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I've just realised there's a handful of contest fics and things I never did post on here, and really I should do that over the next week or so.

Eye Witnesses
Narcissa, Luna
PG, 900 words
Summary: Two eye witness accounts of Lord Voldemort's defeat.
Notes: Written for the semi-final of [ profile] firebolt_elite, where the prompt was to rewrite a scene from the HP books from two other points of view.

Everything I had to come to believe in my life was shortly to disintegrate around me, yet somehow that seemed unimportant. )
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For [ profile] fiona_fawkes; Ianto buying a really shiny red sports car.

Torchwood, G, gen, 300 words. )

Handily, this next one is something of a missing scene from the post-DH WIP of Doom (that I will get back to properly once exchanges are out of the way).

For [ profile] allie_meril; Andromeda and a Black family heirloom.

Narcissa, Andromeda, PG, gen, 500 words. )

For [ profile] saevemnemosyne; omphaloskepsis, and "around her neck hangs a delicate gold chain, but whatever it suspends is beneath her buttoned collar, and thus invisible."

Luna/Ginny, PG, 150 words. )

The rest on the way next week. These are working are a charm, hurrah! Exchange fic has begun in earnest, and is going well.
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I Know Where The Summer Goes
PG-13, 7100 words.
Sirius, Regulus, and the Black Family.
Summary: The Black family travels en masse for their summer holiday. This time, Sirius isn't going home again.
Notes: For [ profile] inthefuturepast at [ profile] hp_summergen. With enormous thanks to my lovely beta, [ profile] mrs_batman. Originally posted here, now slightly edited to slot better with DH canon.

Regulus smiled the embodiment of summer itself as the train pulled out of the station. )


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