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Whoverse Kisslets! :*

(gen exchange type things getting off the ground! go see [ profile] tardis_gen! proper pimping and details on their way! \o/!)

In the meantime, it is a cold, dark Sunday evening, and thus I appropriate this from [ profile] thingswithwings, who is building up a collection of very delightful SGA kisslets over here.

Pick two of the characters below (an assortment from New Who and Torchwood), and I will tell you about one time when they kissed in some capacity or other. :) Repeat requests are fine, and if you see something you'd like to write yourself, do go for it!

your choices are:

Rose, Martha, Donna, Sarah Jane, the Doctor (best be Eight or later if you want to be specific), Mickey, Reinette, Harriet Jones (why do I have a feeling even her mother called her by her full name?), Jake, Tish, River, Jenny, Sally, Astrid, Lucy, Rosita, Jackson, Tom, Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Owen, Tosh, Rhys, Suzie, Lisa, Andy, original!Jack, or John.

Fire away! And for anyone who feels more like writing than requesting, how about some prompts for starters: Rose and Jenny ; Mickey and Jake ; River and Jack.

eta: So I got a bit distracted this evening, but more to follow tomorrow! The list so far:

Mickey/Jake by [ profile] iambickilometer ♥!

And by me -

Sarah Jane/River
Jenny/Team Torchwood
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Ianto and the Doctor (ten or eleven, as you please *g*)
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Re: Ianto/Eleven

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Ooooooh! This is utterly delightful. :)

Re: Ianto/Eleven

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This is wonderful! Great meme idea, too. I'll be keeping an eye on this post! :D
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Re: Ianto/Eleven

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*gigglesnort* god woman you are gold

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Eight and Reinette, or Sarah-Jane and River. Because it suddenly occurred to me that I could approve of both these things.

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ooooh, ooooh, Martha/Donna, please! OR, Martha/Sarah Jane.

Re: Martha/Donna

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this is WONDERFUL! Oh my gosh. I love the two of them together, strung-out battle-worn heroes, yes yes. There's so much longing and affection in this piece, it just fills me up with joy. thank you!
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Re: Martha/Donna

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GUH! Omg new favorite companion pairing, I love you

Re: Martha/Donna

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Yes, yes, yes, yes.
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Rosita & Jackson because I'm still dead chuffed with The Next Doctor.
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Re: Rosita/Jackson

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Ooh, Brilliant!
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Blood and adrenaline pounds through Mickey's head as he follows Jake down the corridor, fast as they can run. All the Cybermen seem incapacitated, but neither Mickey nor Jake wants to find out the hard way if this isn't the case. There's a counting down ticking away on Mickey's phone, giving them just enough time to get clear of the place before an easily-missed but rather important piece of machinery malfunctions and causes the whole place to blow.

But the halls are clear, save for a few collapsed shells, moaning eerily in cybernetic voices. Mickey almost trips over one once, and jumps a foot in the air, suppressing the urge to shriek like a 1950s housewife. Jake turns and shoots him an expression of disdain and then nearly trips over another malfunctioning Cyberman, and then they both keep running because there is hardly time for disputes now.

They sprint out the factory doors with ten seconds to spare, and then Mickey throws himself at Jake to push them both off the road and down a short grassy slope. In his pocket, the timer beeps urgently to zero, and then the boom of the factory exploding fills the air and his ears. He's dazed for a moment, but then Jake's pulling him to his feet and they're coughing in the dust and smoke, staring back at the mangled remains of the factory with the beginnings of glee.

Mickey whoops, and then Jake grabs him by the shirt and kisses him. And it all makes sense then, standing at the side of the road, covered in dust and smoke and sweat and blood, that Mickey grin as widely as his jaw will let him, and kiss back.
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Someone had to write the Mickey/Jake one. :D It was my pleasure. I'm glad it went over well.
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I'd love to see Jenny kiss her way through Torchwood. :D Or Jenny and Tish.
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Re: Jenny/Team Torchwood

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You are so my hero right now. I mean, more so than usual. That definitely needed to happen. :D

Re: Jenny/Team Torchwood

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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ + INFINITY.

I think Jenny/Owen is my favorite! But they are all excellent. You are constructed entirely of awesome, you know that, right?
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Re: Jenny/Team Torchwood

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I can't believe you did that but you so completely did!
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Ooh, Andy/Gwen, please? Or Reinette/Rose.
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Re: Andy/Gwen

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Oh, semi-Torchwood Andy! And alien hunting and near-death experiences and this was so, so awesome, thank you!
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Re: Andy/Gwen

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It's as much as she's willing to give, and Andy realises that this is all he wants to take. fabulous line!

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And I'll probably ask for more at some point :D ♥

Re: Mickey/Ianto

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Oh my god.

(That is all.)
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Re: Mickey/Ianto

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I was teetering on the brink of shipping this, ever since I wrote genfic with them, and... fuck it, now I do. :D
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Re: Mickey/Ianto

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*sniffles* oh my god, perfect

Re: Mickey/Ianto

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Oh! for both of them.
This might be my new favourite Who pairing.

Re: Mickey/Ianto

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oh. OH. oh my.
*flails slightly*
no words.
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Seconding the Eight and Reinette.

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Mickey and Jack please!
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Re: Mickey/Jack

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Now that is just a nice sweet Torchwood moment there

Re: Mickey/Jack

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!!!!!!!!! That was so perfectly in character! Thank you!

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original!Jack/Ianto if possible! \o/
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Re: original!Jack/Ianto

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awwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet!!!

Re: original!Jack/Ianto

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I'm not sure I have more of a comment than that. But this is a very cool idea, and a lovely moment.

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Oo-hmm. Eight/Martha, please?

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Aw, oh, Eight. You're right, this is so different from what I expected, but oh. It's almost like a reverse Parting of the Ways--how fitting.
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EDIT: and you've just made me want to write an angsty Eight fic.... oh boy
Edited 2009-01-14 17:16 (UTC)
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Ten/Jackson or Ianto/Owen