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Relationship meme

Because [personal profile] happydork and I are nerds, we saw this on our reading lists and went 'ooh, let's fill it out separately and post and compare results!'. So here we are. Her answers here.

Who's oldest? K, by nearly five years
Who was interested? Haha, K had to ask me out twice! The first time was super vague and I thought it was a fannish friend dinner, and afterwards she had to email again and be like 'again? but a for real date this time' and I went 'ohhhh'.
Same high school? Nope, different cities.
Worst temper? We're both pretty chill, but K probably gets more cranky.
More social? Me, the extrovert one.
Hardest working? K, probably
Most stubborn? K
Who makes the most mess? Also K, the first time I saw her room was an eye-opener!
Wakes up first? Ideally both of us would basically sleep forever, though K was kind of a morning person until I dragged her into my bad habits.
Who cooks the most? K does almost all the cooking, she's a hero.
Who cries more? Hahahahahah me.
Who is the better singer? Me, or at least I sing in front of people sometimes.
Hogs the remote? We're so bad at TV lately, neither of us.
Better driver? God, one of these days one of us really has to learn to drive! /o\
Better cook? K
Smartest? K
More romantic? I'm more into traditionally romantic gestures, but on the other hand one time K basically moved house for us while I slept and it was the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me probably.
How long have you been together? 4 years dating, 18 months married. N'aw.
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Your answers are remarkably in-sync. I'm impressed!
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Yeah, your answers really match up! I read mine out to P while he LOLed and looked alarmed.

I can't believe it's been 18 months already :O
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The honeymoon period is over! It's all bitter recriminations and taxes from here on in...
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Oh, that's quite lovely that your answers are so similar.
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Heeee, these are adorable! ♥
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This is adorable and accurate, apart from your terrible maths, which is just adorable :-P
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Awwwww... :) Happy year-and-a-half anniversary! M.
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