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There's been a lot of conversation over the past few days in various parts of fandom over this 16k meta (AO3 registered users only) by Franzeska. It's a long, racist piece of nonsense with the summary Bullying and the Co-opting of Social Justice Activism in Fandom: A discussion of bias in fannish meta, m/m vs. other pairings, shipping of POC, vidding characters of color, what it means to ship, and problems in Stormpilot fandom. I don't recommend reading it, but it has sparked some good conversations.

As an aside, reading through the comments on my phone proved to be hazardous as I landed on the kudos button by mistake, which has been quite embarrassing over the last two days. Totally an accident, I do not like that post and I would un-kudos it if I could. /o\

Actually Recommended Reading:
+ [ profile] rukminipande has a storified series of tweets: Fans Of Colour Are Not To Blame For Fandom's Erasures: A response to That Meta.
+ This tumblr discussion topped and tailed by good commentary from [ profile] snarlfurillo


In better news, in spite of his Conservative opponent's bigoted and underhand smear campaign tactics, Sadiq Khan looks set to be London's next mayor. He's a human rights lawyer, the most prominent Muslim politician we've had in the UK to date, and the son of working class Pakistani immigrants. He's a social democrat with policies on affordable housing, air pollution and transport fare freezes. I am hopeful that he can do good things for my city.
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So [ profile] waldorph has discovered that their fic, along with a lot of others, are assigned reading on a Berkley undergrad syllabus, where part of the assignment includes leaving comments. It's ... not going well.

This is a cache of the syllabus in full (I don't think I spotted any of my rlist there?)

[ profile] waldorph writes: So Your Fic is Required Reading: Hahahanope.

As many people have said, studying fandom is one thing, but setting your students loose on unsuspecting fic writers is kind of awful.

eta: as people have pointed out, it's important to note that this is a class run by undergrads who are themselves fans that doesn't has a great deal of supervision outside of that.


In entirely different 'wtf' news, I would like to write my own post about the experience that was Jupiter Ascending, but in the meantime [personal profile] happydork has written a pretty accurate summary of our evening.
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+ If you've been meaning to leave trope fest prompts, now is the time! I'll put up a post with all the prompts in the morning and the fest will be open for fills. There are currently over 600 hundred prompts in well over 100 fandoms. \o/

Some other fun things happening at the moment:

+ [community profile] kink_bingo is hosting a kinkmeme promptfest.

+ [personal profile] torachan is hosting the Transfic Mini fest.

+ [community profile] companions is hosting a drabble tag for Doctor Who companions.
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Had a fabulous evening out with [personal profile] fly_to_dawn, who's staying with me at the moment, as well as [ profile] la_esmeralda_ and [ profile] kepp0xy. It's good to be back in the London area! <3


Oh, are we doing the fandoms-as-relationships meme again? Ganked from [personal profile] musesfool:

The one who seduced you, screwed you over, broke your heart in a million pieces, and laughed about it.

Torchwood. *fistshake*

The old flame you don't see very often any more but whom you still really enjoy getting together with for a few drinks and maybe a pleasant nostalgic romp:

Harry Potter is kind of my forever fandom, I never seem to be quite done with it. <3

The mysterious dark one whom you used to sit up with talking until 3 AM at weird coffee houses and with whom you were quite smitten until you realized s/he really was fucking crazy:

BSG, probably.

The one you spent a whole weekend in bed with and who drank up all your liquor and whom you'd still really like to get with again, although you're relieved s/he doesn't actually live in town:

Star Trek Reboot - not a full-time fandom for me, but I had a blast with it and can't wait for the new film.

The steady:

Doctor Who. It keeps coming back around to that big blue box, in the end.

The alluring stranger whom you've flirted with at parties but have never gotten really serious with:

Community - I need to finish the half-done vid on my hard drive, at least.

The one you hang out with and have vague fantasies about maybe having a thing with, but ultimately you're just good buddies:

Good Omens. I love the book, but my fannish reserves for it got depleted pretty quickly. Also Sarah Connor Chronicles - the show is so perfect it's difficult for me to find much to say.

The one your friends keep introducing you to and who seems like a hell of a cool person except it's never really gone anywhere:

Farscape. I am still working my way through s3 - it's awesome, but kind of hard going. I'll get there eventually!

The one who's slept with all your friends, and you keep looking at them and thinking, "How the hell did they land all these cool people?"


The one who gave you the best damned summer of your life and against whom you measure all other potential partners:

Harry Potter.

The one you recently met at a party and would like to get to know better:

The Marvel films, especially the Avengers-related stuff.

The old flame that you wouldn't totally object to hooking up with again for a one night romp if only they'd clean up a bit:

Merlin - I'm still kiiind of invested in the show, but much less whole-heartedly. It wouldn't take all that much to win me back, though!

Your hot new flame:

Avatar TLA is probably the newest big fandom for me, though that's been a while now.

The one who stole your significant other:

Oh, a bunch. Hawaii 5-0, Inception, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, bandom. I'm glad you guys are having fun, but how dare you not cater to my whims! *g*
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Via [ profile] penknife, [ profile] gateficawards are looking to get in touch with people who have been nominated who they haven't heard from yet. Full list here. People from my flist/rlist whose names I spotted include: cut for list )

A rec! Rise and Fall by [personal profile] pocketmouse (Doctor Who, Doctor/Rory, background OT3) is a lovely look at what might happen if the Doctor and Rory were forced to fend for themselves for a while without Amy. It's a fun riff on The Lodger that sees the Doctor being predictably terrible at pretending to be normal, and gives great Rory POV as he tries to make sense of his relationship with the Doctor when Amy's not there. Though, Amy being Amy, her presence is felt throughout the fic even though she has fewer scenes. And basically, if [personal profile] pocketmouse would like to keep writing OT3 fic for me to read forever, that would be fine. *g*
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Thanks for all the input yesterday!

Here are my tentative thoughts:

I'll host the fest on my journal, and it will be open to any fanworks centering relationships between female characters, whether femslash, gen, or somewhere in between. I'll put up a post with a big list of tropes, where people will also be welcome to leave additional trope prompts or prompts specific to particular fandoms/characters. That'll be open for a few days, and then the post will be open to responses. You can either make a fanwork and post it directly as a comment, whether to the post itself or to a specific prompt, kinkmeme style, or you can post something to your own DW/LJ/AO3/webspace/etc and leave a link.

I'm happy to tie it in with Three Weeks for Dreamwidth festivities, though not to the extent that people are restricted in only posting to DW for the duration. I figure that having a hub of fannish activity centred over here is generally in the spirit of things. For people who like deadlines, you can consider the end of that three-week period as such, but the challenge will be open indefinitely and I'll keep a rolling masterlist updated.

So the timeline would be:

Monday 18th: post open for prompts
Monday 25h: post open for responses (start of 3W4DW)

I'll have some general guidelines up with some definitions of some of the tropes and a suggested header to use include content information of some kind, whether it's 'choose not to provide content notes', 'no content notes apply' 'content notes: contains sex-pollen related dub-con' and so on.

If anyone has particular suggestions about ways to make this more open to vidders/artists etc, that would be great. Also, here is a list of cliches and tropes I've gathered so far, roughly categorised. Am I missing anything major? Could things be phrased better to include non-fic fanworks, poly relationships, etc?

trope-tastic )

And finally, if anyone has an idea for a catchier name than 'female character fandom trope fanwork fest', I am all ears. Thanks, folks!
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So I was chatting with a friend today about how one of the sad things about the overall lack of femslash in fandom is that you get less femslash with all the awesome fandom tropes that I enjoy - bodyswap, timeloops, third party realises they're made for each other and sneakily gets them together, so on and so forth.

Gee, says I, there should be a fest or something for that.

Then, says my friend, go make something.

So! Informal polling of the masses, some questions:

1. Would you be interested in such a thing? Should it be just femslash or also female friendships?

2. What format would you like? A community with prompt claiming, a post on my journal for comments with prompts and fanwork responses kink-meme style, something else? I am definitely thinking all fandoms, all kinds of fanworks, for maximum enjoyment. And, ngl, anything that is relatively low-maintenance for me, as I want this to exist but also am busy with other things I need to finish up.

3. And, most importantly, gimme your favourite fandom tropes! What would you like to see for Amy&River, Cara&Kahlan, Toph&Katara, Gwen&Morgana or whoever.

eta: oops, accidentally 3am, should probably go to bed. Carry on, will plan some more in the morning!

eta2: update here.
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Lots of things going on presently!

+ Subscription facility available to AO3 users, prompting this meme to go around via [personal profile] astolat:

I'm at faviconsuch_heights and fandoms in the immediate queue include Doctor Who, Doctor Who, and - oh, also some Community! I'm still multi-fannish I swear. *g* Also I really need to get all of my fic up on there already.

+ [ profile] queer_fest is open for prompt claiming. I have snagged a Community prompt: Abed Nadir/Troy Barnes, Abed's running out of famously queer-subtexty fictional characters for Troy & him to role-play as, and Troy still doesn't get it. (Suggestions for which characters that should include TOTALLY WELCOME, incidentally! Because the idea is a lot of fun.)

+ [community profile] remix_goes_wild is a long-term remix challenge that's doing some really interesting things with the remix format. You can sign up to participate or offer up your fic for potential remixing at the sign up post.

+ [ profile] beccatoria made a gorgeous and haunting Fringe vid, Mad World, dealing with a lot of my favourites themes of the show and making full use of all the amazing parallels.

+ Going to Vidukon in less than a week, eee! Though I guess that probably means I should do some prep for the panel I'm running sometime soon. /o\
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I made some tallies on the characters over at [ profile] f_march_madness the other day, looking at the gender and race of the characters chosen to represent the 64 fandoms present in the original polls.

this is how it broke down, and where it's at now )
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The Fandom Steel Cage Match is back! One of those fandom events that I totally care about despite myself. Last year the final four were Sheldon Cooper, Temperance Brennan, Veronica Mars and the winner, Buffy Summers, which is awesome gender-wise, though it's sad that basically all the chromatic characters got knocked out v. early on.

some races I am interested in, and also some totally objective information about who you should vote for )


Nov. 11th, 2009 12:23 am
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+ Julie Bindel brings the transphobic fail once again. This link comes with a blood pressure warning, for it is full of offensive vitriol. Get off my team, Bindel, you make us look awful!

+ Via the New York Times, not all groups have felt the recession equally. It's US stats, but i suspect relevant across other countries too. In any case, illuminating and rather dismal.

+ Disability and Asexuality by [personal profile] kaz on FWD/Forward, a really great new-ish feminist disability blog. Highly recommended reading.

+ Also on FWD, [personal profile] avendya posts To Whom It May Concern.

+ [ profile] ressie_noldo writes on the monstrous other; for the asian women blog carnival.

+ Lastly and unrelatedly, who_daily and torchwood_three are looking for new newsletter editors. I'm stepping down from my position as a back-up editor due to time constraints, but I do recommend it unreservedly to anyone who likes being part of the cogs and gears of fandom - things are quiet at the moment, too, so it's a good time to step in and get to grips with things.
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things I wrote in April, and March because I forgot )


How it is May, what? Excuse me while I rock quietly in a corner, muttering to myself about Big Bang and VVC. *whimper*


Lots of exciting fannish things continue apace! Your input is requested in many areas:

[personal profile] oxoniensis is polling about when to hold the next Porn Battle
The good souls of Remix have some questions about possible changes to qualifying stories and inclusion of RPF. (Also, though I warn you this will suck you into a timedrain of constant refreshing, [ profile] remixredux09 has the BEST HEADER EVER, omg. Hot people with guns! <3)
[ profile] femslash09 wants votes on which fandoms to include as listed fandoms in this year's round 1


1 I am glad to see lots of fandoms making good showings there. (Merlin! Leverage! Pushing Daisies!) but especially so to see Skins. This leads me to believe there may be some decent stories out there. Emily/Naomi recs, anyone? I am inherently lazy, and if no one points me in any other direction I'll just end up watching [ profile] obsessive24's Soil, Soil over and over. Oh, that's right, I do that anyway. :D Drive-by rec - it is some seriously gorgeous editing and also ADORABLE, and led me to check out the rest of Skins S3, having not bothered previously. I feel like I could say something or other about how startlingly well they wrote Emily and Naomi's storylines, considering the epic soap opera that is Skins, but mostly I just want to draw big hearts around them. Much like the show itself does!
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I think we can sum up my state of mind over the last two days (namely feverish and furious refreshing of flist and Twitter) by saying that I just popped over to who_anon for kicks. Um. Anyway, they were talking about the companion in the latest episode, and blah blah blah -- my favourite was the cries of 'elitism!', what? -- but I got to wondering about the most popular one-off companions (for a generous value of companion that includes Elton and Sally), and companions generally. Thus: poll! I'd imagine we can assume spoilers for 'Planet of the Dead' in the comments.

who's your favourite? )

This post on Dreamwidth. Fyi: you can vote over there with OpenID if you so wish, and I'll be interested to see how the results turn out!
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Merlin recs! (Totally biased: I beta'd one, the other was written for me. I love them both. :D)

A Terrible Cost by [ profile] lorannah
Merlin ; Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Morgana, Nimueh ; PG-13
An alternate ending for Le Morte D'Arthur - basically based on the question of what would have happened if the other three members of the fantastic foursome had realised that Merlin was in danger and ridden out to the rescue...

It's entirely fitting for this canon that lots of excellent writers take parts of the story and rework and rewrite them. I really like [ profile] lorannah's take on how the finale could have been. This makes excellent use of all of the cast and the theme at the heart of it is the idea that destiny is not written in the stone, that endings can be retold. The result is a very satisfying read of what might have been.

look for me under your boot-soles by [ profile] glass_icarus
Merlin ; Merlin/Arthur ; PG
A thousand years later, Arthur finds Merlin again.

This is a lovely slice of future-fic - the recasting of each character really made me smile. The story's gorgeous, with images and references and quotations scattered throughout, and it veers between light-heartedness and grandeur in the best way.


Also, Dreamwidth! What gives? I only really heard about this today, and I've been reading up on it via this post and its links. It sounds shiny! My personal stance is that I am pro new, exciting things and places that would be good for fandom, but also anti leaving people behind. I think I'll be getting an account over there when I can and seeing how that goes. If there's content originating there that I'm interested in, I'll try and find a way to hang out on both sites, I suppose. What are the rest of you doing?
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There are myths that get perpetrated by society at large, I think, about social justice and equality and who and what and how we're allowed to care. We should stand in our own corners and keep ourselves to ourselves and fight for our own causes alone, and ultimately, we're fighting for legal rights and legal protection and as long as that's been achieved then that's fine, we're done here. In this latest long, painful round of RaceFail, I've seen those sorts of ideas crop up an awful lot - ideas that the conversations at hand aren't important or aren't my problem.

Wait, what is RaceFail? I hear you cry. Because not everyone catches everything that happens on the internet, and fair enough. Quick recap time!

In terms of what actually happened to prompt this particular round of both conversations about race and also Epic Fail, I'd suggest reading some or all of the following: super short summary, longer summary, timeline of events, further reading, and a summary of summaries.

Things to bear in mind: this isn't grudgewank or an instance where there are 'good points on both sides' -- some people said some wrong-headed, ignorant and pain-inducing things and it's prompted a lot of response both from people calling them out on it and also discussions about race-related topics from cultural appropriation and problematic representations in sci-fi/fantasy to the silencing of non-white authors to safe spaces in fandom, online and off, and the frequent and horrible lack of them.

Also, my god, all of this has happened before and it will happen again! [ profile] rydra_wong's linkspams are all tagged Great Cultural Appropriation Debate of Doom '09 because this is pretty much an annual ritual, and it's always unnecessarily painful and full of derailment, defensiveness and white privilege, because apparently this is the only way we can talk about this. Because this is what it takes for us white fans to listen, to allow our squee to be harshed, and because it is this level of fuckwittery that prompts non-white fans and their allies to decide that their urge to speak out and say things that really shouldn't have to be said in the first place is greater than their desire not to be flamed, not to be insulted and falsely accused of all manner of ills, not to have their offline identities outed -- that's not a trade-off anyone should have to make.

And it sucks. It sucks that I have gained an enormous amount of education from this, because I am benefiting from the pain of fellow fans, because it took something like this to prompt me to be more pro-active in my education, and that's a big failing and a big exercise of privilege on my own part.

That being said, an awful lot of good things have come out of this. There have been countless intelligent, moving, thought-provoking posts on all manner of topics from all manner of perspectives - endless, almost. Then there's projects like the Asian Women Blog Carnival I've linked to previously, [ profile] verb_noire and The Remyth Project and [ profile] 50books_poc and [ profile] 12films_poc.

A smattering of posts I've personally come across and found particularly useful/helpful/interesting:

[ profile] deepad : Reappropriating my man
[ profile] thingswithwings on privilege and the burden of proof
[ profile] eruthros on safe spaces
[ profile] inalasahl on tone
[ profile] hesychasm : brown person representin' with authoritah
[ profile] coffeeandink : When I say that you have said or done something that was racist, I do NOT necessarily mean that...
[ profile] stoneself on privilege
[ profile] fox1013 on invisible pants
[ profile] zvi_likes_tv on how not to post, and also links

And as for more general 'educating yourself' resources -- goodness knows this has made me realise I'm still more clueless in more areas than I'd like to be:

[ profile] sparkymonster's delicious links for clueless white people
[ profile] mystickeeper's Racism 101 Primer
[ profile] racism_101 - new and in response to the current round of Racefail, it's designed as a space for well-meaning but clueless white people, and it's got a good amount of crossover with [ profile] debunkingwhite where the conversation tends to be both more politically topical and more clued-in.

I think the reasons that we, as white fans, should be reading about this comes in two strands. One: well, this is about our fandom and our genres and the ways in which they're failing people in our community, and we should be so, so much better about not letting that happen. Two: there are a bunch of pretty self-interested reasons why making sure I'm educated in these issues will help me. If I act like a wilfully ignorant jerk I know I'll lose friends, and rightly so. If I refuse to engage in racial critiques of my shows because hey, I, in all my white liberal authority, didn't think that was racist, then that removes all of my right to talk about the problematic gender and sexuality issues in the same shows. If I write stories that thoughtlessly appropriate other histories or exoticise or Other or otherwise commit racefail, I will lose readers and my stories will be worse for it. Knowing more about more things is always a good, beneficial thing to do.

So, read a few links. Maybe not the ones I've picked, maybe things you've seen elsewhere or things you've had bookmarked from previous rounds or things you stumble upon in the coming weeks, but however you do it I think you'll find it engaging, illuminating and important.

One final link, because it hit me right in the guts. [ profile] yuki_onna's captured something I've believed in very strongly for a long time and haven't had the words to express properly. Let Me Tell You A Story.
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(Appropriate Toshiko icon is appropriate. ♥)


[ profile] ciderpress is hosting an Asian Women Blog Carnival and currently calling for submissions - of which I am sure there shall be many, and I am greatly looking forward to reading!

This carnival is intended to focus on Asian women. The definition of Asian, within the scope of this carnival, includes people from East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, North Asia, South-East Asia, Far East, Middle East, Near East and people of Asian descent living in non-Asian countries. The definition of women, within the scope of this carnival, includes transwomen and cisgendered women.

For the first edition, which I will be hosting at [ profile] yennenga thanks to [ profile] delux_vivens's kind offer, there is no specific theme. I would like to highlight the diversity of Asian women and topics regarding identity in Asian majority and Asian minority cultures. Submissions can range from feminism, representation, culture, history, work, activism, beauty, health, sexuality, politics, economics, philosophy, class, education, religion, how we identify and relate to other PoC groups, personal stories etc.

Please feel free to submit your own posts or suggest good posts or links by someone else for this carnival. This carnival is not livejournal specific, please feel free to participate from other journalling sites and blogs. You may submit multiple posts. Submissions from from women and men of colour as well as allies are welcome.

All types of work, such as essays, prose, poems, personal narratives are accepted.


[ profile] penknife and [ profile] mireille719 are running [ profile] lgbtfest again! \o/! It's a panfandom ficathon dedicated to fanfiction about queer issues, identities and experiences in all environments and situations, and the results last year were fantastic. Prompts are being collected here -- do pay attention to the posting format and the guidelines about the intended focus of the fest -- and reading through those is like reading hundreds of miniature stories in themselves. The more that get written, the better!
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first thing!

[ profile] torchwood_house is running a vid awards ceremony to coincide with the Oscars (it is called, of course, the Jacks), and you can go have a look at all vids that have been recced so far on the community and vote for your favourites in various categories. It's over here at [ profile] twh_votes, and there are some very excellent works there. (Also a couple of mine, but this is not a 'go vote for me' post.)

Speaking of [ profile] torchwood_house, I'll now be reccing there from time to time, which should be fun. I have started out my career with [ profile] out_there's Underwear Not Required (Bra Optional), which is -- well, it's really awesome genderfuck porn, is what it is. I have a big list of fic and vids to get through, and shall work out some method of cross-pollination in due course.


second thing!

[ profile] rivrea and [ profile] sundayave gave me five things they associate with me for me to talk about. rivrea asked - Sheffield, vidding, femslash, Doctor Who companions, Avendya )

sundayave asked - the Marauders, Radiohead, presenting a radio show, travelling, writing )


eta: third thing! The Torchwood Europop band I mentioned the other day now has a tour poster and album cover, because [ profile] prettyquotable is wicked awesome. Hahaha, it is amazing.


Feb. 18th, 2009 11:14 pm
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(Things I will some day post about: how Psych is my new happy place by featuring adorable girl geeks and boy geeks and hitting me in all the best friend OTP shippy places I did not know I had missed. Also, I have reached the end of Series 2 of Battlestar Galactica and I think als;dkj frak me is really all I've got until I've watched 3x01 at least.)

Today, let us talk about AU fic. By which I don't mean the canon AU variety -- what if Sirius didn't go to Azkaban, what if Romana survived the Time War -- but rather the sorts of AUs where John is a rainbow or Rodney is an android or Gwen's the lead singer for the Europop disco band Torchwood* or Dean's a spaceship mechanic or Arthur's the Prince of Wales.

*admittedly that one only exists in my head, though the rest are real stories. But seriously, Torchwood the trashy synthesiser band! There's nothing not to love about that. Somebody should write it for me.

See, these latter sorts of AUs aren't especially ones I'm used to, because they don't exist very much in Doctor Who or Harry Potter, though I can think of a few Remus/Sirius non-magical AUs in this vein. I think that different canons give rise to hugely different amounts of these sorts of stories - the best example is probably the fact there are tons and tons of Supernatural RPS AUs, but far fewer AU stories involving the canon characters. Jared and Jensen are essentially themselves in a whole variety of situations that would be fun to read about, and the same goes for the SGA team or the members of any of the bandom bands. On the other hand, it seems like the Doctor isn't really the Doctor if he doesn't have the TARDIS, that Harry Potter isn't really himself if he's not a wizard. The canon universe plays a much more central role in some fandoms than it does in others.

Personally, I particularly like AUs in RPF fandoms because it adds an additional degree of fictionalisation that makes it easier for me to read, and I can't not love all of the SGA AUs, which between them offer everything you could possibly wish for.

As you may have guessed, this post was inspired in part by [ profile] rageprufrock's Drastically Redefining Protocol [Merlin; Merlin/Arthur; NC-17; ~46K]. Because, okay, I'd put Merlin firmly in the category where I wasn't especially interested in non-canon AUs, particularly modern day ones. And then I realised that here we have a story that makes me infinitely happy on two levels - first, Arthur is still a bit of a royal prat, Merlin is still a bit magic, Morgana is still a bit prophetic, Gwen is still a lot awesome. Second, if there were a young and famously handsome Prince of Wales in the UK right now who became openly in a gay relationship? This is exactly how it would go, down to the last ONTD screencap, and the verisimilitude is almost alarming at times. Forget the fact I would so, so happily read original fiction on just this premise if it was done this well, it was a sad moment after I finished the story and realised it didn't actually happen.

So you should go read that, it's wonderful. You should also talk to me about the AU scenarios you like and don't like, what you think these things need to work. I may or may not be considering going AU for [ profile] thelittlebang, you see. Which, knowing me, will probably involve a) space, b) robots, c) an apocalypse of some description, or d) a combination of the above.

... Yeah, I've really got to wonder how I managed not to watch BSG for so long.
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-- Right, have now signed up for writing something of the Martha&Donna persuasion at [ profile] tardis_bigbang, and Merlin for [ profile] thelittlebang. Sign-ups for the former end on the 15th, and the latter on the 28th. The more people are involved, the less mad I feel - sanity in numbers, or something!

Genfic community pimping:

-- [ profile] merlingen, for your general Merlin needs.

-- sign-ups are now open for [ profile] tardis_gen, a Doctor Who genfic exchange for all areas of the main show's canon, with sign-ups running through the 16th.
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Now I've got them more sorted out, notes on the vid I posted earlier, both the vid itself and the themes behind it.

Vid Notes )

Now, onto more general thoughts that will hopefully be of interest even if you're not a vid watcher.

These Women And Their Stories )


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