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dw series 7 spoilers

Okay this whole post is made of major spoilers for the next series of Doctor Who. If you don't want to know what's going to happen, scroll on!

Okay, spoilers re. Amy and Rory's departure here we go! I can't deal with the tension this time round so I'm kind of reading everything ever to brace myself. This strategy could change at any time, though.

Anyway, there are two set reports that have gone up in the past couple of days - here and here. They're both quite detailed and may enduce a severe amount of feelings.

That combined with some stuff from New York filming makes me think that the basic plot of 7x05 is going to be that Rory gets sent back in time by a Weeping Angel, Amy and the Doctor try to save him, can't, find an older Rory and watch him die (god D:) and then Amy decides to go and find that same Angel so she can get sent back to the same point in time, separating her from the Doctor. The whys, hows, whether that's the end of it, etc, I don't know. Buuut I am tentatively okay with that although it sounds like it's going to hurt like hell, but if Amy and Rory are together and also hopefully still absolutely see River sometimes/potentially get reunited with kid Melody in New York etc, I can deal. But [personal profile] purplefringe and I were having a lot of feelings via email and I wrote spontaneous fic because this is how I would like it to go:


Rory lands on the ground with a thump. “Ow,” he says, to no one in particular. Turns out time travel by Weeping Angel is even worse than time travel by vortex manipulator. He rubs his head and gets to his feet. He’s still in New York, which is a start, but in the past. Old-style black Model Ts filled the streets, newspaper boys shouted out the headlines, and he feels like he’s just walked onto a film set. He catches glance at a newspaper, which told him it was 1947.

Crap. He’s all alone, and with the TARDIS out of action, Amy is very far away indeed. Still, they’ll come up with something. They always do.


It’s three days before anything happens. Rory gets shouted a lot, sleeps on park benches, and puts his ill-gotten pickpocketing skills – thanks, Amy and Mels – to use so he doesn’t starve to death. He’s really hoping things will start turning around soon.

He misses Amy desperately.

On the third day he’s walking back along the street where he first arrived when there was a sudden commotion as something landed out of thin air. Someone, that is.

“Amy!” Rory yells, spotting her through the crowd – she would pick the middle of rush hour to appear and attract maximum attention.

Amy sees him and her whole face transforms. She elbows her way through the gathered crowd, completely refusing to answer any of their questions, and flings herself at Rory, nearly bowling them both over.

“Woah,” Rory says, taking a half-step back to steady himself before wrapping his arms around Amy, who’s clinging to him so tightly he almost can’t breathe. He doesn’t care.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Amy’s saying, mostly into his shoulder as she clutches him fiercely, her hands fisting in his jacket. She thumps his back. “You have to stop dying on me, you promised.” Her voice is hoarse, and she’s shaking.

“What?” He pulls back slightly, looking at her carefully. “What happened?”

Amy’s whole face is raw with emotion. She looks wrecked. “We found you, in the future. You’d been on your own for so long, and then you died. We couldn’t save you. I had to come back, I had to find you.” She takes a long, shaky breath and smiles. “Time can be rewritten.”

“Oh my god,” Rory says softly. He doesn’t have the full story yet, but he can imagine it all too well. Living out all his life alone, and only finding Amy again when it was too late. He shudders.

“I found the Angel who sent you here, so I could find you.” She hugs him again and Rory strokes her hair until she stills, her breathing calmer.


River comes to find them, bringing with her all kinds of supplies – bank accounts, ID, everything they need to start up their new life.

“Your timelines are set now,” she tells them. “I’d take you back if I could.”

“But if you can come here, that’s all we need,” Rory says, squeezing Amy’s hand.

River smiles. “Oh yes, you don’t get rid of me that easily, don’t worry.”

“How’s the Doctor?” Amy asks.

“He misses you, obviously. He hopes he’ll see you again someday.” River smiles a little, like she knows a secret she’s not letting on.

“You’ll look after him, won’t you?” Amy asks.

“Of course I will. He’ll be fine, and so will you.”

In a rare moment, she hugs them, first Amy, then reaching out to tug Rory in too.

“You’re going to be just fine,” she tells them. “We all will.”


And they are. Rory becomes a nurse again, pioneering new standards of compassionate care and transforming New York hospitals. Amy becomes a writer, floating across genres but always telling bold, beautiful stories full of imagination and heart. They start talking about kids again, and a year later twin girls arrive, flaming redheads both. River is there, for that day and many others to come, arriving unannounced but always knowing just when she’s needed.

And one day, when twenty years have passed, Amy and Rory are out walking in Central Park when they spot a man in a tweed jacket and a bowtie.

“Doctor!” Amy yells, sprinting towards him, Rory right behind her.

The Doctor freezes, then he turns, and when he sees their faces his smile is the smile of whole constellations exploding into life.