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For Your Entertainment
by [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
music: Adam Lambert
content notes: none
summary: Can you handle what I'm about to do?
download: 123MB zipped .mov
notes: Premiere for Vidukon 2016. Recruiter vid! here on tumblr.

embed and lyrics )
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For this year's Vidukon I'm putting together a show of vids that were made/premiered in 2006. I'm going through Vividcon from that year and people's journal archives, and it's a very fun nostalgia fest. Harry Potter was an ongoing series, it was the early days of SGA, BSG, SPN and all other three letter acronym shows, people were vidding a lot of Farscape and due South and Whedonverse, and Doctor Who was just beginning to pick up interest.

I'd love recs of any personal faves from that year. Must have been originally posted that year, so no remasters etc, but otherwise anything goes. Self recs very much encouraged! I know it might feel a bit weird to look at work a decade old, but I'm really interested to see how much vidding has changed in style and content over the years, and how much it hasn't.
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Had a wonderful time as always at Vidukon this year - so lovely to see lots of familiar faces and welcome some new people! You can check out pretty much the whole con on our website, with links to each vidshow and most of the vids shown.

Some personal favourites from premiering vids this year!

Republic City by [personal profile] beccatoria (Legend of Korra)
Never Look Away by [personal profile] frayadjacent (Buffy)
Weapon of Choice by [personal profile] shinyjenni (Multifandom - women made into weapons)
The One You Won't Forget by [personal profile] starlady (Agent Carter)
Walking 2 Hawaii by [personal profile] isagel (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Workin' It by [personal profile] brokenmnemonic (Magic Mike)

Also the premieres by [personal profile] silly_cleo and [personal profile] purplefringe, which are not yet up but hopefully will be soon!

VIDS \o/
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Uptown Funk
by [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Parks and Recreation
music: Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
content notes: none
summary: Don't believe me? Just watch.
download: 36MB zipped .avi
notes: Huge thanks to [personal profile] purplefringe for beta assistance. Premiered at tonight Vidukon 2015! Also on tumblr.

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Hi gang,

I'm putting together a trans/genderqueer/nonbinary vidshow for Vidukon this year and would love to hear your suggestions for existing vids, and to see if anyone could be tempted to make a brand new vid for the occasion! The deadline is May 1st, and I'd love anything. A RPF vid about Laverne Cox and Janet Mock and their #girlslikeus work, an angry vid about how shitty Max's storyline in the L Word was, a multifandom vid about awesome genderqueer characters - anything and everything would be fab! Any length, any source - would be delighted by short vidlets as well as full-length vids.

If you have an idea, let me know at such.heights at gmail dot com, and I'd be delighted to chat it over with you.

In the meantime, please rec me stuff - self-recs encouraged. :D
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So last weekend was Vidukon and it was really delightful. It was so nice to get the train with the London fangirl collective and see lots of familiar faces as well as meet some first time attendees like [profile] fray_adjacent and [personal profile] odessie.

Because Lithium Doll is some kind of wizard, you can enjoy the entire con from the comfort of your own home via the website, with links to the vids shown in each show, and notes up for some of the panels and even a video of Sunday's Year in Vidding panel that I ran.

Some personal favourite new-to-me vids over the weekend were:

Sexyback by [personal profile] odessie (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries)

Goody Two Shoes by [personal profile] laurashapiro and [ profile] pipsqueaky (due South)

Creating Something Beautiful by sinycatarina (Studio Ghibli)

Long Live by [personal profile] cosmic_llin (Star Trek) - I put the premieres show together so I knew this was going to be a hit, but seeing a lot of the room in tears as the lights came up was still quite something. I just, I have an awful lot of Star Trek feelings and this vid captures *all of them*, it's overwhelming. <333

The whole premieres show was really wonderful, a great range of sources and mood.

Other highlights included getting to watch the Aims Project all in order on the big screen, watching I Swear in a big group - the reactions of the people who know what's coming and the people who don't are equally priceless, and being happily encased in a bubble of vid squee for a whole weekend.

The vid show that I put together was Same Song, Different Source. I wasn't sure how this was going to play out - would people find it repetitive? Did it invite people to put the vids in competition? But it seemed to go down well, and interestingly multiple people said that it enhanced the way that they read and understood vids, particularly the second vids in the pairs. So that was really cool.

I'm delighted that all of us in the concom are keen to keep running this every year now, and also figure out how to expand it a little so that we can afford to sustain and grow what we can do. Vids! Con! Whee! \o/
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Cancelling the Apocalypse
by [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: multi
music: Go Big or Go Extinct - Pacific Rim OST
content notes: none
summary: We're drift compatible.
download: 14MB zipped .avi
notes: Made as a fun little intro vid for this year's Vidukon.

embed )
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So I've been reading away on Dreamwidth as ever but apparently haven't updated in nearly a month? Let's fix that, as our work email server has just crashed (ahaha our IT is so bad, oh, charity sector life).

i. I have been at the new job for three months now! I really like it, but it's definitely taking away a lot more time and energy from doing fannish stuff than the last one, which is annoying. I have all these feels and no time to put them anywhere!

ii. What fannish time I do have at the moment is mostly spent getting ready for Vidukon! I'm excited, we've got some great stuff lined up this year. It's great we're managing to make it an annual thing and I hope it continues. Viiiids. All being well, I should have two premiering vids there and also possibly a shiny new remaster of one of my old cam vids, which would be lovely. (psst it's not too late to get an attending or supporting membership -- which includes nifty streaming options!)

iii. Vidding projects are going well (though as ever I have more things I want to make than time to make them) but writing continues to ... not. Looking back, I've not managed to post much in the last couple of years. And actually, pretty much what it seems to be is that I haven't been able to write much since the end of Ponds-era Doctor Who. Many many WIPs stashed away in various fandoms, very little ability to finish any of them. Not to mention the 50k Ponds fic of doom that has been rigorously beta'd and really just needs a final go through but I'm worried it's not very good and that no one will really care when I post it anyway.

... WRITING IS HARD. How do words. I would love to be able to actually write any of the dozen MCU fic ideas I have buzzing around, but I can't manage more than about 500 words on anything.

iv. Fannish pursuits of the moment - saw Cap 2 again, still love it with all my heart like they made it just for meeeee. <3 Also in that category, I've caught the first season of Orphan Black, though I haven't started s2 yet. IT IS PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL.

Also perfect and beautiful: Brooklyn Nine-Nine! [personal profile] happydork and I are making our way through the season and it's so totally delightful. I horribly overidentify with Santiago ('yes sir, I will make better mouth') and Captain Holt is honestly one of the most glorious queer characters I've had the pleasure of watching in ages. *draws sparkly hearts*

v. Anyone on HabitRPG? Having tried it for a little while now it seems to be working quite well for me, and it would be fun to have some buddies on there to do quests with etc. My username is syntaxed.
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The show I'm putting together for Vidukon this year is called Same Song, Different Source, which is just what it sounds like. I want take a look at the different ways vidders use the same audio to different effects and how different the tone of a vid can be based on editing choices/lyric interpretation etc.

This is a harder one that usual to solicit recs for, but I thought I'd give it a go! I'd love recs for pairs of vids that use the same song (can definitely be different covers/instrumental version etc) where there's some kind of interesting contrast, whether in the source, the mood, the interpretation of the lyrics, etc. Alternatively, recs for single vids that use a song in an unusual way could be helpful, if it's likely the song has been vidded multiple times.

The more the merrier, so any ideas that spring to mind, I'd love to hear them! Thanks!

(I'm just going to go back to having a crisis over how to pick only two Handlebars vids.)
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Wheeeee, another vid in the Aims vidding project has gone up!

[personal profile] purplefringe has made Never Look Away (Doctor Who, Eleven & Clara)

It's so perfect and beautiful. I think [personal profile] purplefringe has really outdone herself on this one - there's so much packed into every moment, lots of layers of narrative and symbolism and also their precious faces. It gives me MANY FEELINGS and it's really really pretty too.

I'm so so pleased with all of the Aims - they're all brilliant, and have a lovely range of sources, themes, and interpretations of the songs, plus a lot of focus on women. Just two more to go now! We're hoping to be able to show all of them as a Vidukon vid show which would be pretty awesome.

Speaking of - Vidukon! Is a thing, happening in Cardiff at the end of June, and if you like watching and talking about vids and can get yourself there you should definitely come. Create an account on the website to register, and even if you don't want to register just yet you can join in discussion about possible panel topics etc.

We'll also be accepting premieres whether you're attending the con or not (deadline: April 27th).

In additional con news, I'm going to doing some vidding content on the fanworks track at Nine Worlds this year, and am also chatting to some of the people at Worldcon about doing something similar with them as they're trying to get fanworks involved. So if you're doing the London con circuit this summer, come and watch some vids with me!
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Okay, I'm going to try and post this, and then some notes from my panel, and then maybe a con report if I get time?! But ahhh I need to pack for Wiscon, two cons on two continents in two weeks seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Anyway! Playlists under the cut for the three shows I helped put together at this year's Vidukon: Sweet Dreams, Go Team!, and Festivids.

Sweet Dreams )

Go Team! )

Festivids )
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Hi everyone! It's been a bit quiet around here lately because I've been doing All The Things and not had huge amounts of spare time. This has resulted in both brain and body clumsiness in that I've just sent three emails to vidukon VJs where really there should have been one, and also I've already had two major pratfalls this week and sustained an exciting array of minor injuries. So, um. I'm on top of everything I swear!

Anyway, I break radio silence to bring your attention to two points:

Point the first being Vidukon! If you're thinking of coming now's a great time to signup - registration prices increase on March 17th. And if you're submitting a premiere the deadline for that is March 31st.

Also relating to Vidukon, [personal profile] purplefringe and I are in the final stages of putting together our Teams vidshow and are looking for a few extra vids as possibilities. Does anyone have recs for vids that focus on teams (ie not just ensembles but the relationships in the group) in the following fandoms: Star Trek (any), Buffyverse, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Lord of the Rings. We have lots of choose from already in lots of fandoms, but the more the merrier.


Point the second - some of you may recall me previously mentioning an awesome queer feminist burlesque & cabaret collective called Lashings of Ginger Beer Time. Well, a few months ago I joined them, and we are currently in the process of getting together a show to take to the Edinburgh Festival. In order to fund this, we're selling lots of awesome swag - as a Lashings fan far longer than a performer, I feel pretty confident in saying that the show's going to be awesome, as is the merchandise and media available to purchase!

Following the success of our first panto, Cinderella, we want to take our brand-spanking-new pantomime, Fanny Whittington, all the way up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! That's right, folks. Soon, you will be able to enjoy all of Lashings' own brand of comedy, politics and malfunctioning props in panto form once more. Expect an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows, tears and laughter, songs and silliness as we follow young Fanny and her pet rat, Basil, navigating their way through love, exploitation and possible puppetry.

Available swag includes zines, cookbooks, music, DVDs, tickets, and much more! And spreading the word to other interested parties is also hugely appreciated. :D
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Registration is open for Vidukon in Cardiff in May, whee! Announcement post: DW | LJ. If you can't make it but would like to be involved, we're accepting premieres and there's also the possibility of putting together a vidshow or panel remotely.


Commissions update: thank you all, so much, for your generosity. It is hugely appreciated. I'm still accepting requests, though at this stage it's going to take me a little while to get through them all, which is a great problem to have.

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+ You have until the end of the day on December 14th to sign up for the [community profile] white_lotus exchange. Come play, it'll be fun!

+ There is also a treats post where you can leave prompts and/or pick them up if you want to play more informally.

+ Next year's Vidukon is happening in Cardiff on May 18th & 19th. If you like vids and can get to Cardiff, you should come! It'll be fun. More info at [community profile] vidukon_cardiff, [ profile] vidukon, and [ profile] vidukon. We are also soliciting premieres, whether you're attending or not, and those need to be submitted by March 31st. If you think you might like to make a vid and would like some cheerleading/encouragement, feel free to get in touch!

+ [community profile] fandom_stocking is still open for participants. I have a stocking here, if anyone wants to make me something small and shiny. <3
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So last year I went to Vidukon in Cardiff and had the best time and made a bunch of friends, and now I am helping to make it happen again, yay. If you like vids and could come to Cardiff next April/May you should definitely think about it, it's going to be fab! We are currently hosting a poll on preferred dates and you can follow either [ profile] vidukon or [community profile] vidukon_cardiff for further updates as we have them.
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Lots of things going on presently!

+ Subscription facility available to AO3 users, prompting this meme to go around via [personal profile] astolat:

I'm at faviconsuch_heights and fandoms in the immediate queue include Doctor Who, Doctor Who, and - oh, also some Community! I'm still multi-fannish I swear. *g* Also I really need to get all of my fic up on there already.

+ [ profile] queer_fest is open for prompt claiming. I have snagged a Community prompt: Abed Nadir/Troy Barnes, Abed's running out of famously queer-subtexty fictional characters for Troy & him to role-play as, and Troy still doesn't get it. (Suggestions for which characters that should include TOTALLY WELCOME, incidentally! Because the idea is a lot of fun.)

+ [community profile] remix_goes_wild is a long-term remix challenge that's doing some really interesting things with the remix format. You can sign up to participate or offer up your fic for potential remixing at the sign up post.

+ [ profile] beccatoria made a gorgeous and haunting Fringe vid, Mad World, dealing with a lot of my favourites themes of the show and making full use of all the amazing parallels.

+ Going to Vidukon in less than a week, eee! Though I guess that probably means I should do some prep for the panel I'm running sometime soon. /o\
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So I'm hopefully going to be putting a vidshow together for Vidukon about ROBOTS. Is anyone able to rec me some vids on that subject? I am pretty covered for Battlestar Galactica, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and vids by [personal profile] charmax. I would love it if anyone knew of downloadable vids for older sources like Blade Runner, Star Trek TNG or Voyager, or the original Stars Wars films. Also bonus points for non-Western sources and AMVs.

Robots, androids, cyborgs and all other mechanical individuals are welcome!
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+ Lots of details are up for a UK vidding convention happening in April. In Cardiff! \o/ I shall be registering as soon as I get the money together. And if anyone else going is looking for a roommate, I am very nice. *winning smile*

+ [community profile] white_lotus assignments have gone out! eee, I had a lot of fun doing that and eagerly await all of the awesome that will be arriving come February. :D

+ Speaking of A:TLA I tripped and fell and ended up rewatching the second half of S3. SO GOOD. cut for vague spoilers ) I can feel a full series rewatch coming on when I have the time.

+ This shot of Eleven from the Christmas special (not particularly spoilery) made me all gleeful. Is it time for more Who yet? How about now?


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