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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2016-08-28 09:14 pm
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Dear Femslashex Creator

(Ahhhhh I can do this I can do this I think I can do this??)

Hello, creator! I hope you enjoy the exchange, and I'm really excited to see your art or read your fic. <3

I like friendship, chosen family, romance, adventure, wacky hijinx, ridiculous AUs, character studies, backstory, fannish tropes, and people being kind to each other and themselves. I'm thrilled with slice of life vignettes and big ambitious plots.

I'm very happy with any rating and any kind of romantic/sexual/kink content -- or none -- whatever you most like to write. My two general requests would be a happy ending, and nothing where any of the characters are too drunk to know what they're doing.

Imperial Radch - Breq/Mercy of Kalr
Something post-series would be great, from a slice of life to a new adventure. By all means throw in Seivarden and the others as well.

Ghostbusters - Holtzmann/Patty, OT4
I loved everything about this film! Holtzmann/Patty was definitely my big takeaway ship - I love how much Patty enjoys and rolls with Holtzmann's weirdness, and the easy back and forth they have almost instantly.

I could also really go for some OT4! They're all great, and teams who love each other are the best. Whether casefic or vignettes of relationship development or AUs or just hanging out eating pizza, I'm here for it.

Crossover - Kathryn Janeway/Leia Organa
This crossover ship has blown my mind with its brilliance. I would love to hear about what happens when these two meet, whether for coffee or to save the galaxy.

Jessica Jones - Jessica/Trish
I loved these two and their ex-girlfriends who still love each other vibe. They seem to have a home in each other they can't find anywhere else. I'd love something set any time during the canon of the show, from them growing up to picking up the pieces after the finale.

Buffy - Willow/Tara, Buffy/Faith
With both of these ships, I just love them and want them to be happy. Which is complicated in both cases, but the heart wants what it wants! And if you wanted to do a handwavey fixit where Tara survives the series I would be deeeelighted.

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