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From Yorkshire, With Love
Harry Potter ; Remus/Sirius ; PG-13 ; no content notes ; 1800 words ; also at the AO3
"You're not the one who's going to be spending the next two weeks trekking around the Yorkshire Moors looking for werewolf encampments."

Written for [ profile] onehundredmoons at [ profile] rs_small_gifts. Many thanks to [personal profile] liseuse for the beta! My annual contribution of R/S Christmas fluff.

The war didn't stop for Christmas. No one had really thought that it would.
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a flame in two cupped hands
Harry Potter ; Remus/Sirius ; PG-13 ; 3000 words
Sirius didn't crouch down to tuck the coat under Remus's shoulders, didn't press a soft kiss to Remus's forehead the way he wanted.

title from Margaret Atwood, written for [ profile] glass_icarus at [ profile] rs_small_gifts, with thanks to [ profile] sunnyrea and [ profile] silyara for betaing!

Sirius sat on the shop floor, felled by an avalanche of top-shelf Christmas decorations, baubles still clattering down around him.
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This weekend saw the birthdays of two very dear and old friends, gathered during my first fledgling days of fandom. [ profile] nekare and [ profile] magnetic_pole, happy birthday belatedly for Saturday! ♥ Below is a wee snippet as a token of my affection.

Let's Call This Whole Day Off
Harry Potter ; Remus/Sirius ; PG ; 900 words
In which Remus has research fatigue, Sirius gets into a fight, and sleep is a long-overdue luxury.

The last of their supply of candles were burning down as Remus reached for yet another yellowing file. )
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Late Bloom
Harry Potter ; Remus/Sirius ; PG-13 ; 10,000 words ; AU
Sirius, the dutiful eldest son of the mighty Black family, has almost entirely lost his own hopes and dreams. An unexpected meeting with a long-forgotten friend might just change everything.

Written for Round Two of the [ profile] rs_games, Team MWPP. Originally posted here. I could talk about this story a lot, but I think I'll let it speak for itself first? Onwards!

James lay back, staring up at the bright afternoon sky. This summer was getting off to a marvellous start. )
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Cleaning out my folders, and lo, some salvagable ficbits from [ profile] hogwarts_elite contests past. This requires the creation of new character tags and everything, how thrilling.

Stars Half-Reached
Harry Potter ; Marlene McKinnon ; PG-13 ; 1,300 words ; prompt of childhood
Before the death, there was a life.

Marlene McKinnon was eighteen years and ten months old when she died. )

Pass It On
Harry Potter ; Remus, Minerva ; PG ; 800 words ; prompt of a DADA teacher
Others have held this office.

The kettle started whistling. )

In This Darkness
Harry Potter ; Neville, Slughorn ; PG ; 600 words ; prompt of house unity during Deathly Hallows
Hogwarts stands protected.

The school felt suspended over a chasm, with both sides scrambling to claim it and the whole precarious lot poised to disappear over the edge at any moment. )

Harry Potter ; Harry, James II ; G ; 500 words ; prompt of the epilogue kids
There's an unexpected letter in the latest Hogwarts batch.

'There's been some kind of mix up, I was just going to write to Professor Longbottom.' )
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The Basic Art Of Communication
Harry Potter
PG-13, 3500 words
Summary: Wherein chaos is unleashed, Lily Evans proves corruptible, and Sirius is trying to say something important, probably.
Notes: Written for Round One of the [ profile] rs_games.

'Rise and shine, brethren! Today is our day of jubilee!' )
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The Tyranny of Petty Things (The Unconquered Skies Remix
Harry Potter; Remus/Sirius
PG-13, 5000 words
Summary: Moving into Number 12, Grimmauld Place is like starting a war. Sirius tries to fight it as best he can.
Notes: Written for [ profile] remixredux08, a remix of The Tyranny of Petty Things, by [ profile] rian219. Many thanks to [ profile] mindabbles for the beta. Full story notes & soundtrack at the end.

'I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things...' -- Antoine de St-Exupery  )


Notes & Soundtrack )


Hahaha, and speaking of Remix - I would have thought that there are some authors, authors whose extensive fannish oeuvre I know and love, I'd be able to spot a mile off. Sometimes, apparently not! [ profile] shaggydogstail was the delight behind my remix this year, The Art of Memory (Bold and Lonely Remix) [Doctor Who; G; gen], and if you haven't read it yet I direct you over there straight away for a gorgeous examination of some of those left behind.
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In The Room (Where People Come And Go)
Lily; ensemble
PG, 2000 words
Summary: New maternity brings guests.
Notes: For [ profile] sambethe on her birthday, in appreciation of the fact that she manages to be all things - an excellent writer, ever-helpful beta, and a great friend. Have a good one! Also written to the [ profile] 7spells prompt; in the room where women come and go.

'Yes, darling, you've said that already.' )
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First, see my last post for new and additional flail, for post arrived for me today from my wonderful sender, [ profile] morebliss, to accompany the emails of Thursday. I am all a-squee!

I was assigned [ profile] opheliet, who listed James/Lily and Remus/Sirius in her requests, so I thought I'd do both! You can see her post, with pictures and such, here, but now I shall rework those into a more digital form.

James/Lily, Remus/Sirius, PG
Love sent and received. 14th February, 1980.

Happy Valentine's Day )
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After The Agony In Stony Places
PG, 2800 words
Remus/Sirius, Peter, James, Lily
Summary: They'd kept vigil like this before now, and yet, the thought of anything happening to James, or to Remus - Remus, who only a few short weeks ago had just been a friend, and now--
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] avendya at [ profile] hp_quotathon; inspired in part by T.S. Eliot.

'You could have given me a little warning! Only fair to give a bloke a bit of preparation before you floor him with sudden pronouncements,' James said. )
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These Bright Lights Calling
PG-13, 1500 words
Summary: Seven times Remus thought he was invincible.
Notes: For [ profile] remeciel, who had a birthday over a month ago. A thousand apologies that this is so late, my dear!

The world was surely theirs for the taking. )
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By Candlelight
1000 words, PG
Summary: They sit together, still and warm and silent, as midnight draws near on Christmas Eve.
Notes: Written for [ profile] lupinslittlesis at [ profile] rs_small_gifts. This isn't quite a remix, but owes a fair bit to her wonderful Though I Speak With the Tongues of Men and Angels. With many thanks to [ profile] sambethe for spotting my typos and suchlike.

The stars were clear tonight.
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I unexpectedly break hiatus briefly with a bit of fic! Reveals have been posted at the ever so much fun [ profile] dw_cross, and this was my story, which was a lot of fun to write and have posted just before DH was released.

Impossible Is Nothing
PG, gen
2800 words
The Doctor, Martha, Remus
Summary: The Doctor doesn't believe in magic, so Professor Lupin's about to get a bit of a surprise.
Author's notes: For [ profile] hllangel at [ profile] dw_cross, with many thanks to [ profile] shaggydogstail and [ profile] avendya for their help! Originally posted here.

'Scotland it is!' The Doctor leapt to the TARDIS controls, setting off chaotic whirring and churning that made Martha sit down a little faintly. 'Last time I was here I met Queen Victoria, you know.' )
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We Could Rule The World
PG-13, 1000 words
Summary: Being a Marauder is intoxicating, and Sirius the most potent ingredient of it all.
Notes: Birthday fic for the wonderful [ profile] virginia_bell. ♥

Sirius would know, Sirius, who is probably the heart of all of their reckless dreams. )
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I know, I know, I keep churning them out at the moment, don't I? But I lose at predictions, thus owe fic for [ profile] dh_predictions.

Still We Wait
PG, 800 words.
Lily, James, Remus, Sirius. Mostly gen.
Contains DH spoilers
Summary: The end of the war, on the other side.
Notes: Written to [ profile] onehundredmoons's request of your own DH epilogue, set only a few hours/days/weeks after the final battle, told either from earth or from the "other side". Ended being a little esoteric, but I hope it suits!

And though Dumbledore had said Harry would be safe, how could I believe him, after all that we had seen? And so we waited - just the four of us at first, those who had helped him on his way.
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Progress? What Progress? Or, where I mock the status of the things I'm currently working on. Witness my woe! )

And now, for completeness, four drabbles I wrote for [ profile] faeriemaiden's birthday a few days ago:

Autumn | Sirius )

Fairy Tales | Ted & Nymphadora )

Cathedrals | Remus )

Daydreams | Marauders, and a bit of a Doctor Who crossover )

eta: And, err, LJ hates me? Now edited so that three of those don't all end with the same last line, because, you know, that makes no sense and I'm not quite sure how that happened anyway. Grr.
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[ profile] springtime_gen reveals! Thank you so much again, [ profile] ignipes, for Everest to Kangchenjunga for Afternoon Tea. &hearts

And this is what I wrote. Behold the word count! Behold the vague semblance of plot! I had a blast writing this one, and though re-reading it I can certainly find flaws, I'm still pleased with it - something just slightly different from my usual fare =)

Order Out Of Chaos
PG-13, 6000 words
Ensemble First War cast including the Marauders, Lily, Frank, Dumbledore & Moody.
Summary: Dumbledore has an Order to create, Moody has Aurors to train, and four young men need to decide what they're doing with their lives.
Notes: With enormous thanks to [ profile] magnetic_pole for the last minute beta. Written for [ profile] ignipes at [ profile] springtime_gen. Original post here.

As a student, Remus had rarely been into Dumbledore's office. )
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Hi folks - offline until Friday, take care! Considering I was out of the house for under 12 hours today and got to skip=80, catching up will be something horrendous but never fear, I'm sure I can put off revision for that long.

[ profile] remus_reads reveals went up today. Many, many thanks and love to [ profile] sambethe for On Presents And Their Giving *prods you all in that general direction*

I wrote:

And So Say All Of Us
For [ profile] briana_rose07 - original post here.
PG-13, 2000 words, gen.
Summary: It's Remus' sixteenth birthday, which the Marauders ensure becomes a school-wide event.
Notes: Much gratitude to [ profile] melandry for the beta.

Remus most definitely Does Not Know what's going on. )
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Now [ profile] big_little's over, I thought I'd just post this here for posterity. Last week I was masquerading as [ profile] avendya_love, and this is one of the things I produced for her =)

Five Ways The Doctor Might Have Met Remus Lupin
PG, 600 words.
Gen HP/Doctor Who crossover

'This is getting ridiculous' )


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