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Vidukon Show - rec me vids from 2006

For this year's Vidukon I'm putting together a show of vids that were made/premiered in 2006. I'm going through Vividcon from that year and people's journal archives, and it's a very fun nostalgia fest. Harry Potter was an ongoing series, it was the early days of SGA, BSG, SPN and all other three letter acronym shows, people were vidding a lot of Farscape and due South and Whedonverse, and Doctor Who was just beginning to pick up interest.

I'd love recs of any personal faves from that year. Must have been originally posted that year, so no remasters etc, but otherwise anything goes. Self recs very much encouraged! I know it might feel a bit weird to look at work a decade old, but I'm really interested to see how much vidding has changed in style and content over the years, and how much it hasn't.
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[personal profile] giandujakiss 2016-02-29 10:33 pm (UTC)(link)
What a fun theme! As far as self-recs go, 2006 was the year I started vidding, so I was pretty raw - doubt there's much but maybe Church or A Little Less Conversation or Wounded. I can also rec Lithy's SPN vid All That I am, Astolat's Bukowski, MOrganDawn's God Says Nothing Back, DualBunny's Cool Rider, Slave (forever knight, and Temptation ( which has been described by some reccers as the best methos vid ever made, (seriously saying something given the sheer number)
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Didn't Superstar premiere in 2006?
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[personal profile] buffyann 2016-02-29 10:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I was not delivering anything watchable at that time, but here's a few vids I loved from 2006:

Signal to Noise by Andrea (Firefly) - or

Born to Kill by Ringwench (Supernatural) -

They by Txlsplash (BSG) -

My little Drum by Bradcpu (House) -

Zero to Hero by dragonchic (Spiderman) - if you want some funny

Change (in the house of flies) by Obsessive24 (Smallville) -

Hope that helps :)
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Oh 2006 was when my BSG vid, "Fix You" premiered at VVC. Here's the post:
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[personal profile] gwyn 2016-03-01 07:31 pm (UTC)(link)
2006 was a weird year for me personally, a really mixed bag despite a big output, but two might work--one for Band of Brothers (Nixon and Winters) for After Rain, and one for Firefly (Jayne Cobb) to Black Soul Choir. The streaming versions have long since gone offline (thanks, imeem) but both are downloadable at my vids site here.
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I'm not really familiar with vidding as a fandom sui generis, but as it turns out, one of my favourite vids ever did premiere in 2006.

BSG, Starbuck, God Is a DJ:
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God is a DJ has been rec'd already, but a few of my other favourite BSG vids came out in 2006: - Square One hollywoodgrrl - Devils and Dust - becka - Don't Mess With Me - m_a_r_i_k_s

I'll have to hunt around for non-BSG stuff though, I could only handle one fandom at the time ;)