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Okay, so project watch all the vids and also project feedback all the vids are both kind of time-consuming and may have to wait until I return from my travels, but here are some recs! I can do that bit!

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Short version: I hung out with a lot of great people, saw some wonderful vids and enjoyed myself very much.

Long version!

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And that was my con! I hope I get to go again sometime. Recs to come at the weekend, probably. Off to go explore Chicago some more now, having had an excellent time at the Field Museum yesterday with [personal profile] bop_radar and [personal profile] talitha78/
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Oh man, Club Vivid was pretty fabulous - so many great vids, old and new! I had two showing - one previously released, Call Me Uprising (Doctor Who), and one new one:

Take Me Home
by [personal profile] such_heights
fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Legend of the Seeker, Merlin
pairings: Kara/Kat, Buffy/Faith, Willow/Tara, Kaylee/Inara, Kahlan/Cara, Gwen/Morgana
music: Sophie Ellis Bextor
summary: You deserve a girl like me. Set your femslash goggles to maximum
notes: beta'd by [personal profile] avendya and [personal profile] giandujakiss and first shown at Vividcon's Club Vivid 2010. No content notes apply.
download: 22MB .avi @ mediafire | .srt subtitle file @ mediafire

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I return from an excellent weekend in San Francisco, in which [personal profile] avendya and I dorked around with [personal profile] noldo a lot and also met [personal profile] laurashapiro for some pre-VVC flail and also delicious noms. And suddenly, it is only a few days until Vividcon!

While I am faffing around with exporting my vid ready for post-premiering uploading, here's what I think my schedule will look like:

so many vids! )

Info for people attending so you can find/avoid me - I'm a 21 year old white woman with shoulder length dyed red hair, a British accent, and no doubt a permanent aura of newbieness and confusion. I am a fan of hugs, glitter and squee, so please feel free to share any of those things with me! If I can get technology to cooperate I will probably be tweeting as I go @such_heights. I will also be in Chicago for the rest of the week and up for some post-con flail and coffee and such.
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I have four vids showing at Vividcon this year. Below are some content advisories/warnings:

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Below the cut is some information about the content of the vids I've selected for the We're Here, We're Queer vidshow at Vividcon on Saturday afternoon.

Please note: this is not a space to debate warnings on vids, or whether VVC should have mandatory warnings, or other related topics. This is a safe space for those of us who use warnings to navigate our fannish experiences more safely. I am choosing to make this information available for my own vidshow, and I'd be glad to see others do the same as it would make the con more accessible for myself and others. However, I will not be hosting that conversation in this post.

information about potentially triggering content in this vidshow )

I'll be glad to provide whatever information I can to help you make an informed decision about whether the vidshow is suitable for you, or which vids you may wish to close your eyes through. You can contact me with any questions - in particular if you require more detail about the content I've outlined above or if you have triggers that I haven't mentioned. You can comment below, logged in or anonymously, or email me at such.heights at gmail dot com (via an anonymous email address if you'd prefer). I'll also be available to speak to at any time during Vividcon itself - the newbies party on Thursday evening, for example. I promise to treat all concerns seriously, respectfully and honestly.

I'll be posting this to the VVC LJ comm later on, and if anyone has any suggestions for ways to improve this post before I do that, I'll be glad to hear them.
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+ My flight to Chicago is booked, and now the VVC schedule is live, whee! My show is at 4pm on Saturday, and I am both nervous and excited. Here's hoping some people show up to it!

+ Speaking of, roll call:

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Coming to Vividcon this year?

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14 (100.0%)

+ There's going to be a UK Harry Potter con next year, Diacon Alley, cool! I think I've got more than enough HP squee left in me to go hang out in Canterbury for a weekend and watch the last film with a bunch of fans. Who's in?

+ And lastly, OMG DOCTOR WHO FINALE TOMORROW. *flails wildly, crosses all available appendages hoping for a happy ending* a;lsdja;sj I can hardly wait.
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My Club Vivid vid is uploading right now, argh, flail, etc. I am cautiously excited about it, though!

Latest fuck yeah she's awesome round up:

+ [personal profile] frangipani on The Tale of Admiral Wan Zafirah ibna Wan Mahmud

+ [personal profile] scrollgirl is picspamming the ladies of Stargate - Day One, Day Two.

+ [personal profile] bewize on Hit Girl (Kick-Ass)

+ [personal profile] littlebutfierce on female characters in baseball animanga.
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So, the VVC organisers have had a moment of madness and given me a vidshow to run. I am going to need your help!

The vidshow is We're Here, We're Queer, and it's pretty much what it says on the tin: vids that are focused on canonically LGBT/queer/trans* characters. Opened up to gen, het, slash, poly, angst, drama, comedy, in fandoms big and small, hopefully there will be a bit of everything!

Friends, lend me your recs in any and all fandoms - Saving Face, Transamerica, Skins, Queer as Folk, Torchwood, The L Word, Grey's Anatomy, Buffy, Ugly Betty, RPF fandoms, anywhere there are queer people! Extra bonus points for people who can point me towards vids focused on queer non-white characters and on genderqueer/trans* characters.

Please feel encouraged to nominate your own vids, and also, should you happen to feel inspired by the theme and think you could make a vid by June 1st, having a premiere or two would be pretty awesome. Official-ish forms will be up on the VVC website shortly, but in the meantime, rec me things! :D

Also, I would seriously love to hear any and all advice on VJing and vidshows at cons from both VJers and audiences, given that I have never attended one much less organised one before!


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