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Merlin 4x10

/o\ Why am I still watching this show? I'm honestly not sure! Debating whether to even bother with the rest of the series after tonight's episode.


Arthur Pendragon, you and I are done professionally. HOW COULD YOU. HOW. COULD. YOU. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. >:( I've seen some parts of fandom trying to defend his actions which, what? Fighting about it and breaking off the wedding is one thing, but ~omg I could never trust her and can't see her face and must THROW HER OUT OF HER HOME~ is, just. I have no words, eurgh. Ridiculous show.
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THIS WAS EXACTLY MY REACTION. I've been enjoying most of the rest of the season, but when I spend an episode screaming at the man who's supposed to be the hero, you're really doing it wrong. (WHY THE FUCK DID HE SHAKE HER I WANTED TO PUNCH HIM IN HIS FACE)
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She should just be grateful he didn't FUCKING MURDER HER like what good old daddy would've done omg. *throws things*

Fuck it, I hope Gwen runs into Morgana in the woods and then have angry fight!sex which turns into "well, I'm only licking her every five minutes to distract her from being evil/stealing my throne" which turns into ~rekindling their love~ and running off to live happily ever after on the Isle of Lovely Lesbians, Magic, Prettiness and No Boys or Dragons So There.
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I can understand Arthur not trusting her and needing some time completely apart from her, but some time. Not eternal banishment from her home. All this talk of Arthur being a ~great king~ and everything, and um, THAT IS A REALLY SHITTY WAY TO TREAT ANY OF YOUR SUBJECTS, ARTHUR.

I just want the side show where Gwen goes to stay with Hunith and they have adventures. That is what I want.
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I keep having to remind myself that I officially don't care about Merlin anymore (so, it turns out that deciding not to care and actually not caring are not quite the same thing, but I'm trying) because WHAT. THE. EVER. LOVING. HELL? Everyone who is not Gwen is an awful, dreadful person. Especially you, Arthur. And you, Merlin.

Okay. I feel better now. Back to not caring.
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Why am I still watching this show? I've been wondering this for the last two seasons. The Merlin and Arthur show is nice, but the levels of misogyny are becoming unusual even for a tv show. And last night they seem to have decided there were too many non-evil women in this show.

And Merlin, what is he doing just creepily staying at her without saying anything, rather than hey, I'm sorry that you're leaving, and by the way it's not your fault because you were enchanted? Seriously, did it not occur to either Gaius or Merlin that Gwen might want to know that Lancelot was a shade? *smites everyone*

The only thing to do now is have Gwen go up to Morgana and tell her she's had enough of this foolishness, and while men should clearly not be trusted to run things, this evil smirky thing has gone on long enough.
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My reaction exactly. Everything he did in those last ten minutes was gross and a complete abuse of power. I am so pissed off at fandom right now and how they're running to his defense. If you still want to love him, okay. We all like problematic things. BUT AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE THAT WHAT HE DID WAS INCREDIBLY PROBLEMATIC AND STOP TRYING TO PRETEND THAT HE DID THIS TO PROTECT HER OR BECAUSE HIS HANDS WERE TIED. Ugh.

I just want to reach into the screen and hug Gwen. D=
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Yea, idk I've tried to tell myself there is STUFF I still care about, but ... it's getting harder and harder to now.

On another note, if I remember correctly you're more into BSG fandom than I am. Over on lj, at a comm called gore_sports, there's a Bash Wars. I got made aware of it last round via Doctor Who fandom. And it's always a bunch of males (whether human, alien, or robotic) it seems like. So I nominated Kara Thrace, and she made it through round i. But in round ii at the moment, here, she's losing to Leonidas from 300. Which, okay, in that comm I never expected her to win, but among other things, the person nominating him asked (as if this were a reason she would lose) if she could grow facial hair overnight here, and idk, I really don't want her to lose to someone who thinks she'll lose because she is female or because Katee Sackoff is a girly girl (which Kara isn't but even so, why would that mean she can't win?). So I was wondering if I could interest you in spreading awareness of the event or whatnot. I know you're mostly on DreamWidth, but last night's comments make me really want to help her win this round.

Also, if you care, Xena's in a tight battle with Chewbacca! 4/5 women entered are still left, but two of them might go down this round.