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I've done a bunch of vidshows at cons lately! Please find the playlists below for Nine Worlds and the first of two vidshows I'm doing at Worldcon.

Doctor Who vidshow, Thursday night

playlist )

The Last Year in Vids, Friday night

playlist )

Types of Vids, Loncon, Saturday

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So like quite a few other people on my rlist, I am attending both Nine Worlds and Worldcon in London this summer. If you are also attending either con and want to hang out, let me know!

Nine Worlds

I will be at Nine Worlds from Thursday - Sunday. Mostly I am doing vid things and Doctor Who things.

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I will be at WorldCon on Saturday and Sunday hanging out with the transformative works track doing vid shows.

two panels )
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I have a bunch of shiny-looking books to dive into now that I've finished my Masters and actually have time to read novels again. These are all sitting on my to-read shelf: what should I read first?

In the case of Left Hand of Darkness it's sort of a reread - I skim-read it very quickly for a book group once but honestly couldn't tell you much about the second half of the book and need to rectify this.

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What should I read next?

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The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. Le Guin
23 (46.9%)

Swordspoint - Ellen Kushner
18 (36.7%)

The Persian Boy - Mary Renault
12 (24.5%)

Spirit - Gwyneth Jones
1 (2.0%)

Elaboration in comments welcome!

Also, heads up: the next London Collectormania is the first weekend of October and has a bunch of cool people as guests. Including Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston, Caitlin Blackwood, Eve Myles, Joe Flanigan, Evanna Lynch, Diana Rigg, John Hurt and Armin Shimmerman. Full list and other details here. This is ameliorating my happy envy at reading all of your awesome Dragon*Con reports. That and having just booked tickets to see Arthur's Doctor Faustus at the Globe next week. \o/
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So, making some kind of personal record for fastest time between 'con that wasn't even on my radar' to 'con I am now registered for': Karen Gillan is making her first con appearance at LFCC in July, complete with special ticket-only 'Audience With'. I have tickets accordingly.

I cannot even. I am somewhat more composed now, but only because I spent an hour on the phone with [ profile] purplefringe mostly emitting squeaking noises. But my brain is still pretty much one big OMG. l;asdkja \o/
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warning: links in this post and content behind cuts contain discussion of sexual assault that, though non-graphic, may be triggering

So. There has been an awful lot of discussion recently about the SPN-turned-panfandom blow-up about cons, sexual coercion, personal responsibility and a host of other related topics. About which, first a few basic points:

+ If you are conducting sexual activity without the full consent of everyone in the room, whether they're directly involved or not, then what you are doing is Not Okay.

+ Silence in no way equals consent.

+ It is no one's personal responsibility to speak out and protest in an environment where zie has every reason to feel profoundly unsafe. It is everyone's personal responsibility never to make someone feel that way.

+ No matter what the circumstances, what you did or didn't say, what you were wearing, how much you'd had to drink, sexual harassment, coercion and assault are only ever the fault of the perpetrator.

+ It took me a long time to learn that last one. )

This also all seems rather pertinent as I make plans to attend cons this summer. And so, in the vein of others on my rlist, a promise for when I'm attending Vividcon and Dragon*Con:

If it looks like someone's bothering you, I will come and see if you're all right. If it looks like your judgement's been impaired and you're being coerced into something, I'll intervene, with backup if necessary.

If you come to me and tell me that there's a problem and you want help, I will believe you without question. I won't make judgements based on your clothing, your gender identity or presentation, or how much you've had to drink. I'll believe you even if I don't know you and you're being harassed by my best friend.

I'll help you however you want me to. I will tell someone to back off, I will make excuses for you so you can get away, I will alert appropriate authorities. I'll come with you to the con organisers, or speak to them on your behalf. I'll help you find somewhere safe if you need it, and I'll sit with you for as long as you want. I've got your back.


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