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The fest is now open for fanwork responses! You can post any fanwork that features a relationship of some kind between two or more female characters and plays with a popular genre/fandom trope of some kind. You can respond to a specific prompt, including your own, or write something in accordance with your own interests. You do not have to claim a prompt, and multiple people can respond to the same prompt.

All fanworks are allowed. This includes but is not limited to art, vids, fic, podfic, graphics, crafts, filks, rec lists, meta and picspam. Fanworks can be posted as comments or posted to your own journal/webspace and left as a link. I encourage you to consider using this fest as a way to participate in [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, a celebration starting today that marks Dreamwidth's two-year anniversary and encourages users to create unique, DW-only content. However, if you would prefer to include an AO3/LJ/other link, that is also totally fine.

eta: There is now an AO3 collection for this fest.

Please include the following information when posting, as a minimum:

Content Notes: (choose not to provide/none apply/contains non-con/dub-con/underage sex/graphic violence/other)

The masterlist of prompts is here -- totalling at a little under 800. \o/ Huge thanks to [personal profile] thady, [personal profile] pocky_slash, [ profile] sunnyrea, [personal profile] fhionnuisce, [personal profile] zephre, [personal profile] frigg, [personal profile] thedivinegoat, [personal profile] nonisland and [personal profile] rabid_bookwyrm for collating, organising and coding it all.

More information about the fest here, including big list of tropes!

If you have a question or concern, feel free to email me (such.heights at gmail), send me a PM, or comment under the Q&A thread at the top of the comments of this post.

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+ Fills are starting to come in at the trope fest! There are stories for SGA, Doctor Who, Leverage, Black Swan and Hawaii Five-0 so far. Lots more to come, I hope! I assume we've been off to a relatively slow start because everyone is working on EPIC MASTERPIECES, right? *g*

+ There are so many things going on! [personal profile] livrelibre has a good list of links here.

+ So I am now thinking about what I would like to do for this Dreamwidth party! Aside from making some things for the trope fest, as soon as I can decide between all the amazing prompts.

There are lots of things I could potentially do! There's a femslash mini meta thing going on at [community profile] fem_thoughts which is super cool, but none of the prompts there have spoken to me yet. So I could write some fannish meta or maybe make some picspams or themed rec lists or something. Or if you have any non-fannish topics or questions I could do that, idk if anyone has burning questions about anything I know anything about or have experience of, but I am open to your suggestions!
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I couldn't pick just one!

Kahlan is awesome because she is kind and likes small animals and children and things, but will also fuck your shit up without a second thought in the name of truth and justice. She has kickass magical powers but can also take out armies without them, mostly by dazzling them with her hair and then pulling knives out of her boots.

Cara is awesome because she is snarky and hilarious and utterly unapologetic about who she is. She's on this amazing journey of rediscovering her humanity, and it's fantastic to watch. She also enjoys making out with other hot chicks in leather from time to time.

picspam, with screencaps from 2x20 )
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My Club Vivid vid is uploading right now, argh, flail, etc. I am cautiously excited about it, though!

Latest fuck yeah she's awesome round up:

+ [personal profile] frangipani on The Tale of Admiral Wan Zafirah ibna Wan Mahmud

+ [personal profile] scrollgirl is picspamming the ladies of Stargate - Day One, Day Two.

+ [personal profile] bewize on Hit Girl (Kick-Ass)

+ [personal profile] littlebutfierce on female characters in baseball animanga.
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+ [personal profile] iamshadow wrote fic: Children of Time, River-centric gen. (Doctor Who)

+ [personal profile] bells on Parker. (Leverage)

+ [personal profile] dreamwriteremmy on Mina Hakuba. (Castlevania)

+ [personal profile] redsnake05 on Toshiko Sato. (Torchwood)


[personal profile] synecdochic wrote the ghost in the room, or, why modesty is a dirty fucking word. Well worth reading.

The rules of 'modesty' -- overwhelmingly enforced against women -- say that you aren't supposed to take credit for your achievements, no matter what those achivements are. That you aren't supposed to admit that you worked hard on something. That you aren't supposed to admit that you did something worthy of praise. This is, most often, made manifest by demurral: since you can't admit these things, therefore, the thing you are being complimented on must not have been an achievement, or required hard work, or been worthy of praise.

Expanding on what I posted in this week's pride thread: life's been throwing curveballs at me for a while now. I'm proud of the fact I'm getting on with things anyway, but in some ways I'm more proud of my growing ability to cut myself some slack. I'm learning to put my health before everything else, even my degree, and I think that's an achievement worth being proud of and working to cultivate further.

A lot of the culture I'm surrounded by places so much emphasis on driving yourself past your own limits in order to exceed - be better, faster, stronger, no matter what cost will be taken from you in return. I slowly, but firmly, reject this notion. Part of striving to be the best person I can be is being as well as I can be, and part of that is taking time, taking care, taking rest, and allowing myself to feel and react and process my life before moving onto the next thing.
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Gwen is amazing. She is made of flowers and sunshine and happiness, and Angel Coulby's performance lights up the screen. Unlike all the other major characters in Merlin, she has no powers or status to bend things her way - instead, her superpowers are reason, compassion, and a level-headedness frequently missing in the antics of her friends. She delights in the happiness of others, has a fierce sense of justice, and she's going to be a fucking awesome queen of Camelot.

picspam, because her face always cheers me up! )
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+ [personal profile] arch continues her Martha Jones is a Big Damn Hero series with The Shakespeare Code. ♥!

+ [personal profile] miss_haitch is hosting a Why Yes I Am Awesome meme - go and own your awesomeness!

+ [personal profile] yvi has a Wednesday happiness thread.

And in fuck yeah, she's awesome posts:

+ [personal profile] ssquirrel_fic on Ingrid Dracula (Young Dracula).

+ [personal profile] sarasvati on Tara Maclay (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Keep 'em coming! :D
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[profile] mundita wanted Amy picspam! As my love for Amelia Pond cannot really be textually rendered, this works out well.

rather image heavy )
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Dreamwidth users, [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw participants, I hereby issue you a CHALLENGE.

This challenge is inspired by [personal profile] arch, who wrote Martha Jones Is a Big Damn Hero: "Smith & Jones", a fantastic post about why Martha is great.

The challenge goes like this: tell us about a female character you love. Make icons, write some meta, picspam her best scenes, make a vid, write an episode recap, write fic, tell us your favourite quotes about/said by her. Be as creative as you like!

As part of Three Weeks For Dreamwidth, any contributions should be DW-only for three weeks after posting, then you're welcome to archive anywhere. I will post regular roundups of entries. Depending on level of interest, prizes may be available!

In short:

Make a post, on Dreamwidth, about a female character. Tag it 'fuck yeah she's awesome' and 'three weeks for dreamwidth'. Link to it in the comments of this post!


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