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DW 10x01 aka HI BILL HI ILU

The blanketfort of squee is back again! A side note that while anyone coming back to the fold is wonderful and welcomed, comments like 'Bill is so much better than [other companion I didn't like]' are not in the spirit of the blanketfort.

Ahhh that was so wonderful, I've missed my show so much and new companion episodes are always a delight. Twelve and Bill give me a Seven and Ace/Nine and Rose vibe while being something entirely their own.

I loved how much this episode was rooted in Bill's life. I am so so here for the gay black girl in foster care who gets to go to space, how wonderful! <3333 And she's quick and funny and her face keeps making expressions when she's trying to be enigmatic and I love falling head over heels for these fabulous women every time. I love that she's genre savvy and saw that mind meld coming. And augh, my heart, when she asks the Doctor how he'd feel and Clara's theme plays. Subtle and gorgeous. And the pictures of Susan and River! ;_;

Twelve was lovely here, seeing a spark he wants to turn into a flame and picking her out of the crowd, and he can't help loving her and wanting to whisk her away. I'm very excited to see how their relationship develops.

Gonna need some icons. :D
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It was so delightful! Wonderful, gorgeous and brilliant Bill - who picks up on the tiny details and misses the bigger picture (the 'bigger on the outside' picture) and who I am absolutely headcanoning as autistic.

Also I love that it kind of went:

DOCTOR: So why attend my lectures?

BILL: I'm gay. I'm so gay. I love women so much. I have ridiculous crushes and cannot act like a normal person like talking to a person so I communicated through the medium of chips and naturally that did not work-

DOCTOR: What has this got to do with my lectures?

BILL: Nothing but seriously, I am a really nerdy lesbian. I love sci-fi and chips and girls are so pretty and I have no idea what I'm doing.

And Clara's theme! And knowing how sci-fi works. And the pictures of her mum. And a neatly encapsulated relationship with her foster mum in a few easy parts.

I need several dozen icons. Immediately. *hearts in my eyes*
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"But I haven't applied" - "We'll sort that out later"

It was so 7&Ace-y that I was half expecting her to call him 'Professor'.
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Ahhhhhhhh I loved it! Bill's face was SO GREAT the whole time but especially when she walked into the TARDIS for the first time! I'm so happy our show is back and that Bill is amazing!!!
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Bill was AMAZE! I love her and her practical attitude and her knowledge of sci-fi tropes. And her girl crushes. (I hope she gets to know the cute fat girl with the chips.)
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This episode was so delightful! I'm so glad other people saw the Seven-Ace parallels. I love the Doctor as mentor!

Bill is just wonderful and I adore her. I loved the framing of this episode around her life and her discovery of the bigger world out there, it was wonderful, and I can totally see why people are comparing her to Rose, except she's her own person, too.

Twelve was lovely and I was delighted and he's got photos of River and Susan! My heart did a squee when I saw those. Plus that tiny callback to Clara was perfect.

I'm there with you on the icon thing.
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Bill!!! I loved the episode and I love her.
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Seven and Ace/Nine and Rose vibe

Actually, yes, the Seven & Ace vibe was really there. It was a lot of fun.
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When the Doctor got Bill the pictures of her mom and I just... waterworks, man.