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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2016-11-09 03:11 pm
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what a bleak day

Friends in the US, I'm so sorry. This is awful.

I'm completely in shock. Brexit and now Trump's victory make it feel like everything that I believe in and advocate and work for is being rejected. This has been a year of feeling utterly powerless in the face of catastrophe, both political and personal, and it just keeps getting worse.

I love you all. We have to look after ourselves and look after each other. And there will be work we can do, ways we can help. I know I'm not alone in just needing to retreat and process this for a bit, but there will be action we can take to mitigate this disaster and support each other.
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Holding on tight to you and yours, babe.
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I am so fucking horrified I have no words.

Thank you for your sympathy.
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It hurts to be across the border right now. ♥

As to the rest... Challenge fucking accepted, Mr. Trump.
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♥ Posts like this are helping to chip away at the numb despair, so thank you.
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Brexit and now Trump's victory make it feel like everything that I believe in and advocate and work for is being rejected.

That's because it is. It feels like a formal declaration of war after a lot of border fighting. I suppose it does at least clarify things: the other side doesn't seem to be interested in building bridges, just pulling them down, so it's going to be a fight all the way from now on perforce.

I'm feeling too old for this -- seriously, this shit again? -- but I guess I'd better not be.
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It's horrifying. I keep swinging between "surely it can't be *that* bad" and "but that's what everyone tries to tell themselves before things completely go to shit". I feel so sick and scared.