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Dec. 4th, 2012 11:37 am
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+ [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange is now open for signups. All fanworks, all characters and ships in the Avatar: the Last Airbender & Legend of Korra verse. We've had amazing stuff in previous years - fic, poetry, vids, art, crafts, icons, lots of things. I don't think we've ever had podfic before, though, and I'd love that to change!

+ My [community profile] femslash12 story is AWESOME.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Game (2007 words) by faviconthrace
Fandom: Imagine Me & You (2005)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Luce/Rachel (Imagine Me & You)
Characters: Luce (Imagine Me & You), Rachel (Imagine Me & You)
Summary: Luce loves Rachel. Rachel loves football. Luce and football are working on it.

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Stolen from [personal profile] chaila:

Pick 5 TV shows you like before reading the questions.

1. Doctor Who
2. Avatar: the Last Airbender
3. Avatar: Legend of Korra
4. Community
5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

questions! also major spoilers for Deep Space Nine for anyone who's watching for the first time at the moment )
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So another batch of my friends have got into Avatar TLA lately which is always a source of enormous joy. And now that Korra has finally started, eeeeee, I'm hoping this fandom will only continue to grow!

(People who still haven't seen this show, I really can't recommend it enough. It's just. So good. Hilarious and compelling and full of heart with fantastic characters from the main team to recurring to standalone, and it fulfils so many of my hopes and dreams re. representation, with an entirely Asian culture-based fantasy world, a huge range of different kinds of female characters as well as one of my favourite disabled characters ever, and it's all about a team of adorable dorks who love each other and save the day and a;lsdasja;lskd. It makes me so, so happy in my heart.)

Anyway. Here are some links to Avatar fandom hangouts and fanworks I like etc. Please feel free to add links in the comments - self-reccing encouraged!

This list has been written for people who've caught up on the show, so assume spoilers for everything including aired episodes of Korra.

So on Dreamwidth I co-mod [community profile] white_lotus, which runs a yearly fanwork exchange as well as being a general repository for fanwork posts and news about the show. Now that Korra's airing we're having weekly discussion posts. The quality of the things people post there is so high, there's so much good stuff and it's a great place to go and find icons etc. That's how I saw a fantastic and comprehensive batch for the first two episodes of Korra by [personal profile] piconz, for instance.

If you're into Tumblr, I don't follow that many Avatar blogs but I do enjoy the following. (Potential spoilers for today's episode of Korra below.)

[tumblr.com profile] bryankonietzko (co-creator of Avatar & Korra)
[tumblr.com profile] effyeahmaizuko
[tumblr.com profile] avataraang
[tumblr.com profile] appasbossdays (I dream of this updating again one day!)
[tumblr.com profile] tftfn (for all your Texts From Last Night needs)
[tumblr.com profile] oma_shu

Fanwork recs - I have some delicious bookmarks and this is the recs tag on my journal.

some personal favourites below the cut )
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Like Avatar: the Last Airbender? Think you might have room on your plate to make a fanwork for it between now and January 16th? Sign ups for the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange are open now. It was an absolutely joy to run last year and I'm excited that we're bringing it back. You can formally sign up or just leave prompts on the treat post or be on the pinch hitter mailing list.

P.S. Korra characters are also accepted. \o/
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Bad Romance
by [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
music: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
ship: Azula/Mai/Ty Lee
content notes: Sketchy power dynamics as suggested by the ship.
download: 16MB .avi @mediafire | subtitle .srt
notes: Many thanks to [personal profile] avendya for the beta. Made for [personal profile] glass_icarus in the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year exchange. And yes, I have already vidded this song for another morally dubious magical lesbian threesome, what is your point? *g*

embed and lyrics )
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Something Built To Last
Avatar: the Last Airbender ; Toph ; PG ; 1300 words ; no content notes
Toph helps rebuild after the war.

Written for [personal profile] zephre in the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year exchange, with thanks to [personal profile] eruthros for the beta.

In Ba Sing Se, there's rebuilding to be done in more ways than one. )
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Around Us
by [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
music: Around Us - Jónsi
character: ensemble
content notes: none
summary: We all want to grow in the seeds we were sown.
download: 32MB zipped .avi | subtitle .srt
notes: Many thanks to [personal profile] eruthros and [livejournal.com profile] kaydeefalls for the beta. Made for [personal profile] reflectedeve in the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year exchange.

embed and lyrics )
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We have now finished posting the fanworks for the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year exchange, and I highly recommend going to check them out, the amount of creativity is just amazing.

Anyone have a guess as to what I made? I made four things - one assignment, two pinch-hits, and one treat. There may be prizes for correct answers! (Betas and co-mods may not apply. *g*)

Comments screened.
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The characters were:

1. River Song
2. Ginny Weasley
3. Martha Jones
4. Diana Barrigan
5. Katara
6. Hermione Granger
7. Amy Pond
8. Zoe Alleyne
9. Guinevere
10. Olivia Dunham
11. Cara Mason
12. Gwen Cooper
13. Astrid Farnsworth
14. Toph Bei Fong
15. Sarah Connor

your questions answered! )
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I know the last time I did this meme, I never posted the answers. I PROMISE TO DO BETTER THIS TIME!

Via [personal profile] musesfool, [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon themed.

I have a list of fifteen characters. All are (awesome) women. Ask me questions, or give me scenarios involving those characters. (Like: What does 7 think of 12? What happens when 3, 10, and 6 form a band?) I will answer them, and hilarity will ensue.

Fandoms: A:TLA, Doctor Who, Firefly, Fringe, Legend of the Seeker, Merlin, T:TSCC, White Collar.


Speaking of A:TLA - folks, if you haven't yet checked out the [community profile] white_lotus exchange we're running at the moment, you are missing out! We have poetry, vids, icons, crafts, fic and art. There's humorous gen, super hot kinky porn, incredibly sweet ensemble fanworks, gorgeous romances, thoughtful character studies, beautiful pictures, and also a drabble celebrating a winged lemur's love for a sky bison.

*draws hearts around everything*
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There are a bunch of rewatches going on for shows I love just now!

[community profile] donebykorra is rewatching Avatar: the Last Airbender, and is currently up to the mid-season S1 two-parter. (AKA WHEN THINGS GOT AWESOME.)

[livejournal.com profile] ds9_rewatch has been going for a couple of weeks now, the post's just gone up for 1x03.

Over at [livejournal.com profile] scchronicles_tv, a Sarah Connor Chronicles rewatch is being organised. There's a sign-up post here if you'd like to recap an episode.

I need to dig out my DVDs and get on this, for I love all three shows very, very much. The DS9 comm is the only one with spoiler policies in place, so I don't recommend the other two if you're new to the shows in question. Ah, plotty ensemble shows with complex characters and rewarding arcs and awesome ladies, you are my favourite.
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Ack, okay, I am totally failing on this meme owing in part to modding and in part to offline things. Alas! I will try and write maybe a post or two in the next week or so.

But in lieu of a proper post tonight, let me say that a) Toph is made of joy, and b) this is aptly demonstrated in my [community profile] white_lotus gift!

120 Faces by anonymous. 120 Toph-centric icons.

SO COOL. So I will now be communicating entirely via Toph-based graphics, just fyi.


TOPH! Please make up for my lack and leave love and recs and such for her in the comments. :D
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Happy new year, everyone who's celebrating! <3

Over at [community profile] white_lotus, we're celebrating by kicking off our gift exchange. YOU GUYS. There is SO MUCH AWESOME, I cannot even begin to tell you. We have so many different kinds of fanwork, from fic to vids to art to crafts and more, and all kinds of characters, ships and genres represented. IT'S VERY EXCITING.

I won't be posting recs for the fest as that is unmodly, but I will link you to our first fanwork, an outstanding vid:

Watershed (Aang, Zuko, ensemble).


Jan. 26th, 2011 01:40 pm
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+ [livejournal.com profile] tw_unpaired, a Torchwood genfic fest, has prompts for claiming. There are many awesome things there!

+ [personal profile] glass_icarus hosts the first edition of Potluck, a carnival for multicultural and intersectional discussions of food, including but not limited to food discussions intersecting with disability, gender, sexuality, fat, animal rights, and cultural and racial issues. Nine posts to peruse!

+ Over at [community profile] white_lotus we're gearing up for the Lunar New Year exchange (such awesome submissions already, I am so excited). Not officially participating but fancy making an A:TLA fanwork? We have a post of people's requests so you can make treats, due February 10th.
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"Oh, you better remember me like your life depends on it!"

'Why don't you take a closer look?' )

Rec: Imagine the Ocean by [archiveofourown.org profile] damkianna
Hakoda found the boy in the ice eight days before Kya went into labor. Avatar!Katara AU.

Note: this is a WIP but it's already extremely long and extremely good. And I actually just realised that it's recently been updated, hurrah!
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This is a gratuitous mood theme post, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] military_base.

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+ Thank you to [personal profile] oxoniensis for the v-gift and [personal profile] liseuse and [livejournal.com profile] amand_r for the holidays cards! ♥

+ Have now finished rewatching All The Avatar. THIS SHOW, I DON'T EVEN. Obviously this was all super serious research for my [community profile] white_lotus assignment and not at all so I could make cooing noises about how much I love everyone and get slightly teary when there are hugs. (Given how frequently there are hugs in this show -- yeah. I have a lot of feelings, okay!) And once again people on the reading list are starting to get into it which makes me gleeful. *smiles winningly at the rest of you*

A question: if you were going to show a few episodes to someone who's never seen it before, what would they be? I'm reluctant to just do early S1 because the show gets so much better after that, but I don't want to pick anything that might be too confusing.

+ So Advent always brings out my latent Catholicism (I know, I know, really it should be Easter that does that, but it's been a while since I was a good Catholic) and I am on the hunt for some choral versions of carols. In particular, could anyone hit me up with a choral version of O Holy Night? I have lovely versions by people like Sufjan Stevens and Josh Groban but would love a more traditional copy.

+ Another request! I am looking for some more baking recipes to add to my repertoire. I do not have any fancy cooking equipment - I pretty much run to some bowls and wooden spoons and a cake tin, and I can't really afford a bunch of expensive ingredients. I am looking for things that are relatively low-carb or can be made so. I swap out sugar for sweetener anyway*, but things like cheesecakes and flourless cakes are awesome, or small things like cookies.

here is the recipe for a flourless chocolate almond cake I make )

* Because I'm diabetic, as lots of you know. But here, have a side rant about trying to get low-carb/sugar-free stuff without being subjected to really skeevy marketing. I just want some Tango without it being totally awful for my health, okay, not because I'm on a diet and "it's tastier than liposuction". D: SO MUCH DNW. There are plenty of reasons people avoid sugar, and all of them are equally valid - I'm pretty sure nobody needs that kind of advertising in their face. /o\ (I guess this is 'hipster advertising' or something.)

+ And lastly, I have a thread in the anonymous holiday love meme.
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+ Lots of details are up for a UK vidding convention happening in April. In Cardiff! \o/ I shall be registering as soon as I get the money together. And if anyone else going is looking for a roommate, I am very nice. *winning smile*

+ [community profile] white_lotus assignments have gone out! eee, I had a lot of fun doing that and eagerly await all of the awesome that will be arriving come February. :D

+ Speaking of A:TLA I tripped and fell and ended up rewatching the second half of S3. SO GOOD. cut for vague spoilers ) I can feel a full series rewatch coming on when I have the time.

+ This shot of Eleven from the Christmas special (not particularly spoilery) made me all gleeful. Is it time for more Who yet? How about now?
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+ A:TLA Lunar New Year exchange signups close at midnight GMT tonight! That is nine hours from now! So if you have been hovering indecisively now is a good time to make up your mind.

Also, people have made two (two!) podfics of my Merlin fic in the past week, and they are both very awesome.

+ Go-Between (Arthur/Merlin/Gwen) read by [livejournal.com profile] helva2260 is a lovely reading of my 3x10 episode coda, and omg she does the VOICES and they are so awesome. :D

+ Trust (lay down your burdens) (Arthur/Gwen) by [personal profile] sophinisba is this gorgeous, soft reading of the story that really captures the tone I was trying to go for. I wrote it for my [community profile] kink_bingo card, [personal profile] sophinisba recorded it for hers! I love it when that happens.

Do remember to leave some feedback for your podficcers if you enjoyed their work! ♥
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Signups for the A:TLA Lunar New Year exchange are now open! \o/ I am very excited, and so happy other people are too!

[personal profile] glass_icarus has a great post of squee also.

EEEEE. Tell your friends!


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