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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2012-02-05 09:23 pm

Dear Rare Women Writer

Hello! I am signing up for the [ profile] rarewomen exchange and writing a dear author letter accordingly.

To copy from my Yuletide letter, I like all kinds of things, really. I love friendships and first times and adventures and ridiculous fandom tropes. Some of my favourite tropes include bodyswap, time loops, huddling for warmth, undercover gay and roadtrips. I love worldbuilding and introspection and people who are bad at expressing their feelings but figure out how to do it anyway.

With all of my requests I am very happy with gen or shipfic, and if you want to throw in extra characters that's completely fine because I love everyone and am easy to please that way.

Any rating is a-okay with me, I really don't have a preference - everything from gen through makeouts to sex is great. I'm very happy to read any kinks you're interested in writing/that suit the characters, and I have a particular fondness for things in the dressup and roleplay range. My main request is that everything is a) consensual and b) mainly sober, as I don't personally like the plot device of 'a confesses feelings to/kisses/sleeps with b while drunk, has regrets/freak out etc in the morning'.

I love everyone and everything in all of the fandoms I've requested so really you can't go wrong. :D

Large Fandom: Doctor Who
Women: Liz X, Madam Vastra, Jenny (AGMGTW), Rita
Optional Details: I'd love a story about any of these characters individually or together - femslash welcome, particularly Vastra/Jenny. A fix-it for Rita would be amazing, and I would love to read anything about further adventures in space, whether a vignette of shenanigans or something plottier. Appearances from any other Whoverse characters are fine by me too.

Fandom 2 (large or small): Legend of the Seeker
Women: Kahlan, Cara
Optional Details: I love these two SO MUCH, I'd be delighted with anything about them, whether gen or femslash. Ridiculous tropes, adventures, quiet introspection, fluff, it's all good.

Fandom 3 (large or small, totally optional): Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
Women: Sarah Connor, Cameron, Catherine Weaver, Savannah Weaver
Optional Details: I love all of the uneasy, complex relationships between the humans and robots on this show, and I'd love to see something about any of these four interacting, or something introspective about any one of them.