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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2010-02-02 02:45 am

fun things on the internet!

+ You have two weeks left to get your spanking fanworks in over at [ profile] kinkelot - and please do, there is awesome stuff there already and I desire moar! - and thus the time has come to set off our second challenge. (The plan is that there'll be a month-long challenge set every two weeks.) The anonymous challenge is a go! As [personal profile] woldy puts it: Magical disguises, sex with strangers, glory holes, masquerades, invisibility, costumes, use of a blindfold, sex in the dark - whatever kind of anonymity you like. \o/

+ [ profile] vividcon is looking for song suggestions for this year's Club Vivid. (To which I say, omg, both my excitement and my terror are boundless.)

+ [ profile] halfamoon is live! There is an incredible amount of awesome there already, vids and fic and picspams and banners and meta and icons and love. Go see!
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[ profile] halfamoon is really my personal highlight of the LJ year!