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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2012-09-08 08:57 pm

Doctor Who 7x02

Proper reaction post tomorrow when I have more time, BUT OMG THAT WAS THE MOST GLORIOUS CRACK AND I LOVED IT ALL. I basically spent the whole episode making toddler fists of glee. :D :D :D
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My two overwhelming reactions right now are "Brian Pond, you are delicious!" and THE DOCTOR KISSED RORY *FLAIL*
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This episode. ♥
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That was like, everything I have ever wanted from Doctor Who ever. It's like they took all the glorious fancrack they know we want and took it seriously and made it work, sort of like with "The Doctor's Wife," except, well, it's hard to top Neil Gaiman. But still. ALL OF THE SQUEE.
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The Doctor kissed Rory.

Basically, they could have surrounded that moment with pretty much anything, and I would be deleriously happy.

OH! And Amy flirting with Queen Nefertiti. Icing on the cake! ♥
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Oh. My. God. I just giggled the whole time and loved every god damn second!