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The Tyranny of Petty Things (The Unconquered Skies Remix
Harry Potter; Remus/Sirius
PG-13, 5000 words
Summary: Moving into Number 12, Grimmauld Place is like starting a war. Sirius tries to fight it as best he can.
Notes: Written for [ profile] remixredux08, a remix of The Tyranny of Petty Things, by [ profile] rian219. Many thanks to [ profile] mindabbles for the beta. Full story notes & soundtrack at the end.

'I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things...' -- Antoine de St-Exupery  )


Notes & Soundtrack )


Hahaha, and speaking of Remix - I would have thought that there are some authors, authors whose extensive fannish oeuvre I know and love, I'd be able to spot a mile off. Sometimes, apparently not! [ profile] shaggydogstail was the delight behind my remix this year, The Art of Memory (Bold and Lonely Remix) [Doctor Who; G; gen], and if you haven't read it yet I direct you over there straight away for a gorgeous examination of some of those left behind.
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In The Room (Where People Come And Go)
Lily; ensemble
PG, 2000 words
Summary: New maternity brings guests.
Notes: For [ profile] sambethe on her birthday, in appreciation of the fact that she manages to be all things - an excellent writer, ever-helpful beta, and a great friend. Have a good one! Also written to the [ profile] 7spells prompt; in the room where women come and go.

'Yes, darling, you've said that already.' )
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Progress? What Progress? Or, where I mock the status of the things I'm currently working on. Witness my woe! )

And now, for completeness, four drabbles I wrote for [ profile] faeriemaiden's birthday a few days ago:

Autumn | Sirius )

Fairy Tales | Ted & Nymphadora )

Cathedrals | Remus )

Daydreams | Marauders, and a bit of a Doctor Who crossover )

eta: And, err, LJ hates me? Now edited so that three of those don't all end with the same last line, because, you know, that makes no sense and I'm not quite sure how that happened anyway. Grr.


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