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Amy ([personal profile] such_heights) wrote2010-08-12 11:01 am

rec all the vids!

Okay, so project watch all the vids and also project feedback all the vids are both kind of time-consuming and may have to wait until I return from my travels, but here are some recs! I can do that bit!

A Vindication of the Rights of Women by [personal profile] damned_colonial (Age of Sail multi)

So awesome! Dozens of ladies kicking ass and taking names, whee!

Around the Bend by [personal profile] danegen (multifandom)

Women being awesome in cars and on bikes and in planes! Squee! I love the incredibly variety of source [personal profile] danegen found for this, and the diversity of women and how much joy is packed into this vid.

I Can't Hear The Music by [personal profile] settiai (Deep Space Nine, Kai Winn)

A Kai Winn vid omg! I was so excited to see this - it's a great and intelligent look at a fascinating character.

I Just Can't Wait To Be King by [personal profile] some_stars (Star Trek Reboot)

In which Kirk in Simba. This was so much fun to watch in a crowd! [personal profile] avendya were cracking up completely, because omg the clip choices are priceless.

If I Had You by [ profile] dualbunny (Legend of the Seeker, Richard/Rahl)

I was watching this in the CVV overflow room with [ profile] mresundance and spent a while going 'did she ...? oh man she totally did!' Awesome. :D

Lend Me Your Teeth by [personal profile] trelkez (Doctor Who, weeping angels)

This played in the Unusual POV show and totally freaked me out. That's a compliment!

Livin' La Vida Loca by [ profile] rhoboat (Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes)

This is such a great song choice and I really loved all the parallels and use of split screens. So much fun!

Make Something Good by [personal profile] sweetestdrain (Merlin; Gwen/Arthur/Merlin)

GWEN! Oh my goodness, there can never be too many Gwen-centric vids and this one is so beautiful and sweet and has wonderful narrative flow. I didn't get to see this at the con, but both [personal profile] thingswithwings and [personal profile] isagel told me afterwards that they thought I'd really like it, and lo, I did.

Stay Awake by [personal profile] laurashapiro (multifandom)

Heed the warnings - this is a vid that deals with forced pregnancies and medical experimentation that is incredibly creepy. What for me made this really effective is the way that it uses source that I already found disturbing, like Teyla, and mixes it with footage that was played for comedic effect and now takes on whole new meaning.

Take On Me by [personal profile] trelkez (Doctor Who)

ALL the Doctors, omg. This makes me SO HAPPY I cannot even put it into words, it is just pure distilled delight. Oh fandom my fandom!

Watershed by [personal profile] astolat (Merlin; Morgana)

There can never be too many Vienna Teng vids! This a gorgeous look at Morgana with great musicality, and I think I now have a trifecta of Morgana S2 vids that deal with similar themes in interesting ways along with [personal profile] kaydeefalls' The Tower and [personal profile] avendya's Blood Makes Noise.
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Thank you for these recs! I'm surprised Watershed isn't getting recced all over my flist, that is terrific stuff.