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The Korra showrunners have both posted about the finale now and it's amazing and beautiful.

Michael Dante DiMartino's post and Bryan Konietzko's post.


more concrete spoilers )
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Stolen from [personal profile] chaila:

Pick 5 TV shows you like before reading the questions.

1. Doctor Who
2. Avatar: the Last Airbender
3. Avatar: Legend of Korra
4. Community
5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

questions! also major spoilers for Deep Space Nine for anyone who's watching for the first time at the moment )
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So another batch of my friends have got into Avatar TLA lately which is always a source of enormous joy. And now that Korra has finally started, eeeeee, I'm hoping this fandom will only continue to grow!

(People who still haven't seen this show, I really can't recommend it enough. It's just. So good. Hilarious and compelling and full of heart with fantastic characters from the main team to recurring to standalone, and it fulfils so many of my hopes and dreams re. representation, with an entirely Asian culture-based fantasy world, a huge range of different kinds of female characters as well as one of my favourite disabled characters ever, and it's all about a team of adorable dorks who love each other and save the day and a;lsdasja;lskd. It makes me so, so happy in my heart.)

Anyway. Here are some links to Avatar fandom hangouts and fanworks I like etc. Please feel free to add links in the comments - self-reccing encouraged!

This list has been written for people who've caught up on the show, so assume spoilers for everything including aired episodes of Korra.

So on Dreamwidth I co-mod [community profile] white_lotus, which runs a yearly fanwork exchange as well as being a general repository for fanwork posts and news about the show. Now that Korra's airing we're having weekly discussion posts. The quality of the things people post there is so high, there's so much good stuff and it's a great place to go and find icons etc. That's how I saw a fantastic and comprehensive batch for the first two episodes of Korra by [personal profile] piconz, for instance.

If you're into Tumblr, I don't follow that many Avatar blogs but I do enjoy the following. (Potential spoilers for today's episode of Korra below.)

[tumblr.com profile] bryankonietzko (co-creator of Avatar & Korra)
[tumblr.com profile] effyeahmaizuko
[tumblr.com profile] avataraang
[tumblr.com profile] appasbossdays (I dream of this updating again one day!)
[tumblr.com profile] tftfn (for all your Texts From Last Night needs)
[tumblr.com profile] oma_shu

Fanwork recs - I have some delicious bookmarks and this is the recs tag on my journal.

some personal favourites below the cut )
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aahhhhh so excited for both of these omg. :DD

Avatar: the Legend of Korra trailer: embed )


Doctor Who series 6.5 trailer: embed )



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