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I ran two vidshows at this year's Nine Worlds - a Star Trek show co-curated with [personal profile] shinyjenni, and the now-annual evening fanvid show on the fanfic track.

Thursday: Vid Long and Prosper - Laid-back Star Trek fanvid fun

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Friday: Fanvid Showing - Amy returns with a roundup of the year’s fanvids

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If you enjoyed watching those vidshows at the con, you might want to come along to Vidukon next summer! A cosy weekend convention in Cardiff where we sit and watch lots of vidshows interspersed with interesting panels and fannish hangouts. Lots of non-vidders attend, although some people do find themselves picking it up afterwards!
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I've done a bunch of vidshows at cons lately! Please find the playlists below for Nine Worlds and the first of two vidshows I'm doing at Worldcon.

Doctor Who vidshow, Thursday night

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The Last Year in Vids, Friday night

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Types of Vids, Loncon, Saturday

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A couple of weeks ago I sent [personal profile] purplefringe an email:

So the thing is that waiting until the end of September is two whole months away and that’s so looong omg.

Do you know what’s not far away? Nine Worlds. Do you what’s awesome? Convention proposals. We'd never get the rings organised in time but I've found a good stand in one that is cheap but the same kind of colours/style.

It could be during a panel, or during the Lashings show, or I could enlist some helpers do some kind of lobbycon thing? If I do it on the day we're both cosplaying there could be a whole Iron Man shenanigans thing idk.

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So like quite a few other people on my rlist, I am attending both Nine Worlds and Worldcon in London this summer. If you are also attending either con and want to hang out, let me know!

Nine Worlds

I will be at Nine Worlds from Thursday - Sunday. Mostly I am doing vid things and Doctor Who things.

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I will be at WorldCon on Saturday and Sunday hanging out with the transformative works track doing vid shows.

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I'm running some vidding programming for the Fanfic track at Nine Worlds. In particular, I'm doing a talk on vidding, which I'm aiming at fans who probably read fic but don't necessarily know so much about vids.

Crowdsourcing a little bit of my research here - I'd really like to hear about other people's experiences of discovering vids.

I'd love to know about the first vids you can remember watching.

a) Which fandoms were they in?

b) Which websites did you hear about them from?
eta: that was poorly worded, lots of you saw your first vids offline via cons, tapeswaps etc. Tell me about that too!

I'm particularly interested in hearing about fandoms other than Western media fandoms, and websites other than LJ/DW, but all responses will be helpful!
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Potentially relevant to some of your interests - a bunch of fans are putting together what could be a massive, sprawling con in London and it sounds pretty great. I'd love to have an event like this happen at home.

A creative arts, gaming, film, costuming, anime, fandom, literature, science and geek culture convention. Also a really big party.

We're a group of sci-fi convention fans putting together a weekend-long, multi-genre, residential GeekFest in London next summer, on August 9th-11th. We've named it Nine Worlds GeekFest. The idea behind Nine Worlds is to create a large fan-run multi-genre geek event in London. For years we've been going to huge US cons like Dragon*Con and GenCon and SDCC, and we got to wondering why nothing like that exists in the UK. France can drum up over 20,000 sci-fi fans for Utopiales, even Finland can find 15,000 fans for FinnCon. But when it comes to large fan-driven residential multi-genre sci-fi cons in the UK, pickings are pretty slim.

From chatting to one of the organisers I know they're big into ideas of safer spaces, accessibility, strong anti-harassment policies, and actively looking for diversity in their panelists and attendees.

They've just opened a Kickstarter to sell early-bird tickets and if they hit their target, the con's a definite go. Find out more here!




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