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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2011-04-07 12:52 am

DW Rewatch: The Eleventh Hour

Short version: SQUEE.

Longer version:


I really enjoy watching Eleven grow into himself in this episode. I know at the time a lot of people said he felt Ten-esque to start with, which I think I finally see. But as the episode progresses you can really see him settle and develop that quieter, wry kind of confidence that I adore very much. Also, he is worse than everybody's aunt.

Rory! LITTLE DID I KNOW AT THE TIME, how much I would come to adore him. It's lovely looking back now and seeing him just hanging out in the background, being awesome. The little subplot about him figuring things out before anyone else catches on is just great - all the makings of a companion, right there.

Also, gosh, all three of them are so tactile with each other all the time right from the start, it's totally great. *draws hearts*

I think I may have mentioned once or twice that I quite like Amy Pond? WELL I REALLY DO OKAY. And baby Amelia remains the most adorable of all children, her wee face is unbearably precious. And I love adult Amy's brittle toughness when we first meet her, her insistence on not making it easy for the Doctor because her whole world's being turned upside down and she wants to know why. It's great.

And the end of the episode remains the most beautiful thing in the world. LOVE.

Also, a bunch of pictures appeared on tumblr this week of Karen playing with her action figure, and OMG ADORBS. I have been reblogging a lot, under the tag karen gillan's face of joy, which I feel is appropriate.
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Surfing friendsfriends and aw, your Doctor Who squee made me grin. New season soon!! :D
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See I GENUINELY DEEPLY DISLIKE TEN, and yet Eleven won my heart by the end of this episode. And I rewatch it when I need a smile.

"Beans are evil. Bad bad beans." <--which is also responsible for my way of dismissing thinking about some conflict when I have come to the conclusion that someone has failed to realize that "I don't like it" =! necessarily "it is wrong." EVIL BEANS.

The end of this episode also always reminds me of a page on TVTropes which I am not linking, but which is basically "advice for invading a planet", one of which, down near the bottom, was simply, "If you see a totally harmless looking blue box in your scans of the planet, turn around right now and run. Run as if an angry god were behind you. (There might well be.)" (Paraphrase, but I've got the gist.)
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Yes! Rewatch! Young Amelia is such the most fabulous person. She makes my heart sing.
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And Rory. I'm so glad we got Rory.
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omg all the action figure shots are awesome!!!