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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2017-04-22 10:25 pm

Doctor Who 10x02

Ah that was lovely, Bill is lovely. <3

I don't really have good words atm but please share your squee with me!
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I'm so happy from this episode! It had Rani's mum, Gita; it had a succession of brilliant brown female scientists and farmers and engineers.

BILL HAS FRECKLES. *hearts in my eyes forever* Bill focusing on small details, things that jump out at her as not making sense, failing to grasp bigger things (i.e. use the phone to take a picture of the map!) and then working out who the Doctor tries to be, even if it isn't who he is all the time.

Bill holding Nefertiti's bust. Bill's smile! <3 Bill's wonderful genuine, fascinated smile at the unknown. Bill looking after little kids. Bill investigating and worrying and getting frustrated at getting left out. BILL.

(Did I mention she has freckles? She has FRECKLES.)
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Bill is delightful. I loved her stopping to look at the bust.
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There's something different about Bill compared to the other companions (most of which I liked) and I'm really enjoying her!