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Female Character Trope Fest: Fanwork Post

The fest is now open for fanwork responses! You can post any fanwork that features a relationship of some kind between two or more female characters and plays with a popular genre/fandom trope of some kind. You can respond to a specific prompt, including your own, or write something in accordance with your own interests. You do not have to claim a prompt, and multiple people can respond to the same prompt.

All fanworks are allowed. This includes but is not limited to art, vids, fic, podfic, graphics, crafts, filks, rec lists, meta and picspam. Fanworks can be posted as comments or posted to your own journal/webspace and left as a link. I encourage you to consider using this fest as a way to participate in [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, a celebration starting today that marks Dreamwidth's two-year anniversary and encourages users to create unique, DW-only content. However, if you would prefer to include an AO3/LJ/other link, that is also totally fine.

eta: There is now an AO3 collection for this fest.

Please include the following information when posting, as a minimum:

Content Notes: (choose not to provide/none apply/contains non-con/dub-con/underage sex/graphic violence/other)

The masterlist of prompts is here -- totalling at a little under 800. \o/ Huge thanks to [personal profile] thady, [personal profile] pocky_slash, [ profile] sunnyrea, [personal profile] fhionnuisce, [personal profile] zephre, [personal profile] frigg, [personal profile] thedivinegoat, [personal profile] nonisland and [personal profile] rabid_bookwyrm for collating, organising and coding it all.

More information about the fest here, including big list of tropes!

If you have a question or concern, feel free to email me (such.heights at gmail), send me a PM, or comment under the Q&A thread at the top of the comments of this post.

Up to date as of 16/05/11, 16:30 GMT+1

Ashes to Ashes

When my soul was in the Lost & Found by [personal profile] petra
Alex, No explicit or implied sex or violence; no content notes apply
If Alex were at home, looking and feeling like herself only by dint of seriously hard work, she's afraid she'd hate Annie for doing it all so easily.

Avatar: the Last Airbender

ART: Strip Poker by [personal profile] lizbee
Ty Lee, Azula, Mai, PG, non-explicit nudity
Trope: "Azula, Mai, & Ty Lee, strip poker"

Black Swan

Perfect by [personal profile] sevilemar
Nina/OFC, G, Content note: not very specific description of dance movements
Trope: seducing your younger self

Doctor Who

Babies Make Me TARDIS-Sick by [personal profile] lyssie
The Rani, Iris Wildthyme, PG, Content Notes: um. Abandoned baby, threatening of said baby by biologist intent on world domination? Except in a more roundabout way. Also, baby could end up an alcoholic, if Iris has her way.
Surprirse!Parents? - from the prompt "unexpected co-parenting is bad enough. Unexpected co-parenting between two renegade Time Ladies, neither of which are exactly sane or the motherly type, is even worse." Though I'm not sure I managed it completely.

The Rivals by [ profile] cosmic_llin
Nyssa, Ace, Romana, River, Peri, Tegan, Donna, Barbara, G, no content notes
Trope: University AU - and I could get in all the ladies in this story, but I promise they're all there somewhere. ;)

Untitled by [personal profile] recessional
Amy, River, G, no content notes

Final Fantasy X-2

Power Struggle by [personal profile] carawj
Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Rikku/Paine, PG, no content notes
Trope: ALL/ANY OF THE LADIES, strip poker


Even When The Night Ends by [profile] nevacaruso
Zoe, River, all ages, Takes place after Serenity (the movie) and contains spoilers.
Trope: Zoe & or/ any, a moment of peace

Hawaii Five-0

Chemisstry by [personal profile] bluflamingo
Kono/Jenna, PG-13, no content notes
Trope: Undercover in a dyke bar


Set Free by [personal profile] fhionnuisce
Ava/OFC, R, choose not to provide content notes
Trope: AU: magic realism/succubus/Veela/magic powers, take your pick

Legend of the Seeker

Business and Pleasure by [ profile] sos10
Cara/Kahlan, NC-17, no content notes
Trope: AU -- Workplace/Office

Reach a Little Higher by [ profile] sos10
Cara/Kahlan, R, minor violence
Trope: Wingfic


Conspicious by [personal profile] thingswithwings
Parker/Sophie, G, 800 words, no content notes
inspired by the prompt "Parker/Sophie, going undercover at a lesbian bar."

No Rest For The Wicked

Rising by [personal profile] lunesque
Red, November, Perrault, PG, There's a minor death, but nothing graphic.
Trope: Mirror!verse

Phineas & Ferb

Freeze Me, Squeeze Me by [personal profile] calvinahobbes
Candace/Vanessa, PG, no content notes
Trope: Loosely based on [personal profile] dharmavati's prompt "Phineas & Ferb, Candace/Vanessa, superpowers AU"


Saturday Mornings by [personal profile] liseuse
Emily/Naomi, JJ, PG, 530 words, no content notes
Trope: Emily/Naomi, curtain!fic

St. Trinian's

It Takes a Village, and All That by [personal profile] language_escapes
Chloe, Polly, Peaches (Chloe-Polly, hints of Polly/Annabelle/Kelly), PG, mentions of past domestic abuse
Trope: Unexpected co-parenting

Stargate Atlantis

Gateway by [personal profile] thingswithwings
Teyla/Jennifer, PG, 600 words, no content notes
the prompt was "Jennifer/Teyla, offworld mission with alien kissing ritual," but of course I cannot help but interpret that as cheekily as possible.

Sucker Punch

they tumble and fight and they're beautiful by [ profile] walksbyherself
Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie, Amber, PG, no content notes
Trope: vampires and werewolves

little bird by [ profile] walksbyherself
Amber/Blondie, PG, no content notes
Trope: wingfic

miss american pie by [ profile] walksbyherself
Amber/Blondie, PG, no content notes
Trope: roadtrip

Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles

to be clear-minded towards the next day's treacherous objects by [personal profile] chaila
Sarah/Jesse, PG, no content notes
A stalemate without a truce. Post-series.

Wheel of Time

That Old Domani Magic by [personal profile] adalger
Leane/Siuan, PG, choose not to provide content notes
Trope: Telepathy / magical powers
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[personal profile] nevanna 2011-05-07 05:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Title: Even When The Night Ends
Fandom: Firefly
Characters Zoe and River
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Trope: Zoe & or/ any, a moment of peace
Content Notes: Takes place after Serenity (the movie) and contains spoilers.

read it at my livejournal