such_heights: donna looks up at the tardis (who: donna)
Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2010-04-18 05:33 pm

Podfic: All The King's Horses, by lindenharp (Doctor Who, Ten, Donna)

All The King's Horses
author: [ profile] lindenharp
reader: [personal profile] such_heights
rating: PG-13
fandom: Doctor Who
characters: Ten, Donna
summary: A star empire is menaced by deadly creatures from the time of Rassilon. Will one lone Time Lord and a human companion be enough to defeat them?
original text: All The King's Horses
reader notes: made for [ profile] lindenharp for [ profile] help_haiti, many thanks to her for her patience, generosity, and the great story.
download: here [.mp3, 135MB, 2hr 28min]

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