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Month of Awesome Women: Diana Barrigan (White Collar)

"Neal told Jennings you're a hooker. You and I are having an affair. You're gonna go meet with an escort service."

"Okay. Anything else?"


Diana Barrigan

Oh, Diana! One of the fine super-smart and super-competent FBI agents on this list. I was over the moon when she came back at the end of S1 and has become a regular fixture of recent episodes, although we still don't see as much of her as we like!

I love Diana's robust professionalism that never once makes her stodgy. She has a fantastic dynamic with Peter, Neal and Jones and she's really, really good at what she does. Completely unflappable - as the quote above demonstrates - with a healthy regard for her home life, I always appreciate the glimpses we get of the trouble she's having readjusting to New York life with her girlfriend and so on.

The moments when she lets her guard down are also gorgeous - her scene with Neal in the hotel room in 2x02 is one of my favourites. And after that she'll, you know, shoot a guy in the leg then stand on his face in a stiletto heel, because she's a badass like that.


Rec: A Lady and a Gentleman In Black (The Good Wife/White Collar, Kalinda/Diana) by [ profile] hederahelix
Kalinda Sharma encounters an agent from the white collar division of the New York FBI office. Or two. Being stuck with a Fed on her turf does not turn out to be exactly what she expected, and it certainly isn't a normal day for Stern, Lockhart, and Gardner.

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