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ahhhhh Community is coming back tonight ahhhh I can't wait to watch it at the weekend. :D

And via this somewhat spoilery article re. things to look forward to in s4, I have to flail about no. 29.

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Potentially relevant to some of your interests - a bunch of fans are putting together what could be a massive, sprawling con in London and it sounds pretty great. I'd love to have an event like this happen at home.

A creative arts, gaming, film, costuming, anime, fandom, literature, science and geek culture convention. Also a really big party.

We're a group of sci-fi convention fans putting together a weekend-long, multi-genre, residential GeekFest in London next summer, on August 9th-11th. We've named it Nine Worlds GeekFest. The idea behind Nine Worlds is to create a large fan-run multi-genre geek event in London. For years we've been going to huge US cons like Dragon*Con and GenCon and SDCC, and we got to wondering why nothing like that exists in the UK. France can drum up over 20,000 sci-fi fans for Utopiales, even Finland can find 15,000 fans for FinnCon. But when it comes to large fan-driven residential multi-genre sci-fi cons in the UK, pickings are pretty slim.

From chatting to one of the organisers I know they're big into ideas of safer spaces, accessibility, strong anti-harassment policies, and actively looking for diversity in their panelists and attendees.

They've just opened a Kickstarter to sell early-bird tickets and if they hit their target, the con's a definite go. Find out more here!


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Or, sorry, Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveller Who Can Also Travel Through Time. But it's an actual thing that is really happening omg. Six parts, one each Monday, the first one went up this week. It is delightful!

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Stolen from [personal profile] chaila:

Pick 5 TV shows you like before reading the questions.

1. Doctor Who
2. Avatar: the Last Airbender
3. Avatar: Legend of Korra
4. Community
5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

questions! also major spoilers for Deep Space Nine for anyone who's watching for the first time at the moment )
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I am quite busy, which is good as it is because I have some much needed temporary employment, but my internet time has taken a big hit accordingly and that is sad. Especially as I've realised that for me internet/fandom time is also my introvert recharge time, and I miss it accordingly.

Some quick links:

+ I would like to bring you the news that there's going to be an Inspector Spacetime web series. AMAZING.

+ Reminder: there are some great prompts for the currently very lonely Who/Trek crossover fest.

+ This interview with Karen Gillan re. series seven is pretty great, particularly this extract:

I just want to see her get what she wants. )
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Don't Stop, Just Dance
edited by [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Community
characters: ensemble
music: Just Stop Believin' - DJ Tripp (Lady Gaga vs. Journey)
summary: Don't stop believing and just dance.
content notes: none
vidder notes: many thanks to [personal profile] purplefringe and [personal profile] were_duck for the beta! Oh, geeky comedy show of my heart, I'm still holding out for six seasons and a movie. <3 Also, as dotsub decided to hate me this evening I've encoding the subtitle file manually - please let me know if there are any issues on that or the youtube stream.
download: 33MB .avi direct download | subtitle .srt

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