctor-era fanwork exchange running this summer, would you participate?

View Answers

I would read along
36 (78.3%)

I might sign up
19 (41.3%)

I would probably sign up
7 (15.2%)

I might be interested in helping to run it
4 (8.7%)

ticky box!
17 (37.0%)

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For my own reference as much as anything.

+ [community profile] tightpresent is a Sarah Connor Chronicles vid exchanges, with signups opening today.

+ Originated on tumblr but now spread across fandom, it has been declared that is Femslash February. There's a lot of activity on tumblr, including this call for seeing more femslash for Black women, but there's also discussion at [community profile] girlgay.

+ [community profile] halfamoon / [ profile] halfamoon has started up again. Two weeks of celebrating female characters, whee!

+ [community profile] purimgifts is open - sign up to make and receive gift baskets of small fanworks about Jewish characters and/or women and/or people on the run from evil viziers.

+ And over at [community profile] white_lotus, the Lunar New Year is approaching and we'll be posting exchange fanworks soon! (If you didn't sign up for the exchange but think you might be able to pinch hit for Avatar:tLA or Legend of Korra, email whitelotusmods at gmail to be added to the mailing list.)

I'm not sure how much of the above I'll be able to participate in due to being super busy*, but I can't wait to see the results!

* I am working away on all of your commissions - thank you again for those, so much - as well what feels like a slightly absurd amount of other things. I think I'm on top of it all! But if I'm supposed to be doing something for you and I've gone suspiciously quiet, it's always okay to get in touch and give me a nudge, I find that v helpful.
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Whee I love this time of year.

+ [community profile] fandom_stocking is live. I have presents!. There are stories and icons and art and picspams and good wishes, thank you all so much! <3

+ [community profile] 3_ships is also live! There are many stories in many fandoms.

And my story is WONDERFUL. \o/!

(I've got) Potential (Doctor Who RPF, Matt/Karen/Arthur)

SO GOOD. It's a long and completely delightful read, full of feelings and banter and a total lack of personal space and everything else I love about them. It makes great use of all kinds of details from all over the place, Confidential and interviews and Arthur's ridiculous twitter account. The character voices are really excellent, and it's by turns hilarious, sweet, and really hot.

I LOVE MY STORY. *squishes it*
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+ You have until the end of the day on December 14th to sign up for the [community profile] white_lotus exchange. Come play, it'll be fun!

+ There is also a treats post where you can leave prompts and/or pick them up if you want to play more informally.

+ Next year's Vidukon is happening in Cardiff on May 18th & 19th. If you like vids and can get to Cardiff, you should come! It'll be fun. More info at [community profile] vidukon_cardiff, [ profile] vidukon, and [ profile] vidukon. We are also soliciting premieres, whether you're attending or not, and those need to be submitted by March 31st. If you think you might like to make a vid and would like some cheerleading/encouragement, feel free to get in touch!

+ [community profile] fandom_stocking is still open for participants. I have a stocking here, if anyone wants to make me something small and shiny. <3
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Who You Are When You're With Me
Avengers ; Natasha/Pepper ; 2700 words ; PG-13 ; no content notes
Pepper felt herself begin to relax, the muscles in her back and her neck slowly uncurling from their default state of constant tension. She smiled over at Natalie, feeling a little dopey from the faint buzz of alcohol and the late hour. Natalie smiled back, warm and sympathetic. She really did have a very pretty smile.

Written for [personal profile] lionessvalenti in the [community profile] femslash12 exchange. Many thanks to [personal profile] purplefringe for the beta!

Pepper had no problem admitting that she'd been very sceptical of Natalie Rushman when they'd first met.

Dear Sailor

Nov. 9th, 2012 10:53 pm
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Slightly belated letter for whoever's been assigned me for [community profile] 3_ships - if you're super organised and already working on something, by all means carry on! But here's some info below if that would be helpful.

Requests with some extra details )

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+ I have my festivids assignment! I'm so excited! Hurray for exchange season. (My dear festividder letter, for reference.)

+ I am now a mere two squares away from getting a bingo at [community profile] kink_bingo, so hopefully I can actually do that for the first time in a few years.

+ A seriously awesome-looking fannish endeavour: [community profile] theatripod. Theatripod is a challenge to create multivoice podfics in the style of theatre productions, with a director, auditions, rehearsals, and a final recorded performance with minimal editing. It will take place over a six-month period.

+ Also, NaNo approaches. Eep. In my two previous attempts I didn't manage to get past 10k, but this year I have a lot more time, so it could happen? Anyway, I'm going to try and crank out 50,000 words of Doctor Who fic in a month, and if anyone else is attempting it this year, here's me on the nano site. I will gladly offer cheerleading and commiserating as required.

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Hello! You're going to write a femslash story for me! Ilu!

If you already have a bunch of ideas of what you'd like to do just based on my ships then go forth and have a great time. If some more info would be helpful for you, I have details below, a lot of which are copied from last year.

femslaaash yay )
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+ [community profile] festivids nominations close tomorrow, ie I just spent the past half an hour panicking about what to nominate.

Have finally settled on a list that includes: some fandoms )

+ [community profile] femslash12 sign ups are open. The listed fandoms include all kinds of things and people are coming up with great wildcard requests too. I WANT ALL OF IT.
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Just got my [community profile] femslash11 assignment, whee! (If you haven't received yours yet, fear not, they're being sent out in batches apparently.

Dear intrepid writer - hello, and I hope you've found something in my signup you can work with!

here is some more info )
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Sign-ups are open for [ profile] rs_small_gifts until October 30th! The one fest that keeps dragging me back to HP.

But folks, can we quickly chat about exchange requests and boundary policing? I know, because I used to do it myself, that it's frequently standard fandom practice to put in a list of kinks that you don't like - 'the usual squicks like scat, bloodplay, watersports', 'none of that icky body fluid stuff' - etc etc.

Let's talk about a couple of the reasons why that's a problem:

1. It relies on a ridiculous premise, namely that there are all these kinky types waiting in the wings to spring on your request and write you watersports fic unless you specifically state otherwise. People want to write things that you'll like! Therefore, they are likely to work based on the things you've listed that you like, rather than assuming that anything you haven't specifically listed in your request is fair game.

Trying to make a complete list of things you dislike would be absurd, we'd be here all week. Keep it simple, specific, and mostly based on things that people genuinely might think to write for you unless you mention it, and it's all be fine. For instance, I've mentioned 'drunkenness' as a thing in my sign-up because it's a common story device in Remus/Sirius fic and one I don't personally like. Giving a long list of kinks you don't like, using derogatory language, being vague (what do you mean by 'the usual squicks' or 'kink' anyway?) or naming rare-in-fandom kinks is unnecessary and unhelpful.

2. And the reason that the above is a particular problem is because the continuous reinforcement of certain kinks as 'gross', 'icky', 'weird' etc is a method of boundary policing and holding up some pretty crappy fandom norms. It shames people who might otherwise want to request and write those things, and it shames people for whom whatever kink in question isn't just a fictional like but a real life practice or interest. By participating in that kind of behaviour you contribute to a culture in which some things are acceptable and others are not, and really we could all do without that.


Jun. 29th, 2010 10:14 am
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My [community profile] femslash10 assignment arrived, and I am stoked! (Ha, oh god, I really need to get back on the writing to deadlines bandwagon. My help_haiti fic first - it's going to be done soon, I swear - and then [ profile] femgenficathon, which I may actually complete this year for the first time!)

Anyway. Hi, femslash10 writer!

Dear Author letter )


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