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Cleaning out my folders, and lo, some salvagable ficbits from [ profile] hogwarts_elite contests past. This requires the creation of new character tags and everything, how thrilling.

Stars Half-Reached
Harry Potter ; Marlene McKinnon ; PG-13 ; 1,300 words ; prompt of childhood
Before the death, there was a life.

Marlene McKinnon was eighteen years and ten months old when she died. )

Pass It On
Harry Potter ; Remus, Minerva ; PG ; 800 words ; prompt of a DADA teacher
Others have held this office.

The kettle started whistling. )

In This Darkness
Harry Potter ; Neville, Slughorn ; PG ; 600 words ; prompt of house unity during Deathly Hallows
Hogwarts stands protected.

The school felt suspended over a chasm, with both sides scrambling to claim it and the whole precarious lot poised to disappear over the edge at any moment. )

Harry Potter ; Harry, James II ; G ; 500 words ; prompt of the epilogue kids
There's an unexpected letter in the latest Hogwarts batch.

'There's been some kind of mix up, I was just going to write to Professor Longbottom.' )
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The Perfect Blue
HP; Luna, Neville
G, 1200 words
Summary: Neville's a friend with a problem, and Luna wants to help.
Notes: Winning entry in a match over at [ profile] firebolt_elite, where the prompt was a story pertaining to a specific colour.

Luna consulted her list. 'We've tried Madam Malkin's dress silk, the afternoon sky in Hyde Park - do you think we should go to Hogsmeade now?' )
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[ profile] hp_holidaygen reveals are now up, hurray! Go and investigate, for truly there are marvellous works there. I'd been sort of meaning to write plotty DH Neville fic for a while, and this ended up being the perfect opportunity. This story proved to be a bit of a nightmare along the way, but it got itself done in the end, thank goodness.

All Ye Faithful
PG-13, 5700 words
Summary: Neville can't bear to leave Hogwarts in the holidays, but a happy Christmas may be hard to find.
Notes: Though this contains nothing more harrowing than is mentioned in DH, I should perhaps warn for Carrows? Contains some lines quoted from the books. Written for [ profile] nicolen at the [ profile] hp_holidaygen exchange, with endless gratitude to [ profile] lyras for all her help.

Neville felt an enormous weight of duty on him, and he'd see it through to the end. )
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All Hallow's Eve
G, 700 words
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Neville
Summary: Harry pays his respects 20 years after his parents' deaths.
Notes: Because I'm thinking about this lot more, recently. Probably should have been posted yesterday, but still just about on time.

Harry can see the trail of bobbing candles up ahead of him, and pulls his cloak a little tighter around himself. His is a private pilgrimage. )
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[ profile] hp_summergen reveals are now up! I'll do a big recs post at some point. Also, I probably will tweak the first story I wrote, I Know Where The Summer Goes, a bit more before I post it, but here is my pinch-hit, which I was quite pleased with, in the end - it was a lot of fun to write a couple of characters I don't usually tackle.

The World Is Waiting For You
PG, 2500 words
Hermione, Luna, Lavender, Neville
Summary: Four scenes, four characters, one summer. A school, a place of things beyond their wildest imaginings, awaits.
Notes: Written for [ profile] st_aurafina at [ profile] hp_summergen, originally posted here.

Hermione liked the hot sun and the beach well enough, but it wasn't as good as the things she read about, stories about boarding schools and talking animals and magic wands. )


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